She was cold. Her head hurt. Her back ached. And there was a very heavy weight on her chest.

It was not, Sakura thought, the best way to start a morning.

And then it got worse when she twisted her neck around and figured out that she was twenty minutes late to meet her genin team.


The dead weight on her breasts shifted. She looked down and saw messy silver hair splayed out over her collarbone. Kakashi was apparently awake.

"Where are we, 'kura?"

Through her still slightly hazy vision, she glanced around.

"On the floor, I think."

"Okay. Why are we on the floor?"

"I don't know; does it even matter? I had to meet my genin team almost half an hour ago and now I'm late and I have a hangover and your head is heavy." Kakashi quickly sat up, cradling his head.

"Sorry. Um, I think we're in my bathroom."


"And if it's any consolation, I'm late to meet my team too."

"You're always late."


"I didn't want to be late."

"Well, nothing you can do about that now."

Sakura began looking for the rest of her clothes, which seemed to be piled up with his in a corner of the bathroom. Kakashi, observing, didn't seem to approve of this action.

"What're you doing?"

"Trying not to be really late."

"Well, you're going to be anyways. So why don't we-" and he kissed her. Sakura, usually liked when he did this, but this time she did her best to get away. Kakashi was quicker, though, and pinned down a protesting leg with his right arm, the left cradling her back.

"I mean, I'm going to be late, so you can too. It can be a new tradition."

Well, Sakura decided, that could be alright.