Umm, just reminding you guys that this part in Naruto is when Madara appears and so helpfully tells Naruto, Yamato and Kakashi about who Itachi really was. Of course Sasuke would be at the Kage summit (destroying it) but this ain't gonna happen here.

The Beginning

Naruto blinked owlishly a couple of times before screaming like a maniac. When he went to look for food, his only concern was to get away from Kakashi and the particularly scary Yamato. He also needed time to think about the information that Madara has just so helpfully supplied. He was confused by it all, so he opted to take a walk and ponder his best friend's messed up life, which appears to have become that much more miserable after he killed his brother.

Naruto felt nothing but sympathy for his childhood friend. Especially now that he's learned that Itachi is innocent. Naruto just knew that Sasuke must be in torment. The blonde knew that he could never grasp the depth of his friend's misery, but now he could at least understand why Sasuke is still going even after killing his brother.

And on that thought, Naruto stalked out after volunteering to find food. He felt rather dejected but now he was snapped out of his reverie by a sight he never thought he'd see again, hence the unbridled screaming fit.

Kakashi and Yamato magically materialized next to the blonde in response to his incisive screams.

"Naruto?" Kakashi questioned worriedly, as he looked down on Naruto who was now sitting on the floor, trembling and sporting a horrified expression on his face.

Kakashi and Yamato struck two solid proof fighting stances and followed Naruto's gaze. Once their eyes settled on the cause of Naruto's fright, the two warriors instinctively took a few steps back.

"Hatake Kakashi." Itachi said by way of greeting.

"GHOOOOOOST!" Naruto shouted in sheer terror.

"You haven't changed dobe."Sasuke said calmly, as he suddenly appeared next to his brother.

"S-Sasuke…." Naruto stuttered. "I don't…." the heroic blonde started but trailed off, his face displaying a unique mix of confusion and horror.

"What's going on?" Kakashi voiced the haunting question. Not, that he wasn't thrilled to see his former student, but this was just too bizarre. "Sasuke!" the copy ninja emphasized.

"It's a genjutsu!" Naruto screamed, and to think that he was normally loud, now he managed to take it to a whole new amplified level.

"I assure you that you are witnessing reality." Byakuya said as he randomly appeared on Itachi's other side.

Kakashi, Yamato and Naruto blanched, eyes going wide.

"Oh God ITACHI HAS TWO GHOSTS." Naruto screamed.

"I am not a ghost, neither am I Itachi" Byakuya said impassively.

Itachi and Sasuke smirked at the uncanny interaction.

Itachi just knew that Byakuya was irritated, since he normally didn't take well to dealing with loud mouthed idiots with an inhumane ability to misunderstand stuff, hence his rocky relationship with his lieutenant.

"Listen," Sasuke started, with every intention to dissipate the confusion. "Itachi is a Shinigami now and this is…."

"His doppelganger!" Naruto shouted.

Suddenly everyone in the vicinity felt an intense urge to roll their eyes (only Yamato acted on that urge, while the others opted to side step the random comment.)

"Do you even know what that means?" Yamato remarked to the flamboyant blonde.

"Of course I do." He said proudly, forgetting for a second that he was still seated on his ass on the floor.

"No you don't." Sasuke accused, causing Naruto's eyes to widen at his friend's uncannily light tone. The last time they met, Sasuke almost killed him and Sai, and now he was humorously teasing him.

"Genjutsu!" Naruto screamed at Sasuke.

"No it is not." Itachi supplied.

"Yes, yes it is." Naruto maintained stubbornly.

"It is not." Byakuya confirmed.

"Oh, like I'll take the doppelganger's word for it." The blonde said sarcastically.

Byakuya scanned the blonde for a second, trying to make his mind up on whether or not to go Senbonzakura on the boy's ass and end their plight.

Itachi opted to step in, "Uzumaki-san, I assure you that this is not a Genjutsu. If it were; Hatake –san would have detected it the moment it got enacted." He rationalized.

"That is true." Kakashi concurred. "This is no Genjutsu Naruto."

"So…" The orange clad Shinobi started.

