My name is Kazama Shohei. I am 15 years old, and I recently became a sophomore at high school. 5 months ago, I started helping out at the local flower shop to keep its business afloat, or it will close for good tomorrow. But it wasn't just me, there was also Momokawa Hikari, the kindest person that you'll ever meet. Nearly 3 weeks ago, her father was presumed dead in a yacht accident on a stormy afternoon, and she and her mother are suffering because their vast amount of wealth was going down the gutter. However, once these 3 weeks pass, something tells me it will change everything...


One day, an old woman comes in.

"Can I help you?" Hikari asks.
The woman weeps, "My brother passed away last night. May I buy some lilies?"
"Right away!"

Hikari picks out some lilies and wraps them.

"That'll be 1,200 yen."
"Worth every penny," the woman said as she purchases her lilies.

The owner Mr. Sonoda comes in.

"Well, if it isn't Mrs. Kotsuzuka," said Sonoda. "Our condolences. We truly feel sorry for what has happened to you."

Suddenly, Shohei's voice could be heard singing from the other room.

I'm not hiding, the remedy to cure this old heart of mine!
I can dream about you~ If I can't hold you tonight...

"SHUT UP BACK THERE!" Sonoda shouted. He then says calmly, "You'll have to excuse the boy, he is socially inept."
"Oh Mr. Sonoda, I thought Shohei sounded great!" said Hikari.
"Really?" said Shohei as he came in with a broom. "You like my singing, Hikari?"
"I certainly do!"

Shohei was visibly happy to hear Hikari's compliment. Just then, a man comes into the shop.

"Hello, I would like to purchase some carnations," the man said.
"I got this!" said Shohei as he trips on the step and falls. "Oww... one minute, please!"

Shohei goes to where the carnations are, picks out a bunch to wrap, and gives them to the guy. The guy picks a carnation out of his bouquet and eats it. The teens sweat-drop at this.

"Um... bon appetit, then?" Hikari asks.
"Eh, I've had better," the man said.
"That'll be 600 yen."

The customers leave after purchasing their flowers. Mr. Sonoda then counts the total.

"... 2,000 yen? 2,000 YEN?! Excellent!" Sonoda exclaimed in frustration.
"Are you okay?" Shohei asked.
"For the past week, we've been getting very little money!" Sonoda shouted.
"Yes, but we helped get a little more than before these days," said Hikari.
"Face the facts, children, the flower shop is dead. Gone forever..." said Mr. Sonoda, much to the dismay of his teen employees.
"Mr. Sonoda, sir, don't say such things!" said Shohei.
"Still your tongue, Kazama! Your clumsiness is part of why business is crap!" snaps Sonoda.
"Don't blame Shohei; he can't help it if he's awkward!" said Hikari.
Mr. Sonoda sighs and says, "Both of you, leave for the day immediately, no arguments."

As the sun was setting, Shohei and Hikari headed home.

"I can't believe the flower shop is closing tomorrow. Everything in there smelled so wonderful..." Shohei laments.
"And they were breath-takingly beautiful..." said Hikari.

They reach a mansion. You should know at this point that Hikari lives there.

"Well, Shohei, I guess I'll see you soon."
"Good night, Hikari."

Shohei walks home. When he got there, his dog Inumaru tackled him to the ground and licked his face.

"Hey, Inumaru! Nice to see you, too!" Shohei said with laughter.

When Shohei went inside, his mom just finished making dinner. It was his favourite, ramen. That time, miso ramen with firm noodles, complete with a naruto. He's a bit down in the dumps, but he still has the appetite.

"How was your day?" Shohei's mother asked.
"A bit better than yesterday," Shohei said with a sigh.
"Oh that's right, the flower shop is closing tomorrow evening. That's a shame; I often have this woman over for tea. Members of her family drop off like flies, and she always goes there to buy flowers."
"Did you trip and drop those pots again, oneesan?" Shohei's kid sister Reiko asked.
"That's none of your business, Reiko!" Shohei replied as he gets up and takes his ramen. "If you excuse me, I'll be eating in the den."

With that, Shohei goes to the den.

"With that attitude, no wonder the flower shop is going out of business," snarked Reiko.
"Now now, Reiko, let your brother have some time alone, okay?"
"Nobody takes a joke around here..."

Shohei sits down on a chair and eats his dinner. As Inumaru comes in, Shohei turns on the T.V.. The news was on.

"For 7 years tomorrow, scientists have been watching a huge asteroid, and on that day, it's heading towards Earth."
Shohei, being smart enough to know about that kind of stuff, says, "Hopefully burning up in the atmosphere, right?"
"There is a small chance that it may not burn up in the atmosphere."
"WHAT?!" Shohei exclaimed in shock.
"Scientists also predict a solar eclipse tomorrow at 12:05, around the same time as the asteroid's arrival. Odds of the city being destroyed are 1 in 5, which may sound like a small chance, but still, pray for the best."
With anime tear lines comically streaming down his face, Shohei says, "Great. This might be my last day on Earth, and I never even got my first kiss from Hikari! It's all over."

