I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who read, reviewed, and favorited my last story and me as an author. You have no idea how much it means to me. So, as a thank you, I've started another story for y'all. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

It was the Fourth of July and everyone Finn cared about was sitting in his back yard enjoying the barbeque he had suggested having for the holiday. It was the last summer he would have as a high school student and he wanted to enjoy it to its fullest extent. He was back with Rachel and they were stronger than ever, his family was the happiest he had ever seen them and his glee family seemed to have finally forgiven him and Rachel for the whole Kiss of the Century snafu, even Santana.

Everyone sat around in lawn chairs chatting about everything and nothing, digesting their hamburgers and hotdogs just waiting for the sky to grow dark enough to finally shoot off some fireworks. Puck had supplied them with an arsenal's worth of firecrackers, parachutes, rockets and other various things that could potentially blow his hands off and he was itching to finally light 'em up. Burt only agreed to let Puck handle the fireworks under his supervision but Puck didn't care. He just wanted to light the damn things.

"How much you wanna bet Puck will end up in the emergency room tonight?" Finn asked Rachel as he sat down next to her at the table.

"I'm sure Noah is more than capable of handling the fireworks, but if he does end up in the hospital I will not be above telling him 'I told you so'. They're dangerous and he should really let Burt handle them," Rachel replied leaning into Finn as he wrapped his arm around her waist.

"Honestly, I think the reason my parents are letting him deal with them is because my mom doesn't want Burt to end up in the hospital again. She constantly worries about him. But whatever, either way it should be a good show."

Rachel chuckled slightly. "Oh! I should go get the cupcakes I made from the kitchen. They're strawberry and even though they're vegan, I think you'll find them quite delicious. I'll be right back." Rachel stood from the table and made her way into the house.

Even though Rachel didn't ask for help, Finn decided to be gentlemanly and go help out anyway. He also thought they might be able to sneak in a moment alone together, but if anyone asked, he was leaving for the first reason.

As Finn made his way through the house and into the kitchen, he found Rachel standing in front of the refrigerator staring into it. "Finn, do you think I should bring out some more lemonade?" Rachel asked as she noticed Finn enter the kitchen. She was in the process of eating a cupcake as she pulled the pitcher of pink lemonade out of the fridge. Rachel let the door slam shut and she took another bite of the cupcake as she set the pitcher down. Finn couldn't help but stare at Rachel's mouth as she chewed. There was the littlest bit of frosting stuck on her upper lip and it was just too much for him to handle.

Without further ado, Finn closed the distance between him and Rachel and licked the frosting off her top lip. "Finn!" Rachel squealed through her cupcake. She swallowed quickly. "What are you doing?"

"Sorry, you had some frosting. I just wanted to help clean you off," he said with a smirk on his face. Rachel gave a small smile back.

"You know, I think we have some time until it gets dark enough for fireworks. We could-" Rachel began until Finn cut her off with a hard kiss, already ten steps ahead of her. Rachel placed the remainder of her cupcake on the island and wrapped her arms around Finn's neck as he continued kissing her.

Ever since reuniting in the library the last day of school, Finn and Rachel had practically been inseparable. They spent every moment together discussing things such as the past and how to avoid anything like their last break up, the future and how they'd make their relationship work for the long term, finally being seniors and how they were going to win Nationals in glee next year and how Rachel would attend every football game of the season even if she had no idea what was going on. Any time not spent discussing things of that nature was used on the equally important task of making out.

This time around Rachel was much quicker to let Finn get farther. They still hadn't had sex or even gotten past second base but Rachel didn't mind when Finn slipped his hand up her shirt the one afternoon and it found its way under her bra. Finn thought for sure Rachel would stop him and slap him for even trying such a thing but she actually seemed to encourage him. The sounds she made when he rolled her nipple between his fingers gave him serious mailman problems and even just thinking about it after the fact made him need a cold shower.

Standing in the kitchen making out was definitely a high point of their rekindled romance. Not wanting to have to lean over so far to reach her mouth, Finn moved Rachel against the counter and lifted her up so she was sitting on it. He stood between her legs, hands resting on her hips as she pulled at his face trying to keep their mouths in contact.

