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Serah stood outside her big sister's room, her hand raised to knock on the door. Snow was hidden at the bottom of the stairs, where he could make a break for safety if necessary. Serah steeled herself and knocked on the door, before opening it. She recoiled in horror.

Lightning moaned, which made Fang moan, which made Lightning moan, which made…you get the idea. Serah looked in at her sister in that position with another woman. She was fine with her sister being gay, and she was happy with her choice of partner, but those two did it like rabbits on Viagra. Worst of all they were still going, even though she was in the room.

Lightning heard someone cough and at that moment in time, discovered there is no way to remove your mouth from your lover's vagina with any nonchalance to talk to your sister who walked in on you. "Do you mind?"

Serah blushed and darted out of the room. Snow threw her a thumbs up from his hiding place. She responded with a shake of her head. Snow looked worried for a second, then took off running. The bedroom door opened and Lightning walked out, fully dressed. It was phenomenal how fast she did that.

"What is it Serah?" She asked. Serah's nose wrinkled at the smell of sex, it hit her like a wall of bricks. Serah had a dilemma here. She could break the news gently, allowing time for Snow to run. Or she could tell Claire as quickly as possible to get it over with, like ripping off a plaster.

"Light? I'm pregnant."

Serah let out a sigh of relief, her husband was going to be fine and Claire wasn't going mental. She was just going to stare at her like that, with no emotion, and now her eye was going to twitch a few times. Look at that fist clench and unclench, Serah thought, I bet she's practicing tickling for when the baby arrives, so that she can be a good aunt. Aww, she's even picked up her gunblade, I bet she's going to baby proof it. Oh, hey a book of baby names, I bet's she's hung onto that for a long time. There's even a fake cover on it to hide it. I wonder why it had to say 10,000 ways to kill Snow?

Then it clocked in Serah's head. "No. No! Nononono! Claire, you are not going to kill my husband." Serah grabbed Lightning's arm, but was shaken off. "You don't want the baby to grow up without a father, do you?"

Lightning growled and Fang, dressed in a bed sheet, stuck her head out of the door to see what was going on. Serah jumped and grabbed onto Lightning's leg. Nothing she did seemed to slow her sister down, she was unstoppable.


"…and that's how I say we should deal with bullies." Snow finished. He had really taken to his job of Community Support Officer. His favourite part was working with the children, and now he was going to have one of his own. "Any questions?"

"I have one." Snow turned to the side of the stage to see Lightning limping towards him. The reason for her limp became quickly apparent as the still clinging on Serah came into view.

"I'm sorry Snow, I tried to stop her." Serah cried. The children thought this was part of the presentation.

Lightning jumped forwards, out of her sister's grip. Snow wasn't ready for the first punch, which winded him and bent him double. As he bent over her knee rose up to meet him, his nose squashed and broke with a crack. He screamed in pain as blood flowed freely down his face. Lightning grabbed the back of his coat and swung him round. Snow fell to the floor with a thump.

"Talk to the bully!" The children cheered, oblivious to the fact he was in pain and this wasn't part of the presentation.

He moaned in pain. "Light? Why are you doing this?" He already had a feeling that he knew exactly why he was taking this beating.

Lightning dived on top of him, straddling his chest. He saw the fists come flying, the sunlight glinting on the metal of her left glove. The knuckle duster hurt really badly. The sharp metal tore right through the skin of his cheek, and Snow had to wonder who thought it would be a good idea to give Lightning, a woman who could go 0 to furious in 0.31 seconds, pieces of metal to put on her gloves so they would hurt more.

"You got my baby sister PREGNANT!" she screamed at him as she continued pummelling him viciously. Snow's massive arms managed to wedge themselves between his face and her fists so they were protecting his head, so Lightning simply beat them.

The children were hoping in their seats, the excitement becoming too much for them to handle. "Get help!" They cried. "Get help!" At least Snow's talk had soaked in.

"Serah!" He cried. "Help me!"

Serah dashed over and tried to pull Lightning off, but it was like a kitten trying to move a tiger. Not going to happen. Lightning was too strong for Serah, and the only reason Serah was still conscious was that Lightning would never harm her baby sister.

"Stand up to the bully!" The children screamed. It was all one big pantomime to them, something to get involved with. Their teacher was frantically trying to get them to calm down, as well as contact some kind of help.

Lightning powered her fist at Snow's meaty arm, and his guard broke. Her other fist, the left, flew right towards Snow's head. He grabbed it out of the air. Her right fist tried to hit his solar plexus, but Snow managed to grab that one as well. The brawler let out a sigh of relief. It was over.

Lightning however had other plans. She grinned, bloodlust in her eyes and jerked her head forwards, impacting on Snow's already broken nose. He howled in pain and fell to the floor, holding his face. Victory was Lightning's.

Snow looked up at his sister-in-law and watched as she lined herself up. One heavy boot was raised above his head and Snow closed his eyes. The drop never came, so he looked up cautiously. Now Serah was stood over him, his guardian angel, whose harp was a metal chair with a dent in it. He must have been delirious from blood loss. No way would Serah do that.