"My brother is a Shinigami now Naruto and this is his partner." Sasuke said, apparently unfazed by his friend's denseness. "One thing you need to know about Itachi, is that he never really was a criminal in fact…"

"He was given orders by Konoha's leadership." Naruto finished Sasuke's sentence for him. His voice now sincere and calm, as he got to his feet and looked at Sasuke, in his trade mark genuine way.

"You….." Sasuke started, eyes going wide.

"Madara told us." Kakashi explained to Itachi and Byakuya, as Naruto and Sasuke were looking pointedly at one another.

"I see." Itachi said, snapping his brother back to his current whereabouts. "That makes our task here much easier." The elder Uchiha supplied.

"Your task?" Kakashi questioned. The conversation suddenly turned serious, the words now exchanged in dangerously low tones. It seemed like Itachi's words caused anticipation to course through the atmosphere.

"Yes, we need to kill Madara." Sasuke said, his eyes not leaving Naruto's for a second.

"Yes we do." The blonde said, sincerely.

"I have supplied Sasuke with all the information he needs to get to Madara." Itachi intoned. "But he will need your help to do so." He finished sincerely.

"I take it; you won't be coming with us?" Kakashi questioned astutely.

"I have left this world; I can no longer get involved or change what is to be. At least no more than I already have. But I need to ensure Sasuke's safety; that is why I came." Itachi intoned.

"Uchiha-san you truly are a great man." Kakashi said sincerely. "I assure you that we will support Sasuke no matter what."

Naruto nodded in confident approval.

"That is all I need to know" Itachi said, eyeing his brother warmly, "you know what to do Sasuke."

"Don't worry I will do it." The young Uchiha said forcefully, and Itachi couldn't help but admire his Ototo's determination. "When do you leave?" Sasuke questioned, his tone carrying a hint of sadness.

"The sooner, the better." Byakuya suggested.


"He is right Sasuke; no one knows that we are here, so we need to return promptly. I no longer need to worry about you Ototo."

An Hour Later:

Byakuya, Kakashi, a rather somber Naruto and Yamato stood to the side, keeping their distance from the two brothers, who were talking right next to the Senki-gate through which Itachi was meant to leave.

The two regarded each other intently.

"Promise me Ototo."

"I promise you that; I will kill him and then I will restore our clan, I promise you Aniki that; I will no longer be blinded by the pursuit of vengeance, I will live for the both of us."

Itachi smiled at his brother's keen choice of words. He truly was remarkably astute, since this was exactly what Itachi wanted.

Itachi then opted to tell Sasuke exactly what he wanted to hear.

"And when you finally pass on, hopefully after a very long time, I would be waiting for you and we could start our lives together."

"Do you promise?"

Itachi smirked before leaning intently towards his brother, and in pure Itachi fashion; he poked his brother's forehead.

"Foolish little brother." Itachi said warmly. "Of course I promise. We are going to have a brand new life, Sasuke. And I am sure that you are going to enjoy the company there," Itachi said with a quick glance at Byakuya. He meant for it to be quick, but the fact that the

Kuchiki heir was looking right back at him, caused Itachi to pause for a second, eyes locked with Byakuya's, as he suddenly realized that he had a lot to say to the man.

Sasuke regarded the two knowingly, before clearing his throat to get his Aniki's attention.

On meeting Sasuke's eyes, Itachi raised an eyebrow at his Ototo's rare display of mischievousness, as the younger Uchiha had a knowing glint in his eyes.

"I'm sure the company is great, Aniki. Your partner seems like a good man." Sasuke said in a tone that made it rather clear that he knew a bit more than he should.

"He is." Itachi said, opting to ignore his Ototo's wise ass comment. "His sister and lieutenant are good people as well, I'm sure you will like them." He paused, looking rather solemn, "I will wait for you Ototo." Itachi finished sincerely.

Sasuke smiled before throwing himself into Itachi's arms. Itachi hugged his brother back eagerly. A few seconds later, the two parted from their tight embrace, and a final glance carried a world of promises for the brothers; Itachi's promise to reunite with his brother, and Sasuke's promise to no longer seek vengeance, yes a whole world of hope was communicated through just one look.

"You should know that I will always watch over you Sasuke." Itachi whispered, and Sasuke smiled through swollen eyes.

