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Chapter 1 The Fall Of Mirkwood Forest

Legolas Greenleaf was tired; with the destruction of the Ring it had been naive to think everything would be peaceful. Each of the members of the Fellowship still had many years worth of work to do. Aragon and Arwen were wed and ruled for the City of the Kings but there were still battles within the land to be fought and rebuilding to do. The Little Folk had returned to the Shire and it was heard that there was many things to set to right in their home as well. Gimli Elf-friend had returned to Erebor to help the remaining Dwarf-folk rebuild Ithilien. Gimli, as Lord of the Glittering Caves was making a place ready for the Elves of Mirkwood so that the two peoples could be brought together as their time on Middle Earth closed.

Legolas and Gilmi had parted month prier and the father Legolas travelled the more cautious he became. The Mirkwood had been his home for more years than man can reason but now they felt different, the trees were not talking, there were no birds singing over head, nor animals on the forest floor. There was an unnatural claim to the wood that sent his being on high alert and his hands reaching for his bow.

Suddenly he could hear the unmistakable clang of sword in battle as the stench of orc hit his face. Without thought he ran forward, Elvin feet baring touching the forest floor, as he pulled back his bow.

Schhwaff "452"

Schhwaff "453"

Schhwaff "454"

Suddenly in the middle of the courtyard Thranduil King of the Elves of the Northern Mirkwood, his father, was surrounded on all sides by orcs. Legolas drew his sword in a deadly ark disemboweling the orc closing in on his father back.


"Is that you my son?" King Thranduil called after the thud of an orcs body could be heard crashing into the forest floor.

"Yes, it is I." Shiiiing, the sound of his sword whooshed thought the air before connecting with a clang against the roughly made orc blade. Legolas could hear the battle ranging thought out the Mirk and was happy to hear more Orcs falling around him than Elves.

A tremendous scream of pain rand in his ear as his father fell against his back and slide to the forest floor. Turning in one smooth motion with his sword at shoulder level he quickly decapitated his father's attacker.
For the first time in his many years he let out a battle cry that came directly from his soul; a terrible sound that nearly stopped the orcs where they stood. Moving like a crazed berserker he continued battling unaware of the wounds he acquired himself. When the last of the orcs lay at his feet and the battle rage suddenly left his eyes, he raced back to his father's side.

"Father?" Legolas asked gently as he held the King in his arms noticing the gaping wound in his chest.

"My son," Thranduil smiled weakly and placed his pale hand on Legolas' cheek, "You have done well in your service to the Fellowship and the fight against the darkness," he gasped heavily as his hand feel back onto his chest.

"Father, stay with me," Legolas pleaded as he tightened his grip.

"Legolas, my time has drawn to an end and our people need you." The king gasped, "You are the pride of your mother and me." Closing his eyes peacefully the King exhaled his last breath.

"Father!" Legolas looked to the sky shouting in pain not noticing the blood dripping from his own body.