Fang nearly tripped on the stairs, like she did every day. It was that step right at the top, slightly higher than all the others and it caught her foot every time. For Makersake, she was an elite huntress, death in the darkness, she wasn't supposed to trip on the same stair every time.

Slipping into Lightning's bedroom, Fang began to strip off for a bath. As she carefully unwrapped her Sari, she looked around the spartan room. Everyone lost many of their possessions after she and Vanille crystallised the entirety of Cocoon, but at least they had been able to salvage some of their belongings from their former home. Even Serah had managed to persuade Snow to go up there and bring her belongings, but Lightning had nothing. The only personal effects in Lightning's bedroom were the bed with heavily scratched headboard, a picture of her and Serah on the beach and her wardrobe. There wasn't even a carpet on the floor.

As she tugged her halter top off, Fang ran the conversation of moving in with Lightning through in her head. At best Lightning would openly welcome the idea, and they could move in. Then again, Lightning liked her space and might not want Fang to move in. Sometimes, Fang felt that Lightning just made up these personal problems just to see how far she could push her.

Wrapping a towel around her body, Fang left Lightning's room and made her way to the bathroom. She rapped her knuckles on the door, her curiosity piqued when it opened. She was sure Lightning had already come up, but she had a thing about her privacy. Serah had been trained by Lightning to lock every door she came across and Snow was still downstairs getting Serah to treat his boo-boos. He was such a cry-baby, he broke every bone in his arm without a word when they were l'Cie. Fang's hand rested on the door for a moment, wondering if she should go in, within a second her decision was made and she pushed. Her heart stopped.

Faster than she had ever moved before, Fang was beside the bathtub and pulling Lightning out. The pinkette hit the floor with a wet slap, but gave no sign that she realised she'd been thrown to the floor unceremoniously. She did nothing at all. Fang looked at her chest for any sign of movement. Lightning wasn't breathing.

Fang placed her hands on Lightning's chest and pressed. Again. Again. Again. Again. She was sure Lightning's ribcage would snap with the force she was pushing on them with. Fang pressed her lips against Lightning's and exhaled, barely remembering how to do this through the haze of panic and fear in her mind. Fang pulled her lips from Lightning's and placed her hands on her chest. Again and again she pressed, hoping it wasn't too late.

Her reward was a cough and a shove to the side as Lightning's well-honed instincts kicked in and she pushed away the potential threat. Another cough brought up gouts of water from Lightning's lungs that dribbled down her face. In between coughs and splutters Lightning managed to grind out "Damn it Fang."


"I guess I owe you two an explanation, huh?" Lightning said sheepishly. Serah and Fang had cornered her in her room, wearing identical expressions of anger and worry. Cornered wasn't really the word for it, ambushed fit the situation better. Lightning was now sat on the bed with the pointy end of Fang's spear inches from her stomach while Serah inexpertly held Lightning's BlazeFire in its gun form.

"Why would you do that Claire? You're my only real family left now, the only person I can rely on."

"What about Snow?" Lightning asked, raising an eyebrow. Had she managed to turn Serah away from her husband after all this time?

Serah sighed. "Snow tries, you know that. But he isn't always grounded like you are, sometimes he loses focus of what's important and what's not." Serah stiffened and resumed the stony look. "But that doesn't get you off the hook, Claire. Why did you nearly drown yourself?"

"I guess I should start at the beginning. Back when the Maker created the world-"

"What does this have to do with you trying to get a one way ticket out of the land of the living?" Fang interrupted.

"Everything, Fang. Back when the Maker created the world, she created the humans and the fal'Cie to watch over them. As you know the fal'Cie had specific tasks to perform to maintain the world, like provide food or create new species. The fal'Cie resented their roles and began to revolt. The Maker intervened and stopped the revolt, binding the fal'Cie so they couldn't do so again." Lightning paused to catch her breath. "The four leaders of the revolt could not be left in the world, they were too dangerous."

"How were they too dangerous, Claire?" Serah asked, the gun drooping to point at the floor.

"They had been through…The Doorway." There was a flash of lightning and the crash of thunder.

Fang set down her spear. This story was so farfetched it was hard to believe, yet something about it resonated in Fang's soul. "The Doorway being the same thing the fal'Cie were hoping to open?"

"Yes. These four fal'Cie went through The Doorway, and came out changed and twisted. They were opposites of what they were supposed to do. Victus had been a food bearer, now he ruins it. He kills the crops, boils the water dry, or so the legend says. Sanitas healed the sick, now where he went disease was sure to follow. Venator was patron of hunters, her followers became a war loving people, uncaring about who they killed, as long as it was in her name. Finally there was Morbis." Lightning finished.

"…who became Death?" Serah asked tenderly. Lightning nodded.

"I don't get it." Fang said simply. " And I don't get how it fits to you trying to drown yourself."

