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Chapter 12

Consequences of One's Actions, The Death of A Loved One, And The Start of A New Beginning.


Several days passed since Naruto mark Nel, Tia, and Kyuubi as his new mates all without telling his wife about any of it. He planned to tell her but couldn't find the right timing. It wasn't easy telling your wife that you had sex with three other women and marked them as your mates. Especially with an overprotective wife such as his, even if she wouldn't show it to him, he could tell.

Everything was going fine and he planned to tell her but was too late as at that moment she came bursting in to the kitchen, where he was at the moment, demanding he to explain something.

"Uzumaki Naruto," Yoruichi voiced with a hint of anger.

Naruto, who was eating some ramen, just slowly slurped his noodles and swallowing them before speaking.


His voice sounded a bit wary, as he knew why she was here. The reason he knew was not long ago Kyuubi along with his wife both went down into their underground training facility about an hour ago. Usually after they sparred, they take a dip in the hot springs where he guessed she saw the same fox mark on her that she had and probably came up to ask why.

"Would you mind telling me why I saw the same mark on Kyuubi's neck that I have on mine?"

He was right but before he answered her, he finished the rest of his ramen.

"Well, to be more precise your mark has nine tails on it while Kyuubi-chan's has eight."

"What difference does that make she still has the same mark as I do?"

"There's a big difference."

"And what the hell would that be."

"Nine is bigger than eight."

Yoruichi's eyebrow twitched at his answer and released a small sigh to keep calm.

"Like I would care which is bigger. All I want to know is why she has the same mark as I do and don't try changing the subject."

"Fine," he said sighing in defeat, as he didn't like arguing with her. "The reason she has the same mark as you is… because I… made her one of my mates," he told her but mumble the last part.

"What was that I couldn't hear you?"

"I… I said the reason was she has the same mark as you is because I made her one of me mates."

Her eyes widen a bit in shock before narrowed at him.

"Y… You mean… you marked her?"

"Not only her, but Nelliel and Tai as well."

Her head tilted down some causing her bangs to shadow her face making her look like she was just betrayed, which it felt like to her, as she balled up her fist.

"I tried telling you but I just couldn't find the right timing," he told her rubbing the back of his head sheepishly.

As he did, he looked away from her feeling a bit shameful for what he did as if he betrayed her and in a way, he did.

"You probably hate me right now, but I truly did plan to tell you about it. I just…."

"You just what, Naruto," his wife spoke getting him to look at her. "You find me unattractive now so you moved to someone else."


"Tell me. When did you mark them?"

"I mark them the day you told me I could make more mates."

He wasn't sure if he should've told her that but had to tell her and the soon the better even if it would hurt her.

"So you didn't wasn't any time deciding and hurried off the moment you were told so, is that it."

Naruto could see her trembling and it was most likely in anger and knew he had to make things clear before things got worst.

"Yoruichi, I know your mad but let me explain."

"Explain what exactly! That you went off and fucked some other women just because I said you could."

Naruto didn't know how to respond to that. It was true that he did do what she claimed he did but still he did it for her and he had to explain that. However, she wasn't making it easy for him but before he could try to explain, she continued speaking.

"How… How could you be so insensitive? Did you even consider my feeling before you went off and marked some other women?"

"Of course I did," he sincerely said to her but it only mad things worst

"Then why the hell did you do it then," she snapped back at him.

As he looked at his wife, he could see the anger in her eyes, tears as well, getting him to, almost, regret what his did. However if he didn't do it then they would still be in the same situation as before.

"I did it… for you."

He hoped that she would understand why he did it, but, unfortunately, she didn't. Instead, she unloaded all the anger she held back on him.

"For me… you had sex with three other women for me. Is that what you're trying to tell me," she asked but didn't wait for him to answer her and continued talking. "What would make you think having sex with other women would be for my sake? If you ask me, it sounds more as if you were cheating on me."

"Now hold on! There's no way in hell I would cheat on you so you can just throw away that idea. Not only are we married but we also have a beautiful daughter together and there's no way in hell that I would ever find you unattractive."

"Then why did you do it and without telling me, your own wife, Naruto."

Her anger was completely gone and replaced with nothing but sadness as she stared at her husband.

"It's because I knew how you felt when I was in that heat cycle of mine and I also knew you were getting tired of have sex all the time. Therefore, when you came to me and said the only way to end it was for me to make more mates. I knew whom exactly to choose and knew I had to talk with you about it. However, I guess, my more lustful side took over and acted without thinking of the consequences. For that, I'm sorry. Even though words can't make up for what I did."

Yoruichi was about to give him a reply but before she could they both heard the door open and close. They knew it was Asa and had to stop their conversation, as it wasn't something they should be talking about in front of their daughter.

Soon as they agreed to talk about their conversation later, Asa walked into the kitchen with a spaced out look on her face as she made her way towards the fridge. She never realized her parents were standing their watching her as she grabbed a carton of milk from the fridge but just before she was about to drink from it she heard her mother's voice.

"Asa, what do you think you're doing."

Hearing her mother's sudden voice not only startled her but all most drop the carton of milk she was holding before she turned to face her mother.

"Jesus, you scared the crap out."

"You still didn't answer my question."

Asa then realized what her mother was talking about and hid the carton of milk behind her.

"I… I was just reading the label, that's all," she replied laughing nervously.

"Is that so? Then how about explaining why you were about to drink out of it."

"W-Well, that's because… because dad said I could."

"I did, and when did I say that," Naruto voiced getting Asa to realize he was in the kitchen as well.

"Dad…! W-When did you get here."

"Actually, I've been here the whole time."

"Y-You have?"

She just blushed in embarrassment after seeing her father nod.

"Well, at least you know who it was that was drinking your milk and you didn't believe me when I said it wasn't me," he told his wife who just rolled her eyes at him.

"Anyway, I'll overlook the fact that you were about to drink my milk if you tell us what's wrong."

"What are you talking about," Asa replied not understanding what her mother meant.

"She's talking about the spaced out look you had when you came into the kitchen."

Soon as her father, mention that a worried look appeared on her face getting her parents to worry.

"So did something happen? If anyone tried to hurt you, you tell me right now!"

"Calm down, I doubt anyone is foolish enough to try and hurt her," Yoruichi told her husband but was worried about the look their daughter gave them. "So why don't you tell us what happen."

Asa wasn't sure if she should but new if anyone could help it would be her parents so she decided to tell them.

"It doesn't have anything to do with me, so you don't have to worry but…."

