So this story and "Falling In Love? Yeah Right"...Those are my most popular stories at this point. I'm glad to see I still have my X-men talent and can vary to Wicked. Yay! But...for you Romy fans out there...I might be writing a new Romy fanfic soon. I'm not sure. ANYWAY I have a question. And it needs some opinions. Should Elphaba be with Logan...or should Fiyero somehow get to the Institute and Fiyeraba be back? Now...ON TO THE STORY!

P.S. I am using the original powers the characters are suppose to have.

-NO P.O.V.-

Logan's breath caught in his throat when Elphaba came out in the X-man outfit. When did she look like that? Growling, Logan turned his attention to the computers, trying to not let his animal instincts get to him as he said through the microphone, "We're going to start you off easy. Hit the discs coming at you."

Elphaba nodded and seemed to saw something but Logan ignored her as he started the session. A loud beep filled the danger room before twenty flying discs sharp enough to cut a brick wall came straight at her. Elphaba's brown eyes widened before she muttered a spell and the discs stopped in mid air, one centimeters away from cutting Elphaba's cheek before she muttered a few words and the discs curled backwards and flew into the walls, piercing them and getting stuck. Logan scowled as he skipped to level 4, crossing his arms as he watched.

Holograms of Magneto, Pyro, Psylocke, and Juggarnaut appeared around Elphaba. Confused, she didn't know what to do at first before the hologram of Pyro started cackling and threw a fireball at her. Elphaba's eyes widened before she ducked, falling onto her back and narrowly missing getting burned. "LOGAN!" Elphaba shouted before muttering a spell to send a splash of water at Pyro, sending him into a wall. Elphaba quickly moved to her feet and turned to the girl. Psylocke. "Okay...what can you do..." Elphaba muttered before feeling someone try to enter her mind. "What the..." She looked around before her gaze met a smirking Psylocke and saw the glowing purple blade in the asian's hand.

Elphaba took a defensive stance, unsure of what to do before Psylocke screamed and swung at the green girl. Her eyes widened before she took a step back, trying to dodge while thinking of several spells she had memorized. "Come on...think of something..." she whispered before yelping and jumping when Psylocke moved to cut Elphaba's leg. Elphaba muttered a spell and a broom formed under her, flying as she took off.

Logan's eyes widened in surprise before seeing Elphaba kick Psylocke's head as she turned towards Elphaba, sending her flying. Elphaba jumped off the broom as it vanished and tossed her hair out of her eyes."What other tricks do you have, Logan?" she snapped, looking at him before geting punched in the gut, flying into a wall. Elphaba clutched her gut and fell to her knees as she looked up to see Juggernaut with a twisted grin on his face.

"Hello, witch." he said before picking her up before her arm and throwing her across the room, leaving a dent where she landed. Elphaba clutched her head and groaned as she looked up at Juggernaut. Her eyes widened before she quickly rolled over, his fist punching where she had just been. "Gonna just dodge Juggie?" he teased before moving to kick her. Elphaba jumped up and moved away in time o his leg swung past her face. "Stop moving and let me crush you!"

"Like that'll happen." Elphaba said sarcastically before jumping out of the way when he tried to hit her. Elphaba landed in a crouch, looking up at him as he moved to charge at her. Elphaba's jaw dropped. This guy was huge and he was moving faster than a man of his weight should! She scowled before slipping under his legs and jumping up behind him, flipping one of the latches on his helmet.

"What-STOP! Don't touch the helmet!" Juggarnaut shouted moving to turn towards her as she hurried to stay behind him, flipping another latch and pushing it off his head. Juggarnaut turned towards her and grabbed her arms, squeezing them tightly before Elphaba grit her teeth and muttered another spell. Juggarnaut immediately released her and clutched his head. "MAKE IT STOP! Make the screaming stop!" he shouted, turning violently before she quickly slipped past him to dodge every time. Juggarnaut fell to his knees, making Elphaba stumble before she muttered another spell, knocking him unconcious.

Elphaba huffed and crossed her arms, turning to Logan as she smirked. Logan stuffed his hands in his pockets, shaking his head right as Elphaba was thrown back by a metal sheet. She was ramed into a wal as the metal wraped around her body, tightening and squeezing her body as she bit her lip. "Ya had enough, artichoke?" Logan asked, smirking to himself.

