I don't own Edward or Carlisle (damnit) or any of the various lines and images I'm stealing from Star Wars.

Episode 1: The Saga Begins (flashback to Edward first time in council)

Edward walked into the dark club with a bit of trepidation. He knew he was a good looking man; he always had a flock of women falling at his feet. It wasn't enough for the young stud though. He needed more.

Smoothing down his robe one last time, he took a deep breath and checked that his lightsaber was prominently displayed. He stroked its hardness. Purple always got his pulse racing. He found the contrast against his pale skin stunning; almost making it sparkle.

Looking up he found himself caught in the eyes of a gorgeous creature. Blonde hair with a small braid. Piercing blue eyes that matched the glow radiating from the vicinity of his pants. "Nice saber." He thought.

He felt the force drawing him forward. The force was strong with this one.

"Are you an angel? I've heard the deep space pilots talk about them. They're the most beautiful creatures in the universe."

"Mace Windu, but you can call me Edward," he said; thrusting his hand forward in peace.

"Uh..um I am a person, and my name is Anakin, Anakin Skywalker. Call me Carlisle," the man said timidly.

He sensed much fear in this one. He may not be able to train him to be a Jedi, but he was itching to see Skywalker's darkside.

"What is your mission here, young Skywalker?" Edward said with a smirk.

"I'm going to the Jedi Temple to start my training, I hope." Carlisle replied timidly.

Edward felt his eyebrow raise. "Temple eh?" He wrapped his arm around Carlisle, toying with his braid. "You know, I've heard you are amazing with that pod of yours; mind if I take it for a ride? I think you are well on the path to becoming Darth In-vader."