Her parents just raised an eyebrow before her father spoke.

"What is it Asa. You can trust us."

"It has to do with my friend, Orihime."

Now the two parents were confused as to why it had to do with her friend, Orihime. They met her every once and a while when they would pick up Asa from the sleepovers she had with friends. All they really knew about her was that she lived with her older brother and knew nothing about her parents. Therefore, when their daughter said it involved Orihime they were a bit confused as to why but it wasn't until what she said next did they understand.

"I'm not sure but I think one of Orihime's family members died."

"What," both her parents said in unison.

That's when Asa started to explain what she knew.

"It started when she didn't come to school this morning, which I found weird as she never liked skipping school, but as the day went on. She never showed up and I was starting to wonder if she was going to but when I heard someone say that someone in her family died. I didn't know if it were one of her parents since I never seen them nor has she never once mentioned them. That only left her brother but I doubted it would be him. I wanted to go check for myself but Kuroun wouldn't take me there and said to ask you if I could go." She then looked at both her parents before saying, "So can you take me to Orihime's house so I can see if she's alright."

Naruto just looked at his daughter, who was pleading for him to say yes, before he nodded.

"Really, oh thank you daddy! I'll go put my stuff away."

As Asa hurried towards her room, Yoruichi looked at her husband before speaking.

"Are you worried about her as well?"

"Yeah, I heard on the news that someone died in a car accident last night but they didn't tell or show who it was. After hearing Asa's story I have a bad feeling it was her friend's brother and if it was she's probably at her apartment by herself."

"I see. Well, if she is you make sure you bring her here. I don't want her to stay alone after something like, understood."

Before Naruto could give his wife a reply Asa came, running, back into the kitchen.

"I'm ready to leave, daddy."

"Alright, go wait in the car I'll be right out."

Asa gave him a nod and left leaving both her parents alone.

"Don't worry if something did happen to her friend's brother. I'll be sure to bring her here."

With that, Naruto gave his wife a kiss on the forehead before heading out.

Yoruichi then went to the refrigerator and pulled out her carton of milk before looking at it.

'I still can't believe it was her drinking my milk this whole time,' she thought before downing the rest of it. 'I guess I should apologize to Naruto later but not after giving him a stern talking to about what we were talking about before.'

She then walked towards the living room to watch TV until her husband and daughter returned and, hopefully, not with her daughter's friend with them too.

XXX At Orihime's and Her Brother's Apartment XXX

Once Naruto drove up to the Orihime's apartment and parked the car Asa, who immediately got out, run to her friend's apartment door before her father could open his door. Shaking his head at his daughter antics, he stepped out of his car and followed her. He could see his daughter knocking on her friend's door asking if she was home only to get no reply. Soon as he was about to reach his daughter, he saw her turn the door handle to her friend's apartment finding that it was unlocked

Before he could even try to stop his daughter from entering, she had already walked inside leaving the door wide open. He quicken his pace thinking he could stop her from doing anything else but when he looked inside he couldn't see her. Instead, he saw a darken apartment making it seem like no one was home as all the light were off but when he looked down. He saw two pairs of shoes, his daughters and another pair that belonged to her friend, Orihime.

'Her brother's shoes are missing? Could it mean that he…?'

He didn't what to finish his sentence not wanting to think the worst as he stepped inside closing the door behind him. Soon as he did, he heard her daughter call out to him.

"She's over here in her room."

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After hearing his daughter's voice coming from the hallway, he made his way there and saw that one of the doors were open and figured it was Orihime's room. Then made his way over there and entered the room seeing his daughter standing beside a bed with what looked like a child's body curled up in a ball under a blanket. He could clearly see it was his daughter's friend, Orihime, and just by seeing her, he knew her brother was the one who died. Otherwise, he would be here now consoling her.

He listened to his daughter saying to her friend but got no response from her and just laid there in her bed. She continued trying for several more minutes to get her friend to say something until she finally got a response but not one she was going for.

"Just shut up and leave me alone," Orihime yelled getting a gasp from Asa.

Asa was a bit taken aback from her friends sudden words and was about to say something back if it weren't for her father, who placed a hand on her shoulder, stopping her.

"Why don't you go make Orihime something to eat? I'm sure she hasn't eaten anything yet."

Asa just looked up at her father wanting to tell him no but after she saw the look he had on his face she reluctantly agreed and left the room.

With Asa out of the room, he was sure he would be able to get Orihime to talk and sat down on the edge of her bed. He then looked at the girl's lying next to him still curled up into a ball under her blanket. He could tell it must have been a real shock for her to lose someone close like her brother and didn't blame her for yelling at his daughter. If he were to lose Yoruichi, Asa or anyone close to him, again, he would probably be in the same position she's in.

However, he would be able to bounce back quicker than others would because of what he went through. Orihime on the other hand, wasn't the same since this was most likely the first time she felt the pain of losing someone dear to her. It would probably take some time for that pain to heal completely. That's if she wants it to if not she might just live with this pain for rest of her life but that was something he wasn't going to let happen.

After sighing mentally to himself, he spoke.

"I know you're going through a rough time and probably don't want to speak with anyone right now but Asa and I are just here to help."

"I don't need any help; I'm fine."

"Are you sure about that because all I see is a little girl mourning over her brother's death."

The moment he mention her brother she curled up into a tighter ball.

"I'm not saying it's bad to mourn, in fact, its normal. It shows that you cared for that person but without someone there to comfort you while you do. You could end up mourning over it forever and that's something I don't what to see happen especial to someone so young."

She may not have shown it but Naruto could tell that Orihime was listening to what he was saying and he continued talking.

"You know, I was once in the same position you're in now. It was a long time ago but the feeling of losing that special person still stays with me."

He was talking about Kyuubi but couldn't tell her that he brought her back however; he did manage to get her to show him her face. Seeing them all red and puffy from crying so much but could also see the sadness in her eyes from losing her brother as well.

It was then that she spoke to him.

"What… What did you do?"

"Well for starters, her death hit me pretty hard and I was doing what you're doing right now. I didn't have anybody to help me through that tragedy so I mourned over her for years until finally snapped out if. Until this day I will never forget the day I lost her but luckily for you. You not only have Asa, Tatsuki, and your other friends to help you along but you also have my wife and me."

"But it's not going to be easy; is it."

"I'm not going to lie. It's going to be hard from here on out but with the help from those close to you they can make it a bit easier. The only way for that to happen though is if you let them, which is all up to you. So what will it be, Orihime, do you want us to help or not."