Elphaba grunted in pain as she tried to think of a sell. Any spell. She refused to let Logan win when she knew she could. Elphaba glared up at him before she thought of a spell. "Eleka tuhman ah tum eh tum ay tah." she whispered before the metal seemed to slip off like water. Elphaba looked at the holographic Magneto and smirked before the metal twirled around her at an unmatchable pace. "Have you, Logan?" she retorted before muttering a small spell. The metal launched at Magneto, sending him flying into the wall before he disappeared.

Logan's eyes widened in slight surprise before he looked down at her and scowled. "Alright...time for hand to hand combat." he said as Elphaba looked up, confused for a second as he disappeared from sight. In a couple of minutes he came down and stood facing her as he extracted his claws with a loud 'SNIKT!'. "See if you can take me on, kid."

"One, I'm not a kid. Two, you'll be the easiest one." she snapped before muttering a spell, a glowing orb forming in her hand. Logan raised an eyebrow before smirking and running at her, shouting angrilly as he moved to claw her face. Elphaba was surprised as she ducked, catching his wrist before he jerked it, making her fall to her back. Elphaba winced before jumping up as Logan moved to claw her arm off. Elphaba yelped and looked at the orb in her hand before smirking and moving it to her side as Logan's claws met it. A force sent Logan flying back and into a wall, cracking his ribs and dislocating his shoulder. Elphaba looked at him in shock, not expecting to injure him so badly. Starting to walk towards him, she was shocked to see him stand and pop his shoulder into place as his ribs mended, not jutting out any more. "Oh Oz..." she whispered in shock before Logan grunted and stood.

"'re goin' to pay for that." he said, growling before he ran at her, a fire in his eyes that matched the determination in Elphaba's. Elphaba quickly moved out of the way of his claws, ducking when he swiped at her head and then falling to the ground when he kicked her feet out from under her. Smirking, Logan pinned her down with one hand, three claws held against her throat.


Logan scowled before looking up to see Orroro and Piotr with two others Elphaba had never seen before. One was a man that looked to be at least twenty one. He had shaggy blonde hair and looked to be about 5'10. He had devious blue eyes and tan skin. The man wore a red shirt and black jeans, chuckling as he flicked a lighter. Beside him was a girl with pale skin. She looked about twenty and had auburn hair with a single white streak in it. Her emerald eyes glowed with surprise as she watched Elphaba and Logan. The girl wore a long sleeved, green v-neck, black jeans, and boots with leather gloves. "Logan...what're ya doin'?" she asked, a southern twang in her voice.

"Training." he said, getting up as his claws slunk back into his hands and Elphaba stood.

"That's not what it looked like, Logan. And you know that." Orroro said, crossing her arms before looking at Elphaba. "Elphaba, I don't believe you've met two of our X-men. This is John Allerdyce. An Australian that can manipulate fire."

"But not create it." Logan said, earning a glare from the aussie.

John walked up to Elphaba and smiled. "G-day, shiela. I hear you can control fire as well." he said as Elphaba raised an eyebrow.

"I can. But I can do more than that." she said, walking past John.

"And this is Rogue. She's been gone for a while, but hopfully she's back to stay. Her power includes stealing a person's powers, memories, or thoughts through skin contact." Storm said as Rogue looked at her. The two girls shared a small smile, finding a common similarity in each other. Both were outsiders. "Now. Elphaba, you go clean up. I apologize about Logan. And Logan? Help John and Rogue find their new rooms." Storm then turned and left as Logan looked at the two. He smiled at Rogue and gave her a fatherly hug.

"Alright, you two. Let's go." he said with a grunt as he led John and Rogue out of the Danger Room. Piotr looked at Elphaba as she brushed her hair off her face, glaring at Logan as he left.

"Elphaba, a bunch of us are going into town later. It's a party to celebrate the return of Rogue and John. Will you be coming?" he asked as she turned to head to the girl's changing room.

"I don't think so, Piotr. I've never been one for partying or celebrating."

"Logan will be there. It'll give you a chance ot get back at him for the fight." Piotr said, making her pause and smirk.

Turning to him, Elphaba smiled and said, "...Alright. I'll come." If there was one thing Elphaba was good was getting revenge.