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Summary: "Eh? You don't know what a moyashi juice taste like? You should drink one. Its really delicious and its really really good for ya."


"What the hell is that?"

Lavi blinked at Kanda and slowly raised the almost empty refreshment bottle. "Eh? You don't know what a moyashi juice taste like? You should drink one. Its really delicious and its really really good for ya." Lavi suggested and then he quickly drank the rest of his juice. He let out a satisfied sigh then threw the refreshment into the nearest garbage bin. " That hit the spot." Lavi said contentedly, patting his stomach.

He looked at Kanda who was staring curiously at the garbage bin.

"What does it taste like?"

Lavi shrugged his shoulders. "I can't describe it. It has this bitter sweet unique taste." The red head described. "If you're curious to know what it really tastes like, go buy one in the convenience store or maybe-" -Lavi grinned while saying this- "-you should go home, Yu-chan, I'm sure Allen-chan keeps a lot of those."

Kanda glared at Lavi. "Shut up I'm not a retard to not where to get one of those shit." Kanda said, vehemently. The Japanese male stood up from his seat and walked out of the room. Halfway through from walking out, he stopped and said: "And don't call me 'Yu-chan' or else I'll castrate you." And with that Kanda left.


"Popipipopipopipopipo~ Popipopipopipopipo~ Cheese~"

Kanda watched.

"Popipipopipopipopipo~ Popipopipopipopipo~ Cheese~ Buy the nutritious delicious vegetables Juice~ C'mon try it~ its only $2!"

And watched.

"Purple, blue, green juice~ but what I recommend to you the most is the new~"

And watched the preteen blue haired girl, singing. As a certain vegetable person entered his mind.

"Moyashi Juice~ C'mo-"

Kanda smirked as he turned off the plasma TV using the TV remote. And walked towards his bedroom.

"Bah! I don't need to buy that." The smirk grew on his face as he opened the door to reveal a bean sprout sleeping on his bed, peacefully.

"I already have unlimited moyashi juice right here." He said as he advanced forward, ready to attack the white haired sleeping boy.



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