"I… I… want help but…I don't know what to do…."

As she said that to him, new tears started to form in her eyes has the harsh reality hit her once again.

"My brother's died and won't be coming back. My grandparents already moved away and I don't even know where my parents are. The only person who cared about me in this world is already dead so what am I supposed to do."

The tears that had formed in her eye were now flowing down her cheeks as she reminded herself of what she had lost but that's when Naruto wrapped his arms around her in a warm embrace before he spoke.

"That's not true, Orihime. Yes, you did lose your brother however; you didn't lose the people who care about you. You still have Asa, Tatsuki, my wife, and me. Let's not forget about all your other friends too who are probably worrying about you right now wondering why you didn't come to school. So don't say you lost everything because there are still a lot of people around you who still care."

She didn't know what to say and just cried in to Naruto's chest, which he let her. She cried for what seemed like an half an hour until she finally calmed down. Soon as she was calm, he released his hold on her and watched as she wiped the tears from her eyes before he decided to speak.

"I know your feeling lonely right now but my wife and I would like it if you came to our house for a while. That way you don't have to be alone in an empty apartment. Would you like to stay with us for a while?"

Orihime just nodded to his question getting a small smile from him.

"Then why don't you pack some cloths and meet me in the living room, alright."


After that, Naruto left her room but before he could head down the hallway, he saw his daughter standing next to Orihime's door wiping her face with her arm.

"Why did this have to happen?"

"I can't explain why. Things like this happen every day as it's all part of the harsh reality we live in."

"It's still not fair."

"I know it is."

He then patted her on the head before continuing his way towards the kitchen with his daughter right behind him.

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Once Orihime finished packing her things, she ate what Asa made her and the three of them left her apartment. When they arrived back at the Urahara shop, aka Naruto's house, the all headed inside with Asa and Orihime both making their way towards Asa's room.

Yoruichi, who stood there and watched them run by, waited for her husband to walk up to her before saying, "So her brother did die."

She only received a nod in reply getting a sad look to appear on her face.

"That poor girl…."

"It's sad but I believe she'll bounce back quickly," Naruto spoke.

Yoruichi only looked at him with a raised eyebrow before asking what he meant.

"What do you mean she'll bounce right back. It's not easy getting over the loss of someone you love especially someone her age."

"That's true but Orihime is different."

She could only look at him with a questionable look on her face prompting him to explain.

"You probably can't tell just by looking but I can know she's a strong girl who doesn't want people to worry about her. She might keep to herself at first but give her time and she'll recover. I'm not saying she'll cover completely but enough that it won't cause others to worry about her."

Yoruichi just stood there silently agreeing with her husband believing he may be right but what she heard him say next caused her eyebrows to furrow in anger.

"Well since that's all settled I'm going to go grab something to eat."

However, before he could make his way towards the kitchen Yoruichi grabbed his wrist causing him to stop and look at her.

"Yoruichi, what are you doing."

She just ignored him and started to drag him towards their room where she flung him on their bed and before he could sit up. She jumped on top him pinning him down before staring into his eyes.

"Is there something wrong," he asked not sure what his wife was up to.

"I've been thinking about what you said earlier today…"

'What the heck is she talking about… oh about that,' he thought then realized what she was talking about.

"And I come to realize that what you did is… understandable, but it doesn't mean I like it."

"So what you're saying is that you're okay with my other so-called mates then."

"For now, yes, but it you mark anyone else without telling me first. I'll make you regret it; got it."

"Okay, but what was the point of bringing me into the bedroom."

All Yoruichi did was give him a seductive looking grin.

"Oh, were going to have make up sex aren't we."

She didn't give him a response but he could tell by the look in her eyes that he was right.

"Then what the hell are we waiting for!"

In one quick motion, Naruto flipped his wife on her back so he was on top and placed his body between her legs. His sudden action took his wife by surprise but before she could say anything, he kept her silent by kissing her.

Before things could get heated up, Naruto made a clone, which left the room and closed the door, and placed a silence jutsu on the room. From there he took his wife to cloud nine.


A month passed since the day Orihime's brother died and the day Naruto took her in. Within that time, Naruto had Urahara do his thing and find a way to contact Orihime's grandparents, which was a simple task for him. After contacting them and arranging a time to meet them, they had a talk about what they planned to do with their granddaughter. They decided that they would take her to live with them however; Orihime declined and said she wanted to say in Karakura with all her friends.

Of course, her grandparents said it wasn't a good idea but Naruto told them if she wanted to stay, he would watch after her. Since the past month, she's been staying with them she became more of a second daughter to him. Her grandparents were reluctant at first but eventually agreed seeing as how he took her in after their grandson's death.

With that settled they left Orihime in Narutos care and went back home. It wasn't long after that that Orihime decided to go back home to her apartment saying she wanted to live on her own. Naruto was against the idea as the rest of his family but he could see the determination in the young girl's eyes.

Therefore, he decided to let her despite what the other telling him not to. It was something she wanted to do on her own and he was going to let her even though it might be tough but he knew she would be able to handle it.

He then took her back to her apartment but before he was about to leave he told her not to worry about any expenses as he would pay for everything she needed. He also gave her something special that only she would have in all of Karakura town. She took it from him after seeing how cute it looked and said her goodbyes to him.

With nothing else he could do, he left her apartment thinking that he made the right choice of letting her leave by herself. Well, technically, she wasn't alone but still he had to wonder if it was the right decision.

Only time could tell if his decision was for the good, or the worst.

XXX 4 Years Later XXX

Four years had come and gone, like sand flowing through an hourglass, but within those four years, a lot has happen.

Asa who was just a novice when she started her shinigami training was now capable of handle all four arts of a shinigami with ease. Mastering her shikai to the point where she was able to use both her swords released forms at the same time. If they had to judge her strength they would have to say she could handle almost any lieutenant level shinigami and a hollow lower than a Menos Grande.

Despite all that, she still couldn't control her demonic chakra, as it would constantly go out of control causing her to go berserk with only her father, or Kyuubi, able to calm her down. She also wasn't able to do was catch either one of her parents at a simple game of tag.

Her appearance also made a drastic changed looking more like a spitting image of her mother minus the eyes and whisker marks. She even had the same bust size as her mother getting her father to dread the day she tries to bring some boy home, which he would probably kill.

Orihime who, just like Asa, bloomed into a beautiful young woman and was sought after by most boys but it was mostly due to her outward appearance. Who by the way looked a bit more developed them most girls her age and it didn't help that she was a bit of an air head but don't let that fool you. She was actually smart making top five in her class that she shared with not only Asa but Tatsuki and Ichigo as well as a few arrancars.

