Chapter 6 Betrayal

It had taken a fortnight to gather in Mirkwood; currently King Legolas, King Aragorn Lord Elrond, Lord Gimli, and Gandalf the White were convening in Legolas' private rooms. The King's chambers were one of the few sound proof rooms in the Royal House.

"That is deeply worrying," said Lord Elrond.

"No matter what we believe we can't just accuse him out-right," Aragon said frowning.

"We need to expose him, find out for sure if he has one of the Dwarf rings," Gimli grumbled.

"With witnesses, so he can't deny anything," Elrond continued.

"Bella needs to know beforehand, for her safety, Carlisle and Esme will need to witness as well, and I doubt that they'd believe it otherwise." Legolas told them.

"I agree. Bella will need to be told first; perhaps she has even seen the ring." Gandalf spoke for the first time.

"I will speak to her and try to bring her here, "Legolas volunteered before nodding his dismissal to the group and leaving them to their discussion.

Legolas made his way to the royal kitchens which seemed to be the only place that Edward would leave Bella as she learned to cook lembas and other Elvin foods.

"Is everything alright,?" Bella asked as she looked up from her kneading to find Legolas entering the kitchens. "We don't usually see you in this area of the Hall."

"Bella, I need to ask you some questions, will you accompany me to the Royal Chambers?" Legolas asked somewhat hesitantly.

"Of course, but Edward is expecting me in the House of Music in an hour."

"We should have enough time to meet with the council." Legolas answered as he placed her hand on his arm and escorted her to the royal chamber.

As Bella and Legolas entered the chamber they were greeted with the pleasant smell of pipe weed as Gandalf blew smoke circles into the air, the men quickly came to their feet as she entered.

"Bella thank you for coming." Aragon gave a slight nod of his head in greeting as he pulled a chair into the circle for her.

"Thank you," she replied quietly as she sat and smoothed an invisible wrinkle from her long emerald green dress.

"Bella, I have learned your name means beauty and you are one of the most beautiful humans this Dwarf has met." Gimli stated grandly as he sat across from Bella.

"And you sir are the most striking Dwarf I have had the pleasure of meeting." Bella smiled before adding, "I believe that I have learnt that Legolas is ahead of you in your counting game." She finished with a smirk and a wink.

"Nonsense, a Dwarf will not be out done by an Elf!" Gimli pounded his battle axe on the floor but his outrage was lost in the smile on his face.

"I am Lord Elrond of Rivendell and this is Gandalf the White," Elrond finished the introductions.

"Bella, we asked you hear to discuss how you came to Middle Earth. Do you remember anything unusual about that day or the days before you came here?' Legolas asked.

"Unusual is a relative term for the time before we arrived, I had only just learned that vampires were real and that I was Edward's singer. A singer is a human whose blood smells especially good to a vampire."

"Why would your blood smell better to Edward?" Elrond asked her as he watched her intently.

"I don't really know, some stories say that fairy blood smells wonderful to vampires but I never believed fairies existed. Of course I didn't believe vampires were real either." Bella answered as she looked closer at Elrond. "Why do you ask?"

"Who is your father?" Elrond suddenly demanded.

"Charlie Swan." Bella's brows were drawn together as she moved slightly closer to Legolas on her right. "I had a picture of him in my wallet when we arrived here." Bella reached into her dress pocket and pulled out a small wallet sized picture of Charlie smiling holding up a fish he had just caught.

Bella passed the picture to Aragon on her left first and he gasped as he passed it along to Elrond.

"Amazing," Elrond whispered voice could barely be heard as he carefully placed a finger over the image of Charlie. "Aragon, do you believe it's him?"

"Who?" Gimli demanded echoing Bella's frustration.

"Yes, I believe that maybe Elros." Aragon answered Elrond before turning to Bella, "He is my' brother. We believed he was dead after he was enchanted by Sauron."

"In my world fairies are also known as elves," Bella whispered as she looked at Elrond and began to see traces of her father in his face. "Charlie is a good man, is protects those in our community, he loves fishing and is a close friend to the Tribe in La Push."

Elrond looked deep into her eyes until he seemed to find what he was looking for, "Bella Swan, as my nice you are forever welcome in Rivendell. As half Elf I give you the same choice as Arwen, you may remain moral and live out our days in Middle Earth or you may cross over to the Grey Havens."

"Thank you." Bella answered not entirely sure what she had been offered.

"Our time grows short; he will be looking for Bella in a few minutes." Legolas remind the group.

"Bella, do you remember Edward or anyone else finding an object before your came to Middle Earth?" Gandalf asked is entire being seaming to grow before her eyes.

"I don't think...wait there was something. Right before the lighting I saw something in the grass, Edward picked it up. I had completely forgotten until now." Bella replied with her eyes wide.

"What was it?" Elrond asked.

"A ring."