Rachel ran her hands through Finn's hair and Finn moved his hands to just above Rachel's knees. He gripped her thighs lightly and started running his hands up them to just below the hem of her short skirt. Somewhat hesitantly, Finn moved his hands under the hem and continued his path towards Rachel's backside. He thought for sure this would be the moment Rachel would stop them and suggest heading back outside to see if it was time for fireworks, but once again Rachel surprised him. She ran her own hands down Finn's chest and upon reaching the bottom of his t-shirt, placed her hands under it and ran them up his bare chest.

Rachel wasn't trying to take his shirt off. She was aware of their setting; she just wanted to feel his bare chest under her hands. She loved how his skin felt. Rachel was also aware of Finn's hands gripping her backside. For once she really didn't mind though. It felt so nice to have Finn want her again, to actually want to be with her, that she didn't feel as apprehensive about letting him get a little of what he wanted. Rachel was by no means ready for sex yet however. As much as she loved Finn and did want to have sex with him, they had just re-entered their relationship. They needed to learn one another over again and better this time.

The pair just sat there in the moment kissing each other madly and feeling whatever parts of each other they could reach when their heated make-out was interrupted. "As hot as kitchen sex can be, could you two kids maybe wait until you have the house to yourselves?" Puck asked with an amused look as he leaned against the entry way between the kitchen and dining room.

Rachel pulled her hands from under Finn's shirt and slapped his hands away from her body. Finn pulled away from the counter and helped Rachel hop off. She shook her head haughtily and ran her hands through her hair. "We were not having sex, Noah."

"Really? 'Cause it looked like Finn was gettin' real close to pokin' ya, Berry," Puck said mockingly. Rachel smacked him repeatedly on the arm, offended and blushing beyond belief.

"What do you want Puck?" Finn intervened pulling Rachel away from him before she could beat him up further.

Puck picked up one of Rachel's cupcakes and bit into it. "Kurt said he saw you two head in here. I was coming to find you to let you know we were gonna start setting the fireworks off because I'm such an awesome friend. You're lucky I found you instead of Burt or Carole. I don't think they'd appreciate you two desecrating their kitchen."

Rachel huffed. "We weren't doi-"

"Save it Berry, I don't care. Come on, I wanna light these suckers already." With that Puck left the kitchen.

Finn sighed and ran his hand through his hair. "He's kinda got a point. If my mom or Burt had found us, they would not have been happy."

"If you're saying I should be grateful that Puck caught us making out, you would be mistaken. It's mortifying and I'm sure he'll tell everyone we were having sex when we weren't." Rachel huffed and crossed her arms over her chest.

Finn shook his head. "Does it really matter, Rach? I think everyone thinks we've been having sex since we got back from New York anyway."

At this news, Rachel looked appalled. "And why would they think that?" she practically screamed out.

"These walls aren't exactly sound proof babe. Kurt has heard us in some of our heavier…" Finn trailed off seeing Rachel's mortified expression. "It's okay Rachel. It doesn't matter what they think. We know the truth and I'm not in any hurry. I mean, yeah, I want to have sex with you, like, really bad. I always have, but I can wait. I love you and I only want you. If that means I have to wait for you to be 25 and to win a Tony award first, I'll do it."

"You remember that?" Rachel asked, a huge smile crossing her face.

"Of course, it was the first time you let me touch your boobs," Finn confessed with a half smile. Rachel rolled her eyes.

Just then a high pitched whine then a small explosion and crackle could be heard coming from outside. "I think Puck got tired of waiting for us," Rachel said as she grabbed the cupcakes. Finn grabbed the lemonade and they both headed outside.

They put the cupcakes and lemonade on the table along with the other food and sat back down on the bench. Finn wrapped his arm around Rachel's shoulders as she did the same to his waist. They both watched as Puck lit the fuse on the next firework. Seconds later the rocket shot up and exploded into a giant wheel of red and green with a loud pop.

As his girlfriend watched the colors in the sky, Finn watched her. Now that he had her back he knew he'd do anything and everything he could to never lose her again. Though he wasn't much of a city boy, Finn had a feeling New York could really grow on him as long as Rachel was right there beside him.

While it would make sense to post these as the holidays arrive, that would take far too long and I don't want to make anyone wait (including myself), so I will post the chapters as I write them. I think we can all use a little imagination to create Christmas in June though, right? Also, just a warning for now, while this chapter was pretty tame, future chapters will not be, hence the M rating. :)