Tatsuki and Ichigo didn't change that much except that Tatsuki stayed in karate but still had that tomboyish look she had as a child and Ichigo. Well, the only noticeable change he had was growing taller and losing that childlike appearance he had as a kid and replaced it with a permanent scowl.

The group of arrancars, who adapted to everyday life in the human world, managed not to blow their cover and fit in nicely in the society. Nel and Tia worked their way up at the bar the bar they worked at to the point that the two now own it and were managing it fine with a little help from both Naruto and Kuroun. As for Apacci, Mila Rose, and Sun-Sung, well, since they all managed to control their new powers they wasn't that much left for them to do. Therefore, Naruto got the bright idea to send them to school.

None of them had an idea what a school was, except Sun-Sung thanks to the internet, and after he explained what it was. Apacci and Mila Rose both agreed against it but fell to death ears when Tia said that they would have to listen to what Naruto said.

In the end, all three of them enrolled into Karakura high and into the same class as Asa, Ichigo, Tatsuki, and Orihime.

You can say it was a once in a lifetime experience for everyone in that class.

Out of all of them, Ichigo was the one who was about to change. For the better or worse, no one could say but one thing was certain.

Fate had decided it before it even happened that what was about to happen to Ichigo was supposed to happen. It was inevitable, but if you were to put the blame on someone, it would be Ichigo himself. As he possessed a huge amount of spiritual pressure but in his defense, he was unaware of it.

However, it was for that one reason, and that reason alone, that everything that was about to happen to him was cause of it.

XXX Somewhere in Karakura Town XXX

In the midst of the busy town of Karakura, a tall young high school student who had a face that made him looked mad for some reason. He wore a gray blazer jacket with matching pants, orange color hair, and brown eyes. He was carrying a school bag with him and had a permanent scowl on his face.

This boy was none other than Ichigo Kurosaki a fifteen-year-old high school student who was on his way home until he spotted something that pissed him off.

It was a knocked over glass vase that belonging to a young girl who died there by a bunch of skaters.

Ichigo being the person he was now immediately went over to the skaters and kicked one of them in the back. Sending the man flying of his skateboard and face first into the cement.

"You guys have two option either you leave peacefully or I make you leave," Ichigo voiced getting weird looks from the skaters behind him.

"What the… who the hell is this kid," one of the skaters asked.

"Who I am, is none of your damn business. Now are you going to leave or do I have to make you."

However before any of the skater could answer him the man he kick spoke as he slowly got up.

"You got a lot balls to kick a man when he's not looking and demand him to leave at that."

"I could care less what punks like you think of me. Now hurry up and get the hell out of here before I make you. My patience is running short and you assholes aren't helping."

"What was that?!"

Ichigo just sighed at the man before repeating himself once again.

"I said, I could care less what punks like you think of me. Now hurry up and get the hell out of here before I make you. Did you get it that time or do you need to clean the wax out of your ears."

The man in front of him just snarled at him before charging at him.

"That's it your dead!"

While the man charged at him all Ichigo did was lift his leg up and kicked the man straight in th face stopping him in mid-step getting shocked looks from the three skaters behind him.

"He knocked down Toshi-bro, twice," the three skaters said in unison.

"Who the hell is this kid?"

"I don't know but he looks dangerous. I mean just look at his face. It screams "I'm going to kill you!"

"I think we should get the hell out of here before it's too late."

"What about Toshi-bro?"

"We can come back and get him later. I don't want to end up like he did."

Before any of them could leave Ichigo, who finished kicking the hell out of the man that tried to attack him, pointed towards the now broken vase and spoke.

"All of you idiots look over there!"

As demanded, the three skaters looked to where Ichigo was pointing too afraid that he would attack them next if they didn't.

"What do you think that is?"

He then pointed at the man with a striped headband on.

"You over there with the gay looking headband answer the damn question."

The man he pointed at looked a bit dumbfound at what he said before answer the question.

"Uh… it looks like it was for the kid who died here recently."

In the blink of an eye Ichigo moved and kick the man in the face whilst saying, "That's a damn good answer."

He then looked at the remaining two before he said, "Question number two? Why the hell is it knocked over."

"That's because w-we knocked it over while skating."

"I see… then you should apologize to her then!"

As he said that, he pointed to the area a next to him where a young girl with blood on half of face and two pigtails was floating. Getting the two men to scream before they started to apologize then hurry up and pick up their friends and ran off. The only problem was that they couldn't see the young girl but just the thought alone was enough to scare them.

Moreover, the look on Ichigo's face was fare scarier to them then the ghost.

"If they're this scared they probably won't be coming back. Sorry about using you like that."

"It's fine besides, I'm the one who asked you to chase them away. It's the least I can do," the young girl told him.

"I'll bring you some flowers tomorrow."

"Thanks again, mister."

"Don't mention it but do me one favor though."

"What would that be?"

"Hurry up and go to haven already."

That was all Ichigo asked as he walked away leaving the young ghostly girl as he made his way home.


Soon as Ichigo arrived at his house, he walked in announcing he was home only to receive a kick to the face as greeting.

"You're late Ichigo," his proud father exclaimed. "Do you know what time it is, you delinquent son of mine. You know dinner is severed at seven."

"What the hell is a matter with you! That's no way you're supposed to treat your son who just returned from preforming a damn exorcism."

"Yeah, yeah, that's no excuse for being late, now is it."

"Why you…!"

"What? You want to go tough guy."

With a fierce yell, both Ichigo and his father charged at each throwing punches left and right forgetting they were in a house.

"Oh, would you two stop it already. Your food is getting cold," Yuzu, Ichigo's younger sister, said.

"Aw, just leave them alone, Yuzu, and give me another bowl of rice," Karin, Ichigo other younger sister, told her.

"Could you give me one as well," Asa voiced, who was sitting at the kitchen table in her school uniform eating, getting Ichigo to stop midway of punching his father in the face.

"A-Asa, What are you doing here," he asked her while Yuzu passed her a bowl full of rice.

"What? A close friend can't come to see you when they know something troubling you," she replied.

However, before he could answer her back his father cut him off.

"You let your guard down, Ichigo!"

The next thing Ichigo felt was a right hook to the side of his face sending him rolling back into the front door.

"You're too weak if a punch like that is enough to knock you down. You need more discipline."

"Shut the hell up, old man."