"I know." Sasuke, whispered back, "Thank you ….." he was cut off as Itachi poked his forehead one more time.

Sasuke smiled, at his brother, for he was sure that this gesture meant that he was rather foolish for thanking his brother for what Itachi viewed as his ultimate duty as a big brother. *Yes, I'd be foolish to expect anything less from him.* Sasuke thought as he regarded his brother's retreating form.

Before he reached the gate, Itachi's voice echoed, "Goodbye Ototo." He said without turning. And Sasuke was actually thankful for that, since it would have been very hard to stay strong if he had to look his brother in the eyes while saying that, "Goodbye Aniki." He whispered, but he was sure that his brother heard him.

And just like that, Itachi disappeared through the gate. Sasuke's face fell for a second, however, the promise to see his brother again soon, and the knowledge that Itachi will in fact always be close, lifted his spirits considerably.

For his part, Byakuya made to follow Itachi through the gate, but he stopped as Sasuke called his name. "Kuchiki-San." The younger Uchiha started.

Byakuya stopped and faced Itachi's aniki.

Sasuke regarded Byakuya for a second before steeling himself and saying what he had to say, "Take good care of my brother." Sasuke pleaded. Making such an emotional statement was very hard for him, but he knew that he needed to say it. He just needed to know that his brother will be happy from now on, and for some reason he felt like Byakuya was the right person to entrust with this plea.

Byakuya looked calculatingly at the impressively witty young man, before his lilting tenor echoed, "I promise you that I will." He paused, "We will be waiting for you." Byakuya promised in an uncharacteristically soft tone.

Byakuya then resumed walking and went through the Senki –gate. Sasuke watched as the blinding light that came through the gate faded away, his eyes already longing for the sight of his older brother.

Kakashi and Naruto came to stand by his side.

"Welcome back teme." Sasuke's best friend greeted.

Sasuke smirked, "Hn."

Meanwhile, On the Other Side of the Gate:

Byakuya stepped out of the gate, and it instantaneously closed. The second his eyes adjusted to the lack of blinding light, he was greeted by the sight of his favorite Uchiha leaning casually against a tree. The Uchiha looked rather serene, his eyes watching the new arrival carefully. He then quietly made his way towards Byakuya, coming to a stop a few steps away from him.

Itachi wanted to say a lot, he wanted to thank Byakuya, he wanted to tell him how much this day meant to him, how much he's given him and how he just saved his soul from drowning.

"Byakuya." The Uchiha started serenely.

"Itachi." Byakuya interrupted, taking a step towards the Uchiha. If it wasn't for his pride, Itachi would have taken a step back, as he really wasn't used to people standing that close to him, (at least not without making an attempt to attack him).

Byakuya then froze, entranced by the Uchiha's unfaltering gaze. A second ago he was sure of what he needed to do. But now that the weight of Itachi's undivided attention fell on him, coupled with how close they currently were, Byakuya's mind (For the very first time in history) was drawing a blank.

For his part, Itachi fully understood what Byakuya meant to do. And somehow the stoic man more than welcomed the gesture.

The Uchiha made up his mind. He raised a hand and touched the side of Byakuya's face. Byakuya's eyes widened by a fraction, however, he willed himself to hold still, his heart beating in anticipation, as Itachi's eyes held an unmistakable promise.

Itachi closed the distance left between them, their bodies almost touching, and for the first time in his life the powerful Uchiha knew exactly what it was like to be entranced by another person. Byakuya was too close that Itachi felt his breath on his face, his grey eyes now warmer than he's ever seen them, and his hand flew to Itachi's waist as if to hold him in place, for fear he'd run away.

Itachi's eyes lit up at the thought, and Byakuya seemed to notice as he actually smiled at the man who was now so dangerously close to him.

Understanding passed between the two and in a second all doubt and second guessing evaporated, leaving in place absolute certainty, causing the two men to race forwards until their lips finally met.

They both stilled for a second, marveling at the delicious feeling.

Byakuya's free hand then travelled to intertwine itself in Itachi's hair. Absently, he marveled at the myriad of times he wanted to do just that. But all his thoughts abandoned his mind as he opted to start kissing the Uchiha.