Inumaru whimpers in response. Later that night, Shohei gets ready for bed and looks out the window above his bed to see a star.

"Oh wishing star, if the asteroid does break up, which it will most likely do, then I wish that there was a way to save the flower shop."

Shohei then goes to sleep. Meanwhile in space, the star that Shohei wished on was actually the asteroid, which is getting closer towards Earth...

The next day at school, Hikari was sitting outside in the schoolyard, sighing.

"It's bad enough that Mama and I are suffering without Daddy. I can't believe the city has a 20% chance being destroyed."
Shohei shows up, and greets Hikari with a "Hi".
"Hi, Shohei."
"It's lunchtime now, so how about if we have our last meal together before we possibly die?"
"I suppose."

The two of them proceeded to eat their box lunches. And then, the eclipse occurs. Everything darkened. Then, the asteroid came, with a strange green glow surrounding it. Upon reaching Earth's atmosphere, it DID break up, but into really, really small fragments. The rainbow-glowing fragments showered all over Tokyo. Shohei and Hikari were surprised.

"Thank you, 80%!" said Shohei.
"I'm so relieved, and the sight of these pieces of the asteroid raining down on Tokyo is beautiful."
"It sure is."

Meanwhile, a fragment of the asteroid with a pretty, green glow falls into the soil in the pot of a sickly-looking butter-wort/Venus flytrap hybrid. When the shard sank into the soil, the plant stood erect and made a grin.

Later that day, school has ended. Shohei and Hikari part ways as they head home. As Shohei headed back to his house...


The exclamation came from a Chinese man in his 50's. Shohei rushed to his shop.

"Mr. Chang, what's wrong?!"
"Oh, nothing, little boy who works at my good friend's shop!"
Shohei angrily thought to himself, "Little? Somebody is calling the kettle black here!"
"This strange plant I cross-pollinated from a butter-wort and a Venus flytrap, it was sickly for a while, until today!"
"Wow... how much for this plant?"
"You want to buy it?"
"Yes! It might attract customers and save the flower shop!"
"Hmm... tell you what, I'll sell this to you for 200 yen!"

With that, Shohei buys the plant at a cheap price and rushes to the flower shop, which was about to be demolished by a wrecking crew.

A mourning Mr. Sonoda says, "Well, little shop, you've been good to me for the past 30 years, but now, it's time to say goodbye."
One of the wrecking crew guys says, "Okay boys, we tear this shop down in 5... 4... 3... 2-"

Shohei arrives at the scene with the plant in his hands.

"Don't tear down the shop! I have something that'll attract customers! This plant, I dubbed Hikari II!"

A bunch of people take a good look at the plant and are astonished.

"Where did you get this Hikari II?" Sonoda asks.
"From Mr. Chang, sir."
"Ah, excellent, my good friend saves my hide again."

And so, that strange and interesting plant has attracted customers into buying flowers. A man buys 5,000 yen worth of roses, but he had a 10,000 yen bill, and given Mr. Sonoda's miserly nature, the man buys twice as many. Meanwhile, Hikari goes home and to her room. She stares out her window and sees what was expected as a demolition, to be a clamoring crowd outside the flower shop instead.

"What the... ?"

Hikari leaves her house and heads toward the flower shop when she trips over a vivid-colored shard.

"Oww... huh? What is this thing? It looks like what showered from the sky earlier," Hikari says as she picks up the shard. "This might save me and mama from the poor house. I better put this away."

Hikari places the shard in her bag and resumes her trek towards the shop. When she got there, everyone was gone.

"What happened?"
"Hi, Hikari! I bought this plant from Mr. Chang to save the shop, and the next thing I know, everybody's purchasing flowers left and right!" Shohei said.
"Astounding! What's that cute little thing called?"
"It's called... Hikari II..." Shohei said with a blush.
"You named it... after me? How sweet!"
"Hehe, yes I sure did! Ha ha!"

As our story closes, 3 colorful women appear in the foreground. The red and blue colored ones had fair skin, but the blonde one had tan skin.

"Hello! I'm Ronette!" the red one greeted.
"Salutations. My name is Crystal," the blue one greeted.
"And I'm Chiffon!" the yellow one greeted."
"So, now the story has begun," said Ronette. "Shohei buys a strange plant..."
"Hikari can now live wealthy again after finding that shard..." said Crystal.
"And business is booming at the flower shop!" said Chiffon.
"But this is only the beginning, so come back sometime for what happens next!" they said in unison.