"Those are some mighty words coming from a brat who just got knocked down."

"I'll show you who the brat is!"

Ichigo the stood up and charged at his father who was ready for him and when he was in range, he threw a punch at him. Only for his son to dodge it who land a punch of his own into is face sending him rolling into the wall behind him.

Seeing that his father was dealt with he turned his attention towards Asa before asking.

"Now would you please tell me why you're really here."

"Like I said, I only came here to see what was troubling you."

"Then why are you having dinner with my sisters."

"Since you weren't here they offered me some and I couldn't turn them down."

"You mean you couldn't turn down free food."

He then saw Asa tense up a bit before she started to eat the rest of her food ignoring his statement.

"It's fine; we have plenty. Besides it was us who asked her if she wanted to eat."

"That's the problem. Once you ask an Uzumaki to eat they'll stay until they're full."

"It's not our fault we have a high metabolism."

"More like an endless stomach if you ask me."

"Sh… Shut up, ghost boy."

"Ghost boy…!"

Before Ichigo could say anything else, Yuzu cut him off.

"Speaking of ghosts you have a visitor, Ichigo," Yuzu voiced getting Ichigo to notice a ghost was floating next to him.

"What the hell! Dammit, every time I get rid of them they just keep coming back. It's starting to piss me off."

"Well it serves you right. Endless stomach," Asa told him mumbling that last part.

"Why can't you all just leave me alone."

"You must feel lucky, Ichigo. Not only can you see, touch, and talk to ghost but they just can't leave you alone." Karin said dryly.

"I'm jealous. All I can see is a blur but you, Ichigo and even Asa can see ghost. It's not fair," Yuzu complained.

"I don't know what you're talking about since I don't believe in ghost," Karin replied.

"Even if you were capable of see ghosts it's not as cracked up as some people say it is and it gets kind of annoying," Asa added placing her chopsticks down.

"You can't mean that and, Karin, how could you say you don't believe in ghost even though you can see them."

"Even if I can see them as long as I don't believe in them. They don't exist."

"Wow. that's cold," Asa voiced.

Whilst they talked among themselves, Ichigo was trying to get the ghost who was following him to go away. Never paying any attention to his father who was slowly making his way over towards him but by the time he did it was too late.

"You left your guard down again," Isshin exclaimed putting Ichigo in an arm lock on the floor.

With his anger already high from what happen already today, his father putting him in an arm lock was the last straw before he blow his top.

"That's it," he yelled sending his father flying back into the same wall as he stood up. "I'm going upstairs to my room!"

"Wait, Ichigo, what about your dinner," Yuzu called out.

"I'm not hungry."

Then next thing they all heard was Ichigo's door slam shut.

"Way to go dad now he's mad," Karin told him getting him to look at her.

"Me, why is it my fault."

"It's because he's already having a hard time as it is. With more ghosts, hanging around him more than usual and having you fight with all the time. I can see why he's mad."

"Wait! He talks to you about these things!"

"Anyway, I'll take his dinner to him later."

"But why does he talk to you about stuff like that and not his own father."

"That because you have the communication skills that of a child. I wouldn't talk to you about any of my problems either."

Hearing his daughter say such words was like driving a nail through his heart causing him to walk slowly towards a giant poster of his wife.

"Masaki, our daughters are being mean to me again! All I'm trying to do is be a good father to them. What should I do!"

"Well for starters how about you take that ridiculous poster of mom down."

'I'm surprised he still has that up,' Asa thought.

She then saw Yuzu fixing Ichigo some dinner and was about to take it up to him before she stopped her.

"I can take that up to Ichigo for you."

"No, that's alright I can do it."

"I insist. Besides I have to talk to him about something anyways."

"Well, I guess it's alright but make sure he eats it. I don't like it when he skips dinner."

"Don't worry I will."

With that, Asa took the tray of food for Ichigo and made her way upstairs towards to his room. When she reached his door she knocked on it before entering and getting Ichigo, who was sitting at his desk, to turn her way as if he was caught doing something he shouldn't.

"Hey, you can at least wait until I tell you to come in."

"Why? It's not as if you were doing anything indecent unless… you were planning to!"

"N-No," he exclaimed with a blush on his face getting Asa to laugh.

"I was just joking so you can calm down."

"Well do me a favor and don't. Most of your jokes aren't funny."

"That's a little harsh, but anyway, Yuzu fixed you some dinner. So you better eat it unless you want to get an earful from her."

"Yeah, yeah, I understand. Just put here on my desk."

Doing as he asked she placed the tray of food on his desk before sitting on his bed and gave him a worried look as she watched him eat.

"Is there something wrong," he asked as he felt her staring.

"Are you sure everything is alright."

He just rolled his eyes at her before giving her a reply, "For the thousandth time, yes everything's fine. So quit asking me that."

"If you say so, it's just that. It seems like something's bothering you."

"Well, there's not. Therefore, you don't have to worry about me besides isn't it getting late. You don't want your dad to find out that you were late coming home because you were at a boy's house. He would probably just scold you but if he were to find out it was my house you were at he'd probably kill me. So do me another favor and please go home, for my sake."

"Fine you big baby; I'll go home. It's not as I'm the only girl who's been in your room. Oh, wait, it is," she teased getting him to blush again.

"Sh… Shut up."

"Well just take care of yourself, okay."

"Yeah, I hear yeah."

Asa they stood up and opened the door to his room to see Isshin kneeling on the floor with a small glass to his ear.

"Does your father always do that," she asked getting Ichigo to see his father by his door.

"Dad, what the hell are you doing. Are you spying on us."

Isshin then realized that Asa had open the door and panicked before saying something.

"Nope. Just testing the glass seeing if it works. Right Yuzu."

Not getting a response from his daughter, he looked over to his side to see she wasn't there.

"Yuzu, you traitor."

Isshin they quickly stood up and ran downstairs leaving both Asa and Ichigo who were shaking their heads.

"I'll see you at school tomorrow then."


She then left his room closing the door behind her leaving Ichigo alone to finish his dinner. Soon as he was done he decided he was going to bed however, before he could he saw something out of the ordinary. A girl, who somehow appeared in his room from thin air, wearing some kind of samurai outfit and landed in the middle of his room then whispered something.

"It's near…."

Before she could finish her sentence, a swift kick to the back interrupted her.

"It's near, my ass," Ichigo exclaimed as he looked at the petty girl on the floor. "Now who the hell are you and how did you magically appear in my room."