"Fang, all but one of those fal'Cie have returned at some point, the most recent one was Venator during the War of Transgression. The last one to return would bring around the end of the world." Lightning finished dramatically. There was no thunder crash this time.

"So why kill yourself?"

"I needed to get into Death's Domain, and kill it there before it could come into the world. You heard what that nutjob that tried to kill you said. He was trying to return his master to the world. I will not have my niece growing up in a world where that thing could come back."

Serah tilted her head to one side curiously. "What makes you think it'll be a girl?"

"Trust me, Serah, it'll be a girl or my name isn't Lightning."

Serah giggled. "Your name isn't Lightning. It's Claire; you renamed yourself Lightning but never filled out any of the paperwork to make it legal."

"Shut up you and get to bed." Lightning said, sticking her tongue out. This childish display made Serah giggle again and Fang smirk. The younger Farron walked out of the her sister's room, not realising she was still holding the gunblade. Fang turned to look at Lightning.

"You're not telling us something." She accused. "I want to know."

"I'll tell you later. I need Serah to deal with that bombshell first."

Fang simply stared right into Lightning's eyes to make her slightly uncomfortable, a trick she had picked up from the soldier herself. "You'd better be tell us, or Maker help me I will be very angry."

"Quiet you, and come to bed." Lightning purred softly.

"I'm not a little kid anymore, Light." Fang whined.

Lightning smirked as she patted the bed next to her. "Come on, into bed with you." Fang climbed in and lay perfectly still as Lightning pulled up the covers and tucked her in. "I'm going to tell you a little story, Fang. It starts when a little girl, called Claire, goes down to the beach with her family…"

Even as Lightning carried on talking, Fang felt her eyes close. She loved the stories about Lightning and her family. A strange look would cross her face. Happiness bleeding through memory, and longing. Longing for that life to have never ended and the transformation to Lightning have begun. Lightning didn't notice the mischievous smile on Fang's face as she recalled the other, less flattering stories Serah had told her about Lightning mainly during the nights at the hospital while they desperately clung to the hope that Light would wake up.


Lightning recoiled at the pungent breath of the Beast. The bottom jaw opened and lowered over her head. Lightning pushed against the massive paw on her chest that was pinning her to the ground to no avail. The thing was simply too heavy. There was a deafening bang and the Beast was pushed off Lightning's chest. It threw back its head and roared. A second bang and it lay on the ground, a hole where its chest had been. Lightning pushed herself off the ground with her good arm and looked for her saviour. Lebreau saluted the soldier from her perch and released the spent cartridge from her rifle.

Lightning bent down to pick up her gunblade from where it had been knocked out of her hand by the Beast. A trickle of blood ran from the gash on her leg as she stumbled over the rubble of the former town. They seemed to have beaten off the Shadows, and now people were combing the ruins of their lives for survivors, valuables, anything useful. Lightning felt someone walk up behind her. "How many did we lose?"

Rygdea smiled grimly. "Less than we thought we would. Still, it was too many. What were those things?"

"Shadows." Lightning answered curtly. She was exhausted beyond measure and worried about Fang.

Rygdea nodded, even though he couldn't possibly have known what she really meant. "Where did they come from? We need to hunt them down and finish them off before they attack again."

Lightning raised her arm, ignoring the protest of fatigued muscles. "Through that."


Fang cracked open one eye, but made no other movements. There was a bang of metal hitting wood in the darkness and a soft curse. Fang took that as her cue to flick on the light beside the bed and sit up. There had never been such a literal case of 'deer in the headlights' look. Lightning was crouched over a pack, pair of underwear halfway through being shoved into the pack, now looking between the door and the window, deciding which one would get her away fastest before Fang realised what was going on. "This isn't what you think." She said, still looking at the window. There was a tree right outside, she could dive through, swing on the branch, do a few flips and land perfectly on the grass. Fang'd be so stunned se wouldn't know what to do.

"Really, what're you doing then?"

"I'm packing. We're…going on a surprise holiday tomorrow!" She said, her eyes never leaving the window. Fang groaned at the terrible excuse.

"You're not planning on running away because you're afraid of commitment?" Fang smiled at her deviousness. Time to kill two chocobos with one stone.

Lightning glared at Fang at the mention of her being afraid of anything. iNstantly she rose to the bait. "I'm not afraid of commitment."

"Fine, so when will I move in then, is tomorrow good for you?" Lightning missed the predatory look that graced Fang's features.

"NO! You can't!" She shouted waving her arms wildly.

"And why not? We've been going out for the last four months, this is the next step for us."

Lightning saw the hurt look that Fang had carefully orchestrated on her face and felt her heart break a tiny bit. "You can't tomorrow because I won't be her-we won't be here. The holiday, remember."

Fang dropped the mask instantly, going onto the offensive to keep Light off balance. "Can the crap, where are you going? Tell me, or I might accidentally let slip your little pet name to Serah at breakfast."

"No, please!" Lightning whimpered at the thought of the embarrassing name.

"Tell me now, Light, or I'll make sure that Snow's there too."

"I was going through The Doorway."


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