Something that has been sitting on my computer forever, should I continue this or no?

"I promise I'll make you fall in love with me, so prepare yourself." Didn't he realize I already had? My brain was in a tizzy and just the thought of him made my face flush the color of a tomato. That boy was the only one who could do that to me. It hadn't set in yet that he was gone. He was really gone and I would never see him, his beautiful indigo eyes that always seemed so sweet, his soft, midnight blue hair that felt like cat's fur, or that stupid, condescending smirk, ever again...
"Amu, earth to Amu," I broke my trance to Rima snapping her fingers In front of my face trying to get me to return to this dimension and all the guardians staring at me intensely. Wow, I'm so out of it after all this confusion I forget I was here at the glistening royal garden. Oh gosh, oh gosh, my face! "Are you OKAY Amu?"The little blonde questioned.
"Yeah Hinamori-san," Tadase continued "are you hot or sick? Your face is all red." Oh crud, they all saw me thinking about him, with my face bright red. Good thing they didn't know exactly what, or who, I was thinking about specifically, or I would be a dead man. Then again, there is always that one person that always seems to linger in the back of my mind
"It's Ikuto-kun, isn't it?" Nagi leaned over and whispered into my ear, already knowing he was right. For some reason, the boy with the long wine-colored hair seemed to have a guide to my mind but there was no problem, because I knew he wouldn't let on my little secret. I whispered back a yes, still feeling very embarrassed about the intuitive teen figuring out my undisclosed information.
"What are you talking about, cross dresser?" Rima demanded in a small yet semi-furious voice. Nagi just shot her a jokingly smug look as if he was saying 'just happy to be here,' leaving Rima extremely ticked off as was the norm. The meeting was over soon after that and I dashed out of the garden, not wanting to answer any more questions that the others might have about my mini spaz attack and blushing face.
I ran along the sidewalks quite quickly towards home, seeing at least 80 of him popping up all over the place because I just can't bear to forget about him. Everyone on the streets, in the parks, looked like a copy of him as if the universe was mocking. Is that really how you roll, Tsukiyomi? Love 'em and leave 'em?
I returned to my room and flopped exhaustedly on my bed, tired from living another torturous day full of too many princes and not enough cat-boys. I saw another one come out of my closet, looking as real and midnight-blue as ever. Great, now I'm really literally insane. I mean, an illusion has followed me home!
"Amu, you okay?" the illusion questioned me with a curious look on plastered on his face. Now they're talking, too? I've gone completely loony! I just need to realize that he was really gone. Seriously, get a grip girl; he's been gone for a year now! "Why are you looking at me like I'm a figment of your imagination?" Phew, I wasn't imagining things... But wait...that means...
"I-Ikuto!" it was him. It was really him. The boy that made my life torture just by not being there. The boy who caused me to go literally crazy with longing. The boy I so desperately just wanted to see again just wanted to hold again. He was here, in my bedroom, right in front of me, still looking at me oddly, waiting for an answer as to why I had acted like he was imaginary. Just to make sure I still wasn't imagining things still, I did the most stupid impulsive thing ever. I jutted my head forward. And kissed him.
I just did it before anything could tell me no or before I could say anything stupid. This has been what I wanted to do for a whole year of my life and finally it is happening, I'm finally here with him in this little moment in a bottle. Just living…
I leaned back and looked up at a now shocked Ikuto trying to figure out what in blazes had just happened. Looking at that, I had to giggle because it was easy to tell he was mentally having a conniption fit.
It was too good to be true, though because he soon got over his psychological breakdown and reverted back to Ikuto Tsukiyomi, extreme pervert.
"Hello to you too," he chuckled out as I turned 8 different shades of red, "miss me much?"