The girl was too dumbfounded to answer her but did have one question on her mind that prompted her to ask.

"You… You can see me?"

"Of course I can see you. How the hell did you think I kicked you, dumbass."

Just as the girl was about to respond the door to Ichigo's room suddenly open and his father started yelling.

"Ichigo what the heck are you doing talking to yourself. Is there another ghost bothering you. If so both of you need to shut the hell up."

Ichigo's eyebrow just twitched at his father sudden outburst before speaking.

"No, I wasn't talking to some ghost. I was talking to this chick right here who somehow managed to break in."

Isshin just stared blankly at his son while scratching his face before saying, "What chick? I don't see anyone there. If you have some imaginary friend, I don't know about. You both are going to need to shut up because I'm trying to watch TV."

He then closed his son's door before heading back downstairs leaving Ichigo with a dumbfound look on his face.

"What the heck just happen. Why didn't he see her."

"It's useless. Ordinary humans aren't able to see me because I'm a shinigami."

"A shin… gami?"

The girl only nodded in reply before she started to explain what she was and what her job was.

"I see… so you are a shinigami and come from a place called the Soul Society to exterminate an evil spirit. All right, I can believe you… when pigs fly! Who in their right mind would believe a story like that!"

"What! You're telling me you can see ghost but you won't believe me when I say that I'm a shinigami."

"You got that right! I've never seen a shinigami before and frankly, if I don't see it; I don't believe it. However, since my father couldn't see you I'll acknowledge that you're not human but other than that, I could care less. So how about you go home you little brat."

'L… Little brat.'

The so-called Shinigami suddenly turned around and shouted something at Ichigo he didn't understand.

"Bakudo #1: Restrain!"

Soon as she said those words, some imaginary force pulled Ichigo's arms behind him back causing him to fall face first into his floor.

"What… What did you do to me," he exclaimed, struggling to get his arms free.

"Something called Kido, an advance incantation that only we shinigami can use and another thing. Even though I may look like this, I've been alive for ten times longer then you have. "

Ichigo just stared up at the girl as he wasn't sure what she said were true but how she was acting, he could say she was telling the truth.

"Usually, I'd kill people like you but the spiritual law states that we can't kill human who we weren't ordered to kill. So constricting your movements will have to do."

She then slowly unsheathed her blade getting Ichigo's eyes to widen thinking she was going to kill him after all despite what she said however, that was the case. As he saw her turn her sword around so the bottom of the handle was facing down and brought it down on the ghost that was next to him.

"No… I don't want to go to hell yet," the ghost voiced.

"Do not fear… you're not going to hell but the Soul Society. Unlike, hell… it's a peaceful place."

A bright light suddenly engulfed the ghost before disappearing with only a black swallow-tailed butterfly in its place.

"What did you do…?"

"I set him to the Soul Society. It's called a soul burial or what you humans call "going to heaven." It's a shinigami's duty to not only kill hollows but to send wandering souls to the Soul Society."


Seeing the confused look on his face the girl sighed knowing that she would have to explain.

"All right now listen up because I'm only going to say this once."

She then began to explain how there were two types of soul's pluses and hollows. That it was a shinigamis duty to send the pluses to Soul Society whilst killing hollows before they could do any harm. As she explained it, she used kiddy-like drawing to help explain.

"Do you understand now."

"I get the midst of it but can I ask you one question though."

"Yes, what is it."

"Why the hell do you drawing suck so bad."

Her only reply was to draw a French mustache on his face.

"You bitch!"

"I'll ignore your comment since I have to get back to what I was doing before you rudely interrupted me."

"You're talking about looking for those hollow things, right."

He only saw her nod before asking her something else.

"So if you're here then that means there's a hollow around here as well, am I correct."

"Yes, you're correct."

"Then why the hell are you just standing here talking to me instead of do you your job, dammit!"

The girl's eyebrow twitched at what he said before saying, "Well you see… I can't sense its presence anymore."

"What do you mean you can't sense it…?"

Just then, he heard a loud roar getting him to freeze.

'What the hell was that,' he thought before looking back at the girl. "Hey shini-whatever."

"It's shinigami, and what do you want now"

"What do you mean what do you want. Didn't you hear that loud roar just now."

"Loud roar? What are you talking about."

That's when she heard the roar Ichigo was talking about causing her eyes to widen.

'That was defiantly a hollow but why does it sound like there is still interference. More importantly, how was this boy able to hear it before I was,' she thought but the sound of someone screaming interrupted her.

'That was Yuzu's voice," Ichigo thought but then saw the girl about to leave his room. "Hey were the hell are you going!"

"You heard it. That was the voice of a hollow and it's shinigami's duty to kill them. So stay here."

"Don't feed me that bullshit! It's my family who's being attack so hurry up and release me so I can save them."

"What are you saying? Even if you were to fight, you wouldn't be able to do anything. So just leave it to me and stay here and be quiet."

The girl then opened the door to leave only to see Ichigo's sister, Karin, lying on the floor.

"Ichi… go, you're okay. That's good…it hasn't come here yet. It all happen so fast… first blood started to pour out of dad's back. Then Yuzu and I were suddenly attack while we were still in shock. Ichigo you have to get out of here before it's sees you…."

She then fell unconscious causing Ichigo to fear the worst and try to force himself up.

"What are you doing? If you try to force yourself free your soul will…!"

Before she could finish her sentence, she saw the unbelievable as Ichigo broke free from her kido spell.

'Impossible! To break free form a kido spell with human strength alone is unheard of. Just who is this kid…?'

Still in shock from what she witness she just watched as Ichigo grab a bat and run out his room.

Ichigo, who was already downstairs saw his father lying on the floor with blood on his back and fear the worst before he saw what caused all this.

'That's what a hollow is…," he thought as he looked at the monstrosity being before him seeing it had some kind of mask and a huge hole in its chest.

He then felt his body start to shake.

'Why am I shaking? Am I scared of this thing?'

Before he could answer his own question, he saw Yuzu in the hollow's hand. Causing him to shake off all the fear form his body before he blindly charged at the hollow before him. Not caring what happens to him long as he could save his sister from that monster.

Unfortunately, as he charged at the hollow it saw him coming and in one swift motion, it swung its giant fist at him knocking him back before he even realized it.

"Damn…," he coughed as he looked up and saw the hollow was ready to strike him again.

The shinigami girl, who was currently heading towards the hollow after she saw it punch Ichigo, stopped dead in her tracks after she, and Ichigo, saw the hollow's arm that was carrying Yuzu suddenly sever.

