Another Amuto Story Ch.2- May I have this dance? Part 1

It's been 2 hours since he left, off to who- knows- where, and as for me? Well, I've been curled up in a ball on my bed, regretting the day I ever set foot on this planet because if I had never been born, it's a lot less likely that I would have accidentally admitted my love and completely humiliated myself. But unfortunately I exist and I did just make fool of myself in front the person I had been yearning for so much.

That kiss though, for 7 seconds it was like I was up in space. Everything felt perfect and all was right with the world. So warm, like a honeysuckle soaking up fresh fallen raindrops from a midnight sky. That should have been a sign that it wasn't a dream or a hallucination. As amazing as it was, though, I don't think I can ever look Ikuto in the eye again, but yet I can't get his wry grin or captivating eyes out of my mind.

Being around five, it was suppertime. Alas, though, this was the night of my sister's open house that wouldn't be over till 8. I didn't trust myself cooking, especially, because it would lead to inevitable burnt or cut fingers and a psycho version of what I was trying to make, which I probably would poison myself with. Going out to eat seemed like the best option, and there was a new little Italian diner called Calle lion ristorante e pubblicazione, which i looked up, finding that it meant Lion Street Resturant and Pub.

Shuffling down the street in a with a splatter-painted jacket over my Green Day shirt and the top rim of my black slacks in a newly found drizzle. I five minutes later entered the lobby area where corny elavator music was playing just as fatter droplets were starting to slam against the exposed part of my neck. As I was seated, a more eloquent sound of a violin was wafting into my ears. It sounded soft and farmiliar, a gentle caress to the ear.

I leaned back against the booth seat i was in, feeling the red vinyl comfortably pressing against the back of my neck as i sighed, thoughts trying to come untangled. My eyes sauntered around the resturant, which made me catch a silhouette against the diner wall, which appeared to be an employee... who was providing the music entertainment evidentally.

The man playing was really good, his fingers dancing on the instrument and he looked really into it. As the melody slowly faded the performer loked over in the area where I was sitting. Ikuto? When his entrancing eyes caught onto mine, i was positive that it was him. But why was he working in a low end Italian diner?

Oh, crap, I'm spotted...

"Yo, Stinson, cover for me, 'kay?" A dark blonde man that looked to be in his mid-30's wearing a gray suit nervously walked up to the stage with his own violin in hand as Ikuto grabbed a cup of something and started waltzing towards me. The other guy started up looking at his hands as if he wasnt sure that he could play, definetly not as good as my Ikuto. Wait my Ikuto? On what planet was he mine? After what happened earlier, he probably just thinks I'm some physco and I probably scared the... whatever is making that horrid smell that has now reached my nostrils... out of him

The odor snapping me back to reality made me realize that soemone had slid in next to me, a boy of the navy- haired catboy persuasion. "How'd you know i would be here?" he asked, giving a smile that appeared somewhat genuine.

'Actually, you were the one I was trying to avoid ' I thought to myself. One curious question managed to creep out of my mouth,"What is that you're drinking? Don't tell me that's alcohol," pointing at the cup where I now realized the smell was coming from.

"Nah, not the type to want hormone imbalance and a diseased liver, but y'know to each his own." I couldnt help stifling a giggle. A great thing about him is knowing how to make people laugh, make uncomfortable situations comfortable and relaxed. "And this," he raised his cup as if to toast it "Is Pepsi Ice Cucumber."I arched my eyebrows in a joking way. "The other violinist is paying me 4,000 yen to drink this whole thing. Honestly, I'm kind of being made sick to my stomach."

Still the same Ikuto as I remember and I'm loving it. Why is he back in Japan, though? I thought he went to America to try and make it big? It's been silent for a couple seconds and now Ikuto is staring into my eyes, studying me. "You're wondering why I'm back in Japan, aren't you?" he finally spoke up. This boy really did have a key to my soul, didn't he? I slowly nodded, feeling the moisture in my mouth leave, making speech impossible.

"I was in America, but evidently the people there don't like me much... I applied to every music university and every possible record label that's worth anything and was rejected. They said there was talent but I had no expierience in America and no connections so they felt they were 'required to decline my offer.' So now I'm back with the only job I was able to get, hoping to find something better." His face looked sad for the first time but his face quickly twisted back into a smile. "But enough about that stuff, c'mon there's something I got to show you!" He grabbed my arm and started to drag me towards the back of the

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