Itachi closed his eyes in sheer bliss as Byakuya claimed his lips in a sensually warm kiss.

Byakuya's lips were delightfully soft, and the kiss was rather slow and deliberate in the beginning. The two men just enjoyed the deliciously exquisite sensation, but soon Itachi started returning Byakuya's kiss. This proved to be a little too much for both men. The kiss turned intense and demanding, as both men held longingly onto each other, their bodies fully pressed together, their tongues intertwined in an enthralling battle for dominance. The two moved together in tandem, completely unaware of anything, but of the other and his very delightful touch, all pain and suffering, all worries and concerns, all forgotten, but utter ecstasy.

A Few Months Later:

Renji, Hisagi, Rukia, Yumichika and Rangiku stood in front of the captain's meeting hall, chatting leisurely. A meeting was in progress so they opted to do what they usually did; namely; slack around in front of the meeting hall, so they could pick up on all the juicy mission information and captain conflicts the moment they happen. They found the respectful, formal, yet mostly disdain filled comments that are normally exchanged between captains to be utterly delightful to watch, so they usually opted to wait for the captains after each meeting and inconspicuously observe them.

A few seconds later, all chatter stopped as the doors flew open and the captains emerged.

First Hitsugaya waltzed out crossly, as he was yet again offered candy by a forever cheery Ukitake Jushiro (who, for the record, was chasing after him with a pout on his face)

Matsumoto snickered at her captain's agony.

Seconds later Zaraki randomly walked out, with a sinister smirk on his scarred face. On the other hand Mayuri's voice echoed after him, "YOU BARBARIC BRUTE!" he screeched, causing everyone who was standing outside the hall to wonder at what exactly happened during that meeting.

Soifon then emerged, looking as pissed off as she normally did, which was in complete juxtaposition to the expression the woman behind her held. Unohana, positively maintaining her forever sweet expression, chatted companionably with one; Komamura sajin.

Then a relaxed looking Kyoraku Shunsui emerged, dragging a protesting Mayuri, who was pledging to kill Zaraki.

The last to emerge was the one and only captain of squad six; Kuchiki Byakuya, by his side, none other than the newest captain of the Gotei 13th, captain of squad nine, his stoic highness, Uchiha Itachi.

Matsumoto gasped (as she normally did whenever she saw them) as the two men passed them by, white Haiori's fluttering after them.

"Renji, I expect you to go back to the office and finish your paperwork." Byakuya said as he passed his lieutenant by.

"B-But Taicho it's too late, I actually planned to go…."

"This was not a request Abarai." Byakuya intoned, coming to a stop, which caused Rukia's eyes to glisten with admiration for her big brother.

"But Itachi-taicho is letting Hisagi go." Renji whined.

Itachi stopped and turned to Renji with a smirk, "That is because he finished all his paper work." Itachi said in low tones.

Hisagi nodded in agreement with his captain.

And just like that the two stoic men resumed walking and in a second they were both out of sight.

"Oh dear God, how hot are they?" Matsumoto screamed. Yumichika nodded in fervent agreement.

"They're both beautiful alone, but together they are stunning, almost too stunning." The narcissistic fifth seat concurred.

"He's a sadist" Renji growled. "How am I expected to work this late, couldn't it just wait till the morning?"

Hisagi snickered.

"You deserve it for slacking on your work." Rukia said evilly.

"What do you know?" Renji mocked.

"I know everything." The girl said haughtily.

"Ya, right, up till they went public with it, you didn't even know that Kuchiki Taicho and Uchiha Taicho liked each other." He accused.

Rukia blushed a little. She knew on some level, but for the life of her, she never imagined that the day would come, when her stoic brother would tell his clan elders to shove it, and that he was in love with a man and planned to be with him no matter what. The girl was happy for her brother, and even though she would never admit it; Renji was right. Byakuya did in fact seem happier, I mean he didn't even threaten to murder Yoruichi when she came to gloat about how she just; "Knew he and Itachi were having dirty sex behind closed doors." The thought caused, Rukia to blush even harder at the thought of her brother and the delectable Uchiha, being officially together now.