The hollow, now with a severed arm, roared in pain as blood spurted from its injured arm as it's hand released its hold on Yuzu causing her to free fall. If it weren't for Ichigo's quick reaction and catching her, she would've hit the ground headfirst.

However, what Ichigo and the shinigami girl both wanted to know was what caused the hollow's arm to, suddenly, sever like that. As they looked around, they both saw a giant four-pointed shuriken stuck to the side of his house.


Not far from where Ichigo and the shinigami were located was a girl in her teens that had long purple flowing hair tied into a ponytail with a golden ribbon. She wore an orange over shirt with two stapes on her shoulders and a large golden beige sash around her waist. Under the over shirt she wore a back less, black sleeveless, shirt with matching black pants that looked skintight and wore a brown shoes designed for stealth. Another thing she wore was a golden beige-like neck warmer and a fox-like mask to hide her face.

(A/N: For her mask think of the fox mask from the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time but just black and white.)

This was none other than Uzumaki Shihouin Asa who was currently perched on a rooftop as she just arrived after sensing a hollow. It was normal for her to sense them every so often and would sometime take care of them if needed.

However, when she sensed this hollow and realized how close it was to her Ichigo's house she quickly came in a hurry. By the time she arrived, the hollow was already attacking and had Yuzu captive. Before she could make her move, she saw Ichigo run out only for the hollow's fist to plow into him. Next, she saw the hollow about to attack him again but this time she wasn't going to let it.

Therefore, she formed a shadow shuriken and pumped some wind chakra into it before she threw it aiming for the hollow's arm that was holding Yuzu. Freeing her and Stopping the hollow from attacking Ichigo, killing two birds with one stone.

"Man that was close but I better finish it now before anything else happens."

With that on her mind she made another shadow shuriken and was about to throw it at the hollow's mask but someone stopped her.

"That's enough Asa," a familiar voice said to her getting her to tense up.

She then slowly turn to face the person she knew who was behind her.

"H-Hi, daddy," she spoke her voice crackling a bit.

Standing behind her was her father, Uzumaki Naruto, who didn't look like he was happy as he looked down at his daughter.

"Is that all you have to say. Do you know what time it is."


"It's more than just late, Asa. It's close to midnight and here your mother and I thought you were at Orihime's, but no. You were out hunting hollows again. Haven't I told you to leave it to the shinigamis from the Soul Society."

"I know, I know, and I wasn't hunting hollows… this time. It's just I sensed a hollow by Ichigo's house and came here to find out why. I was about to kill it before you stopped me," she explained then wondered. "Why did you stop me? You know what, forget it I have to hurry up and stop that hollow before Ichigo and his family are killed."

She then got ready to throw her shuriken at the hollow but her father stopped her once again by grabbing her wrist before she could throw it.

"What are you doing?"

"Don't interfere."

"What? What the heck are you saying! If I don't do anything Ichigo and his family might die!"

Asa then looked back Ichigo's house just in time to see the hollow bite the shinigami's body.

"Look! Now that Shinigami's hurt if we don't do something now they all might die."

"Don't worry about it."


Asa was too dumbfounded to say anything more as she couldn't believe what her father just said.

"Me, your uncle Urahara, and even your mother, knew this day might happen and all agreed if it did, not to interfere."

"How can you do that! He doesn't even have the means to protect himself or his family and you all agreed to let it happen without lifting a finger. That's… That's just not right!"

"Asa, you have to understand…"

He wasn't able to finish his sentence because Asa interrupted him.

"I don't want to hear your damn excuses. Maybe you can sit back and watch someone defenseless slaughter right before you but I can't. If you're not going to do anything, then I will!"

Without another word, Asa dashed to where the hollow was leaving her father behind.

"Asa… damn that girl if she just let me explain. I would have told her this was the only way for him to gain his shinigami powers without us revealing ourselves."

He just stood there as he watched his daughter make her way towards Ichigo.

Asa, who was just about to reach where Ichigo was, saw her friend impale himself with the other shinigami's zanpakuto before there was a sudden flash of light causing her to shield her eyes.


Soon after Ichigo implied himself with the shinigami's zanpakuto, who called herself Kuchiki Rukia, he felt a sudden surge of power flow through him. As if some spirit possessed him, he unsheathed the huge zanpakuto strapped to his back and charged at the hollow before him. Slicing it's arm off with ease like a hot knife through butter before he started chopping it down to size and slicing it's mask killing it instantly.

Rukia, along with Asa, just started at the new Ichigo before them as he wore the robes all shinigami wore but were more surprised by the size of his zanpakuto. As it was about the length of his body.

Once the hollow dissipated, Ichigo turned around to face Rukia but before he spoke, he spotted someone he didn't know.

"Who the hell are you?"

Hearing Ichigo's voice caused Asa to come to her senses and realized that he was looking at her.

"Oh… me," she replied.

"Yeah you. Who else would I be talking to."

"Oh, well, I'm uh…," she began before he voice trailed off. 'Crap what I'm going to do now. I can't say 'oh, it's me Asa your childhood friend. That would blow my cover but what should I say,' she thought before coming up with something . "K-Kumori… my name is Kumori."

(A/N: Kumori is another way to say shadow in Japanese.)

"Kumori? Your saying your name is shadow."

Asa just nodded in reply.

"Kind of lame don't you think."

"Like strawberry is any better," she replied dryly.

"It doesn't mean strawberry! It means 'to protect on thing,' dammit," he exclaimed then wondered how this person knew his name. "Wait, how do you know that my name could mean strawberry. I never introduce myself."

His sudden accusation caused her to realize her mistake, and her father to face palm, as she saw him eyeing her.

"Now that I get a good look at you. You remind me of someone I know. A girl who never stops asking if I'm all right and is always eating my food. Even your hair looks just like hers."

Her eyebrow just twitched under her mask at what he said before saying, "Nope, this is the first time we ever met, but would you look at the time. I should be going since the hollow here is already dealt with."

Not giving him a chance to reply she threw a smoke bomb down at the ground covering her smoke before she shunpoed away.

When the smoked cleared, Ichigo saw that the girl, who was there a moment ago, was gone and only thought of one thing.

'Smoke bomb? Is she some kind of ninja?'

XXX Back With Naruto XXX

Naruto just stood on the spot where his daughter was moments ago and watched everything unfold before him. Even the part when his daughter almost blew her own cover getting him to face palm. When she returned to where he was, all he could do was shake his head hat her as she stood up and removed her mask.

