Why, yes. I actually took the time to write a Warblers fanfic based on Nick and Jeff. My own Niff fanfic! Or would that be Jeck? Jick? Neff? Oh, well. Whatever it is, here you go!

It's really just a fun side-story I wanted to do :)

Jeff scowled across the classroom to where Nick sat beside Lewis, quietly passing notes back and forth. It had been at least a week since the two of them started dating, and Jeff couldn't fathom why in the world it bothered him so much. He was good friends with both of them. He should be happy for them. They made a good couple and they seemed happy together.

So why couldn't Jeff just shake the uncomfortable nagging feeling he always got when he saw them together? He couldn't explain it to himself. Was he just being overprotective of his long time best friend, Nick? He knew him long enough to know that he was a tad bit emotional, and may not handle a big breakup very well. And of course Jeff wouldn't want to see his closest friend get hurt.

Somehow, though, he didn't think that was the reason why.

Across the room, Nick smiled down at the note Lewis had passed to him, scribbling down a response. Discreetly and unseen by the professor, he slid the note back over to his boyfriend. Lewis read the note with a vague smile, but before he could write a response, the teacher snatched up the note.

"No note-passing in my class, Lewis," she said loudly. "Unless it's something you'd like me to share with the class?"

Lewis's face went pale. "N-no, ma'am, Professor Jay," he mumbled, looking down at his calculus worksheet with embarrassment. In the desk next to him, Nick huddled over his paper, face beet red.

Jeff smiled sympathetically, but with slight amusement. He felt bad, knowing how self-conscious and easily embarrassed Nick was sometimes.

"I don't suppose you'll mind if I just read this out loud for the class, then," Professor Jay said threateningly, peering at the note in her hand.

Lewis looked ready to protest, but instead sunk down in his chair, averting his eyes from anyone and everyone in the room. Nick's face was redder than the trim on his blazer, and his expression said, "Just let me disappear now..."

Professor Jay opened her mouth as if to read the contents of the letter, but instantly halted as her eyes travelled along the note. Her mouth suddenly formed a stiff line and her face seemed to lose all color. "On second thought…" she mumbled. "I think I'll just give you boys a warning. No more note-passing in my classroom." She ripped up the note and walked across the room to toss it in the trash bin.

The bell rang just then. Jeff jumped to his feet immediately, grabbing his bag and moving across the room to where Lewis and Nick were gathering up to leave.

"Man, you guys sure are rebels, you know? Passing notes!" he teased. "It's unheard of."

Lewis rolled his eyes. "Next time, I'll stick to texting."

"Good idea," Jeff said. "I'm not sure I want to even know what was written in that note. Did you see Professor Jay's face when she read it?"

"It wasn't anything dirty," Nick assured. "She probably just didn't expect to stumble across any sort of love notes in an all boys' school…"

Jeff frowned to himself. So it was a love note. He covered up his disapproval with a laugh. "Probably not. And reading something like that aloud would have been cruel, so that's probably why she didn't."

"Thankfully!" Nick breathed fervently. "I would have just died of embarrassment if she had."

The three of them made their way out of the classroom together, headed to Warblers practice. Lewis inched closer to Nick, intertwining their fingers together. Nick smiled shyly in response, a soft blush creeping across his cheeks.

Jeff looked away, keeping his gaze fixed ahead of him. Yeah, Nick and Lewis were dating, but did they have to display their feelings so openly? Jeff was understanding and completely accepting of Nick's sexuality, but he had his limits to what he would tolerate. He didn't want to have to watch the two of them crooning to one another, holding hands, kissing… It was more than he could handle.

They arrived at Warbler's practice just as the meeting was coming to order. Jeff moved to stand against the wall while Nick and Lewis sat beside each other on one of the sofas.

Jeff watched the two of them out of the corner of his eye with rising bile in his throat. Lewis had one arm around Nick. Nick rested his head against Lewis's shoulder, listening as the council discussed their formation and choreography for their upcoming performance. Jeff barely heard the sound of Wes pounding the gavel, snapping him into reality.

"Jeff? Jeff, pay attention!" Wes ordered sharply. "Our whole performance will be thrown off if even one of us isn't prepared."

"Oh, ah, yeah…Sorry," Jeff apologized in a mumble. "I'm just…tired."

"That's not a sufficient excuse to check out during Warbler's practice," Wes said. "Get more sleep. Drink some coffee. Just, please, pay attention during practice."

Jeff nodded stiffly. "Yes. Sorry, it won't happen again," he assured. He wasn't really making promises, though. This was the third time Wes had snapped at him just this week alone.

Jeff managed to half pay attention to the remainder of the meeting. He gathered that the song choice was decided and they'd actually practice the choreography tomorrow, at least. The bell ended practice not a moment too soon.

Jeff grabbed his bag, but before he could move, Blaine approached him. He greeted Jeff with a white smile. "Hey, Jeff. I'm sorry, but I couldn't help but notice that you've been kind of…out of it this passed week," he greeted right off the bat. "Is there anything bothering you?"

Jeff's focus faltered for a moment and his gaze drifted over to Nick. His best friend was just leaving the room, led by Lewis. They were holding hands, yet again, with big smiles plastered to both their faces. Jeff scowled to himself, and responded to Blaine very distractedly, "No, I'm fine… Um, like I told Wes. I'm just, er, tired."

Blaine blinked, furrowed his eyebrows, and followed Jeff's gaze over to Lewis and Nick. He, too, watched as the couple ambled out of the choir room hand-in-hand. Once they were gone, Blaine turned back to Jeff. "Does your 'fatigue' have anything to do with that?" Blaine asked quietly.

Jeff narrowed his eyes, confused. "What do you mean?"

"Lewis and Nick," Blaine said obviously. "Nick's your best friend. Does his new relationship with Lewis…bother you?"

"What? Of course not," Jeff said defensively. "I'm happy for Nick. He and Lewis seem to be happy together. I support them completely."

Blaine nodded thoughtfully. "Yeah. But it's kind of funny. I had no clue Lewis was gay until like two weeks ago," he said, seemingly to himself. "And I think I have pretty strong gaydar, if I do say so myself."

It almost felt like that last statement was directed at Jeff. He frowned with uncertainty before shaking away the thought. It was only his imagination. "Yeah, well, I've got to get to class. I have a test in Latin today, so I can't be late."

"Alright. Good luck, then," Blaine said. "And if there is anything troubling you, I'm always open to talk—just so you know."

"Um…Cool," Jeff said confusedly. "I'll seeya later, man."

He quickly dismissed Blaine's offer for help. He couldn't think of any reason why he'd need to talk to the dark-haired Warbler. There was nothing wrong. Or, at least, nothing wrong that Jeff could really put his finger on. All he knew was that he was overly distracted by Nick's new relationship, but he couldn't really place a reason why.

He didn't need to speak with Blaine about anything. Or, not anything he was aware of.