On a hill was a house of decent size with a well-off family as far as their coin purse goes. There was a nice car in the drive, a lovely yard with not too much space. A dog was running freely in the fenced in back yard, a purebred borzoi, a pedigree for sure. A man called from inside and it ran in, trotting to his side for a pat on the head. The man had many scars and messy, dark brown hair. He entered his kitchen to find his wife at the stove, her sandy colored, elbow length hair tied back.

Two teenagers dressed in brand name clothing sat at the kitchen table. The teenage girl looked down when her father entered, playing with her cereal. Her brother remained indifferent, cell phone out. The man sighed, grabbing his breakfast and taking it to his office, closely followed by his borzoi. He set his omelet on his desk, pulling out a stack of paper work. He waited for the dog to settle at his feet before setting pen to paper.

It was summer and school was out leaving the kids home... some of the time. They often stayed over at a friend's house throughout the summer, only calling home for a ride or some money to burn their pockets. His wife was no better, spending all his hard-earned money on her shoe and dress collection. He himself never spent money on anything save his dog whom only needed some food and a toy or two. He finished his work, scratching his dog behind the ears while waiting for his computer to load.

"I should probably get a new one, huh Audie?" He smiled, "If I lived alone, without a money-wasting family..." He trailed. "Oh well. At least I have you, girl."

The dog gave a lopsided grin before resting her head in his lap, wanting more affection. He used a free hand to stroke her head whilst he checked his work email. There was nothing interesting or new so he quickly switched to his personal account. He saw a message from a friend of his and hesitated in opening it, glancing back at his door to ensure it was locked before proceeding. The email held a link which the man clicked after reading the full message. A solution to his problem.

Audie tilted her head at her master once he stopped petting her, his face bright red. She whimpered but was ignored. She whined, going to lay in her dog bed in the corner. Moans filled the room and then the volume was lowered. The man picked up his phone, punching in some numbers.

"Kisame," he huffed, turning away from the screen. "Why did you send me porn?"

"You said your wife hasn't touched you in years so I thought that maybe that's why you always act like there's someone up your ass."

"You mean something up my ass, dumbass?" He scowled.

"Dude, if this doesn't help, getting laid is my next solution." Kisame laughed. "I'll even pay the whore."

"I refuse to have an affair." He hissed quietly. "Especially not with some random diseased bitch."

"Fine. Either way at least I can say I tried to help you." Kisame scoffed before hanging up.

"Damn sex shark." The man growled, slamming the phone down.

He glanced back at the screen of his computer, seeing the video had finished buffering. He inhaled sharply and then clicked play. Audie sat up, scratching her ear while her master came closer to the screen. After viewing most of it, he felt his pants get tight and he cursed, grabbing his crotch. He licked his lips nervously then glanced around as though someone would jump out at him from no where. Once he was certain he was alone, borzoi fast asleep, he bit his lip, unzipped his pants, and replayed the clip.

He slipped his hand through the gaping holes leading to his manhood, rubbing it absentmindedly at first. His breathing soon became irregular and he gripped himself, starting to lead his manhood out of its hiding place. His fingers danced along the heated skin, already he felt himself stiffening. He had not been touched there in five years.

He leaned his head back a little, wrapping strong tan fingers around his shaft. He brought them towards and away from himself at a steadily increasing pace. His lips parted in an attempt to ease his breathing. He ran his thumb over his tip occasionally, letting out a pant of pleasure each time he did. Soon he slipped his second hand into his pants, gently squeezing and rolling his scrotum.

Suddenly he began to shake and he opened his mouth in a silent cry. He was finished, his hand and large member messed with his own seed and sweat. He licked his lips and inside his mouth and sat a little straighter. He cursed, now noticing his mess that was made and looked around for something to clean it. He looked to his dog as she yawned and whistled.

"Audie, towel."

The dog's ears perked and she got up, going into his closet. Luckily he kept towels for emergencies. Audie nudged open the closet door and grabbed one, trotting obediently to her master's side. She waited for praise then dropped it at his feet before going back to her bed. He quickly cleaned off then closed out of the porn site, his face burning in shame after the—lonely—climax.

~Scene Change (5 Years Later)~

Another house adjacent to the previous home was slightly more grandeur with a double car garage and a larger back yard with an in ground pool but no signs of children save a lone tire swing tied in a tree. There were plenty of targets scattered about, mostly worn. Inside, a young boy of Japanese origin was getting a schooling from an older, more exhausted looking male at the dining table. In the kitchen besides that a young man was cooking, gray hair slicked back and his sleeves rolled up.

Once there was a ding he set to serving the meal, adding garnish to the plates. He then neatly balanced the three plates, two in hand, one rested on elbow. He walked with grace and put them besides the other two males, sitting down to join them for lunch. Soon cats began to encroach into the dining room, staring at the three with hungry eyes. The gray haired male groaned and got up, going to a separate room to fill five empty food bowls. He returned to clean up the table then went back to the feline room.

He wrinkled his nose in disgust at the three litter boxes and pulled a bag from a bin. It was his least favorite chore but at least he got free food and room. He took the bag of soiled litter to the outdoor garbage bin along with the trash in the house and then went up to his attic. He took off his maroon apron, hanging it on the wall with a variety of other uniforms. He took off his slippers as well and then went to his bed, putting a beat up laptop on his lap.

He checked his email, groaning when he saw all the messages. He sorted through them, getting rid of any mentioning online dates and was left with two types of messages. Job offers and Kisame. He checked his offers first, picking out ones that fit to his schedule and then marked them on his chart before checking with Kisame's emails. He often got spammed with individual emails each holding one question about his roommate/boss. In turn he often piled them together in a questionnaire for his roommate/boss to fill out himself, telling his friend to get a life.

He stretched once he had finished, closing his laptop and laying back. He jolted back up when something heavy landed on his stomach. It was a large dark tabby, purring and kneading him for food. The man groaned, holding the cat up high, letting it squirm and struggle for ground. The door burst open and the older raven of the house sighed, taking the cat from him and giving him a disappointed look.

"Must you always torture my babies?"

"I told you I'm not a cat person, Itachi." He grumbled in response. "And I wasn't torturing it... this time."

"Whatever you say, my slave." He smirked.

"I am not your fucking slave, damnit!" Hidan snapped.

"That's what you think." Itachi said before drifting back downstairs, cat in his arms.

"Hey, at least I don't have a stalker!" The gray-haired man shouted.

"He is not a stalker!" He snapped back.

"But he is obsessive." The other muttered, rolling his eyes when the phone rang. "And right on cue." He picked up his phone. "What do you want now, Kisame?"

"Did you check out the site I sent you?"

"I'm already a member, Kisame. I just don't use it cause I don't have the fucking time." He grumbled. "That and masturbating is for lonely losers."

"Aren't you a lonely loser?" There was a long pause.

"... I will tell Itachi your secret." He hissed.

"Okay, I take it back." Kisame laughed. "Seriously though. You're not a kid anymore and you got one hot bod. You need to start dating—even if it is online."

"Whatever you creepy stalker dude." He scoffed. "But who knows, maybe I'll pick one of these poor lonely, horny bastards." He sneered, "Just to make you happy."

"Was that an invitation?"

"Fuck off man."

Okay... this is just a prologue to get me into this. D I need someplace to start so I decided to introduce the characters... without giving the main characters' names. (Though you already know them. :I So you're all no fun. JK)

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