"Don't even say it."

"I wasn't going to say anything."

She just started at her father before saying, "So you knew this whole time, didn't you."

"Knew what?"

"That Ichigo was going to gain his Shinigami powers."

"Not exactly."

"What do you mean, not exactly."

"It was fifty/fifty chance he either gained his shinigami powers or died trying."

"What? You mean he could've died."

"Of course he could've died, but lucky for us he didn't."

"But I still don't understand how you all knew this was going to happen and could just sit back and do nothing."

"Don't think to cruel of us but it was the only way for him to gain his dormant powers."

"The only way. That doesn't make any sense. If you wanted him to gain his shinigami powers you could've done it yourselves."

"That's not possible."

"How come and don't give me any bullshit answer either."

Naruto just stared at his daughter before explaining their reasons for not making Ichigo into a shinigami.

"In case you have forgotten we're still in hiding from the Soul Society and to make Ichigo into a shinigami ourselves. Means showing him we're shinigamis as well."

After her father explained it to her that way she felt kind of bad at the way she talked to him and he saw that.

"It's just, unlike you, he didn't have a mother and father who happen to be shinigamis," he lied as he never told her that Isshin was a former shinigami. "That was the only way he could gain his dormant powers but anyway. We should get going unless you still have some more hollows to hunt, Kumori."

Asa just blushed as her father said the name she called herself then heard him chuckle.

"Shut up! I was on the spot and it was the only name I could think of at the time!"

"I wonder what your mother will think about your new name."

She just froze before she said, "Please don't tell mom. I'll never hear the end of it if you do."

"Well I guess I won't. Since you did save Ichigo's sister."

Asa then let out a sigh of relief before her and her father left as if they were never there but little did they know that this was the start of what would lead to a much greater problem.

XXX Omake 2: Orihime's New Friend XXX

After her grandparents agreed to let her stay in Karakura she decided that she wanted to live back at the apartment her and her brother shared. It was her way of staying close to him even if he wasn't their anymore and when she asked Asa's father if she could he eventually agreed.

Therefore, she packed her things and said goodbye to her friend and her family then left with her friend's father back to her apartment .

When they arrived, she had this uneasy feeling that crept up from the bottom of her stomach making her feel as if she had to puke. The feeling soon went away the moment Naruto placed a hand on her shoulder and gave her reassuring squeeze giving her the courage to go through with what she decided to do. They both then made their way up to her apartment door where she opened it and walked in followed by Naruto. Then noticed that the place was clean as if someone came in and cleaned it for her and when she turn to ask Naruto he spoke before she could.

"I came earlier and clean the place for you just the way it was when Asa and I came a month ago. The only thing that's different is the fridge is full of food so you don't have to worry about that. Cooking is a different story though and I'll ask Kuroun to teach you how tomorrow."

"Thank you Mr. Uzumaki."

"Sure thing but before I go is there anything you need."

Orihime just shook her head as he done more than enough.

"Are you sure," he asked again only for her to nod her head. "Okay then."

Naruto made his way towards the door but looked back at Orihime and saw a small look of unsurety on her face causing him to stop.

'I'm not sure if I should give it to her or not but living on her own especially at her age. Is going to be tough and that look on her face is enough to tell me she's a bit unsure if she should go through with it.'

Still unsure if he should give her what he planned to give her, he just sighed and turned to face the small child before calling out to her.


She looked at him when she heard her name.

"Y… Yes."

"There was something I wanted to give you before I leave."

"What is it."

"It's something special. That only you will have in all of Karakura town."

"Why is it so special.

"I'll explain why after I show it to you but first you have to close your eyes."

Orihime wasn't sure what he was talking about but listened to what he said and closed her eye.

After he made sure she had her eyes closed, he bit his right thumb, drawing blood from it, and went through a series of hand signs before he slammed his hand on the floor. In a silent poof of smoke that appeared where he slammed his hand was a small blond baby fox. It had sky blue colored eyes with the tips of its tails tinted white and was the size of football. Picking up the baby fox he looked back at Orihime, who still had her eyes closed, and spoke.

"You can open your eyes now."

Soon as she did, one of the most cutes things she'd ever saw was there to greet her.

"Is… Is that for me?"

"Yes it is, and his name his Fukushin. I know it's going to be tough to live on your own and I know you determine to do it. Therefore, I thought you might want someone, or something, to stay with you. Now what makes this fox so special is he will do almost whatever you ask him to and will only listen to you or me, and Asa."

(A/N: Fukushin means 'trusted friend' in Japanese.)

"Why Asa?"

"Well that's because this kind of fox is loyal to its master and it's master's kin or whoever I ask it to listen to."

He was the half-truth since he couldn't tell her that the reason it would listen to Asa was because she was the daughter of the new kyuubi.

"Now, if you want. I can let you have it."

Orihime wasn't sure if should take the fox from Naruto and was still debating whether she should until what she heard him say next.

"Don't think of him as a replacement for the gap your brother left. Nothing in this world will probably fill that but think of it as a way to help ease the pain, he left behind. As he will always be there for you and he'll never leave your side. The decision is still yours if you want him or not so I'll let you decide.

After he finished explaining, Orihime looked into the baby fox's eyes, with it staring back at her, and saw just how cute it was. It was as if a small bond formed between the two and she couldn't find it in her to say no.

Therefore, she came to a decision.

"I'll take him."

Soon as she said those words, the small fox jumped from Naruto's hands and right into Orihime's arms and started to lick her face.

"Looks like he wanted to stay with you as well."

"Are you sure it's okay for me to keep him," she asked once Fukushin stopped licking her face.

"Of course it is it was my idea. Well, with that done I guess I should be leaving."

"Okay and thank you for the fox."

"You're welcome."

Naruto then started to make his way towards the door before he remembered something.

"I almost forgot to tell you."

"What is it?"

"I just wanted to tell you that you don't have to worry about any expenses as I will cover everything for you. All you have to do is ask me what you need and I'll get it for you."

"Are you sure. You're already doing more than enough for me."

"It's fine, besides I see you as another daughter then just one of my daughter's friends. Just remember if you need anything don't be afraid to ask me."

"Okay, I will."

With that said Naruto left leaving Orihime and Fukushin to themselves.

Orihime then looked at the time seeing it was getting late and had to take a bath so she look at her new friend/pet.

"Well Shin-kun, you want to take a bath with me."

Fukushin just yip in reply.

"I'll take that as a yes."

She then made her way towards the bathroom to take bath with her new friend.


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