A moonless sky, a starless night, this one was neither. This was the sort of night that gave most days a run for their money. A night with a moon that shone brightly in a perfect sky, rivaled only by some of its apparently neighboring stars, who somehow found a way to also show themselves even when immersed in it's perfect unwavering light.

No one could ignore the perfection of the night, well, almost no one but him. This night was completely wasted on him as he made his way back from the squad one barracks to his office. He could see everyone waving to the other as if there was a certain special occasion coming up. The night's beauty has got the Seretie mesmerized. But the squad six captain simply wondered at the reasons behind their chipper behavior. Silently attempting to remind himself of any occasion he might have missed or in his case, "effectively blocked out". He has just been assigned a very bizarre mission and that was all he had on his mind.

"Taichoooo" came the voice of his unruly lieutenant from behind

Byakuya didn't acknowledge the redhead but he merely slowed down his pace a little so that his lieutenant can catch up

"Great night don't you think" Renji Practically sang, much to his captains dismay. If he was a lesser man the Kuchiki heir would have rolled his eyes and called his lieutenant a sissy. However he simply walked on as if he didn't hear a thing.

"We leave in an hour Abarai, be ready" he ordered

"We're leaving today; I thought So-Taicho said we could leave in the morning"

"I see no reason to wait"

"But Taicho, I don't even know where we're leaving to" Renji blinked in confusion. "I mean, So-Taicho said that this place is outside of the human realm, another dimension of some sort, how is that even possible"

"It's an alternate dimension" the raven haired captain stated in monotone.

Renji hesitated to further probe his captain but he was just too curious, he sometimes wondered if that curiosity would be the end of him one day.

"So, umm, what's so different about that alternate dimension?"

"It's a parallel dimension where people are all fighters, more specifically Ninja"

"whoaaaa, did you just say Ninja" the red head blurted out

"Yes Abarai, I believe that is what I said"

"B—but" the glare his captain gave him made it clear that he wasn't to pursue the matter any further.

Said man silently walked on for a few moments before turning to the man walking behind him and saying;

"Our mission is to escort a very powerful soul back to the Seretie. Apparently, that man has been so powerful in life that he has turned into a very resilient soul. None of the other Shinigami have been able to escort him back. As I mentioned before you have one hour to get ready, I expect you to meet me in front of the Senkai gate by then" without waiting for a response he strode away without sparing the other man another look.

"Does this man have a name" Renji called out as a final attempt at understanding what he was about to get into

The dark haired Shinigami continued on his way and just when Renji was about to lose all hope of getting an answer he said "Uchiha Itachi"

Renji proceeded to walk over to his house. He needed to pick up a few things before he left. He has been working with his captain for a long time now, but he always felt uneasy when they both had to depart on missions alone. This time he was even more nervous given that they were going to a place of which he had never heard before.

Abarai Renji was no coward and everyone knew it, however when it comes to his captain he always acted like one. The reason for that was common knowledge within the confines of Seretie. As one flashy Yumichika once bluntly put it; "you're head over heels in love with him, man what do you expect".

This merited numerous approving nods from their friends but Renji refused to believe that his feelings for his captain were anything but sheer admiration for the man's achievements, attitude, power, hair, eyes, the way his haori is casually draped over his broad and very sturdy shoulders, ooops, Renji caught himself mid thought. He hated it when that happened. He's nothing but my Captain, only my captain, he repeated this mantra in his head over and over again. "More importantly he'd never go for a guy; the guy is straight for crying out loud, how could I even be entertaining those kinds of thoughts about him", "Ahem, no, even if he was gay I don't like him that way, I, but if only he was gay".

Meanwhile, in another dimension another raven haired man was causing a great deal of confusion. Uchiha Itachi died a year ago, he expected his foolish little brother to lose his way a little, but this was just too much. I mean to think that he gave everything up to protect his village and his brother; just to have his stupid brother destroy his village and get himself killed, come on. He pondered that bitterly while watching his brother sulking as usual. The younger Uchiha has been staring at an innocent tea pot for an hour now and Itachi was wondering if this could get any more boring.

Itachi has been haunting Sasuke for a while now, all he wanted was to materialize and talk some sense into his brother, but he couldn't, so he settled for using his Amaterasu every once in a while to set Madara's hair on fire. It amused Itachi to no end watching his rival squirm while everyone in the hideout stared at the evil overlord in confusion. This was all the excitement he got, however, he vowed that he was going to find a way to talk to his foolish ototo no matter what, and NOTHING was going to stop him from sticking around this place for as long as it takes to do that. That includes the pesky little Shinigami and their desperate attempts at dragging him through one of their rituals. He is Uchiha Itachi damn it and no shinigami is ever going to deter him.