"Shut up, Renji." She screamed before storming off.

"Poor girl" Matsumoto intoned.

"Ya, Ya, she gets to live with them, poor, poor girl." Yumichika said sarcastically.

"Lucky little midget." Renji added groggily.

"Ah; to be a fly on the wall." The strawberry blonde said dreamily.

Meanwhile, at the Kuchiki Manor:

Itachi sat leisurely in a giant arm chair in Byakuya's master bedroom. His hair free of its ponytail cascaded down his broad shoulders, which were partially exposed due to the fact that he was wearing Byakuya's favorite sleeping Yukata. Itachi had a book in his hand. And he sat serenely in front of the fire, enjoying the warmth, which was exceptionally delightful, given how cold this night was.

A few minutes later the door to the bathroom flew open and Itachi's eyes were attracted to a sight, he enjoyed more than anything else he's ever seen.

The Kuchiki heir, in all his shirtless glory, stood in the doorway in nothing but a towel loosely wrapped around his waist. His jet black locks, still wet, clung possessively to the sides of his face and cascaded marvelously down his back to highlight Byakuya's exceptionally alluring pale skin. His ripped muscles clearly defined rippled seductively as he leaned across the doorframe, his physique now completely immersed and perfectly highlighted by the glow of the fire.

Itachi's eyes lingered on his partner, as he took his time to scan him from head to toe. Byakuya, rather bemused at his rather forward partner, stood there allowing his lover's eyes to leisurely roam his body.

Byakuya cleared his throat and Itachi, seemingly unperturbed by the fact that he has just been caught ogling Byakuya; met the Kuchiki heir's eyes evenly. His sinfully delicious lips curving into that predatory smirk that Byakuya loved so much.

"Is something the matter Byakuya?" Itachi asked teasingly.

Byakuya smirked at his lover, an expression reserved only for Itachi's eyes. Byakuya's eyes then moved to greedily examine the Adonis like figure, perched so casually on his futon. The man wore a very loose-fitting sleeping Yukata; Byakuya's sleeping Yukata, which he long since decided; looked exceptionally marvelous on the Uchiha, in lieu of the fact that the thing did absolutely nothing to hide Itachi's body. It was particularly slack at the top; consequently, it managed to reveal: Itachi's collar bone, his perfectly chiseled chest and his sculpted abdomen and Byakuya just hated it when he couldn't see those.

Itachi smirked back at Byakuya, as both men knew, exactly what the other was thinking.

Itachi then got up and without a word he stalked to the wine cabinet and grabbed his all time favorite red wine. For his part Byakuya produced two glasses out of nowhere.

The two sat on the edge of the bed side by side. Itachi poured them both some wine, and marveled at the exquisite taste of his first sip, before he decided to voice a question he had for some time now.

"I've been meaning to ask you something."

Byakuya's attention was now fully directed to his lover, "That day when we went to Konoha, it took you some time to follow me through the gate, what happened?" The Uchiha questioned in his normal lilting tenor.

Byakuya paused for a second slightly entranced by Itachi onyx orbs, "I was talking to Sasuke." He said offhandedly.

Itachi suddenly looked rather alert; Byakuya smiled causing the new captain to relax, "He told me to take care of you." Byakuya said huskily.

Itachi smirked as Byakuya leaned into him to whisper in his ear, "I promised him that I will." He whispered, his breathe fanning across Itachi's face, only to send waves of pleasurable shills down the man's spine. "I would like to think that; I have been keeping that promise." He whispered sensually in Itachi's ear,

Itachi smirked before he pushed Byakuya backwards to lie on the bed. The Uchiha prodigy hovered above his lover for a second, before bringing his face to Byakuya's, "Well then, allow me to demonstrate just how thankful I am." Itachi said huskily, bringing his lips down to meet Byakuya's eager ones.

What happened next is censored, given that it might kill any fan girl, due to excessive blood loss, because of unavoidable nose bleeds, but let's just say it involved a whole lotta sweat, loud manly groans and a bath filled with red wine, that Byakuya had previously prepared for his lover to enjoy, Ahh the joys of dating a ridiculously rich guy ; )

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