Okay, so here's a What If. What if Roxanne had discovered that Megamind was Bernard a little differently? Would circumstances have changed the way she reacted to the news?

Roxanne lies on a picnic blanket under a tree in a secluded section of the park with her boyfriend Bernard. He is an intelligent, funny, eccentric man that she is pretty sure she is falling head over heels for. She'd only been seeing him for a couple of weeks now, but she is wondering already if he might turn out to be a keeper. She hasn't enjoyed herself this much with a man for years.

She laughs, "Okay, okay, Metro Man and I were never a couple," she tells him in response to his question about dating a superhero.

Bernard sits up suddenly to look at her in surprise. "But I thought you two were…"

"I know!" she exclaims, "Everyone did. But he was never really my type."

"Really?" Bernard lays back down on the blanket, gazing up into the tree as he considers this new bit of information.

Now Roxanne sits up and says, "Okay, now you tell me something. Something you've never. Told. Anyone."

He considers the question for a moment, "Well, in sh-school," she lays back down to listen, "none of the other kids really liked me. I was always the last one picked for everything." He looks sad. Funny how those long-ago traumas of childhood can still affect people years later as adults.

"Hmmm…" She can imagine him as the awkward child on the side of the playground that the other kids wouldn't play with. It makes her wish she could have been his friend back then. She smiles at him and takes his hand, "Well it's too bad we didn't go to the same school."

They lay in companionable silence, watching the leaves move in the wind. After awhile she looks over at him and realizes he's fallen asleep. She smiles, thinking he looks cute this way. Peaceful and happy.

She shifts over towards him and lays her head on his chest, thinking perhaps she'll doze off too. It feels nice to cuddle up to him. She listens to the sound of his steady breathing and the beat of his heart.

Thu-thu-thump. Thu-thu-thump.

Wait. That's not right, she thinks, puzzled. She listens again to be sure.

Thu-thu-thump. Thu-thu-thump.

She raises her head from her chest and looks at him suspiciously. What the hell? she thinks,You're not human! Her thoughts race, trying to make sense of this. She considers what she knows about Bernard, all the charming idiosyncrasies. The way he was curiously naïve about everyday things, mispronounced words, but was still utterly brilliant in other ways. And those eyes. Those brilliant green eyes. Megamind! How could she be so stupid? It was obvious! Bernard is Megamind. It explained everything! But how?

She leans towards him again, examining her 'boyfriend' closer. She begins to doubt herself. He looks completely human. But she can't have imagined that heartbeat. Wait, she cautions herself, Try to think like Megamind. If he were going to disguise himself as a human, how would he do it?

She remembers the fake wall at his lair. A hologram. Or, something like it. But where are the controls? She ran her eyes down his body, looking for some sort of device that could project a hologram. She hopes she won't have to search his pockets. How would she explain that if he woke up? Her eyes land on his watch. It is a little clunkier than an ordinary watch but it looks pretty normal. Except…Lightning bolt watch hands? Oh, that can't be a coincidence, she thinks. And what do those three extra dials show? She considers experimenting with the buttons, but is cautious about fiddling with Megamind's equipment when she doesn't know how it works. Just her luck if she got electrocuted or called in some brainbots or something.

Something simpler, then. She unbuckles the strap and removes it from his wrist. Nothing happens. She feels silly. How's she going to explain it when Bernard wakes up to find her fiddling with his watch? Just as she decides she'll have to slip it back on, his body flashes and she's staring at the familiar blue villain, decked out in all his normal leather and spikes. Gotcha! she thinks triumphantly.

He even has his de-gun. She grins evilly as she carefully removes it from its holster. She wonders what to do next as she watches him sleep. It's strange to see his face relaxed like that. Like a normal person. She guesses that even alien supervillains must need to rest. Speaking of which, he looks tired. There are dark circles under his eyes. She doubts that the stresses of Evil Overlordship are causing him to lose sleep. She takes this as further proof that he's up to something big. Something causing him to push himself and go without sleep to finish. But what? And why deceive her? Why get her to fall for Bernard?

Bernard, she thinks, tears prickling behind her eyelids, Bernard doesn't exist. Damn him! Was he just playing with me this whole time? Why would he do that? What did he possibly hope to gain?

Well, she'll certainly find out. She looks down at the de-gun in her hand. She makes sure it is set to dehydrate and teaches herself how to dehydrate the picnic basket. Then she settles down to wait until he wakes up.