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Harry felt the diadem touch the crown of his head with the cruel cold metal and diamonds pressing into skin through his hair.


Harry sat there with the pretty diadem on his and nothing happened, the dull thing just slanted to the left a little, weighing heavily on Harry's head and neck.

Harry blinked, suddenly coming back to himself; he looked at the shattered grotesque in mild confusion. With a shaky hand he reached towards the diadem perched on his head. His fingers gently brushed the protruding stones as he went to grip it. Then just as his hand went to pluck the thing off him, the whole diadem shattered into thousands of pieces, metal and precious stones scattering all over the floor and Harry, joining the shattered creature from earlier.

Harry started; hand still paused by his head in shock as he heard the jewels roll across the stone floor, disappearing under cabinets and piles of discarded items.

His hand dropped to his lap softly and Harry pushed himself to his feet tiredly, staggering over rocks and broken stone as he made his way out of the room of requirement in perpetual confusion.

The horcrux made no sound in his mind, offering no complaint or comment at all. That made Harry worry a lot, seeing as there was always a feeling of something these days. He could always feel it shift, like a separate consciousness.

He groaned as he walked, cupping his face in his hands, perhaps he was just going mad with the stress of the war.

For a moment he thought with fondness of his cupboard and wondered what would have happened should he have stayed with the Dursley's and gone to the crappy state school and lived a muggle life. He would probably be no less miserable than he was now.

Lot less likely to be murdered definitely.

What if he had been a muggle?

Life would have been simpler, for sure.

Harry dragged himself back the way he had came before, the niggling feeling thoroughly gone. Maybe it had been nothing ? He certainly hoped so but he knew it was something, he was just that unlucky.

He reached the hospital doors and paused, leaning on the door frame to catch his breath before knocking loudly on the heavy wooden doors.

There were a few moments of silence before he could hear shuffling on the other side of the door. There was a lot creaking and groaning from old iron as the giant handle was turned and a little face peeped out in open curiosity.

The boy was obviously a first year, with huge eyes in a small, pale face. The boy's mouth opened in awe at seeing Harry there, showing the adult teeth that the face hadn't grown into yet, and they were surprisingly reminiscent of Hermione's own teeth at that age.

"Y-you're Harry Potter!" The boy gasped in awe, letting the door go and swing open a little more to reveal the boy in pyjamas supporting the football team 'Chelsea', at least Harry thought so; his knowledge of muggle football teams was rather deficient.

"Yeah," Harry muttered, feeling surprisingly uncharitable to the boy even though the kid was only probably eleven years old. He marched forward, feeling stronger now the end was in sight, Madam Pomfrey's office light low and dull in the corner. Harry supposed she had a silencing charm around it which is why she didn't hear his knocking. Harry frowned, that was rather odd… normally she wouldn't do that seeing as she had young patients that might need her.

The boy walked backwards with him, keeping his brown eyes on Harry's face in awe, as though trying to remember every detail that he could see.

"I can't believe I'm meeting you! It's amazing! I'm your greatest fan, Harry!" The boy jogged a little as Harry moved faster, feeling the urge to sneer at him. "You're so cool, Harry!" The boy raved, waving his hands in excitement.

The boy had a very 'Creevey' look about him and Harry prayed that they hadn't bred anymore of the critters. Harry ground his teeth together in aggravation at the kid, and the smacking of the child's feet on the floor made Harry's headache worse.

The indecent babble continued, with the kid dancing around Harry almost in a circle, preventing him from moving forward.

"Look," Harry began, feeling an unusual amount of anger rising in him. "Aren't you supposed to be sick? Go back to bed!"

"But you came here to see me!" The kid exclaimed, Harry gave him a funny look as he certainly hadn't come to see him, "My friends said I'd never see Harry Potter! Especially 'cos I'm a muggle born and- and…but you're here!" He grinned at him, "I can't go to bed now!"

Harry rolled his eyes before leaning forward and grabbing a fistful of the kid's shirt and pulling him closer. "I'm not here to fucking see you, I am fucking injured!" Harry hissed venomously. He sneered down at the shirt, "Especially not to see a little mudblood like you! You're friends are right!" He spat, watching in a vile enjoyment at the kid lost the excited flush he had in his cheeks, and his mouth opened in wretched shock. "Now, go back to your fucking bed as you are sick! Go back before I really make you ill by smashing you head against the wall until it nothing more than mush. Do you understand?" Harry continued, slowly letting go of the clothing, though the cloth settled against the boy's chest in a crumpled and wrinkled mass.

The boy's brown eyes were filled with tears and his lips trembled in the way only a child's can when their hero isn't what they wanted or expected. He nodded, putting his head down until it was on his chest. He walked back to his bed with quite sniffles and hid himself under the covers, though Harry could still hear him crying as he marched to Madam Pomfrey's office. He smiled cruelly at the boy's attempt at muffling his tears.

He knocked his fist on the door and leant against the wood with a casual arrogance as Madam Pomfrey looked up in shock at the sudden sound.

She gasped loudly when she saw his appearance, her hand covering her mouth, "Oh, Mr Potter, we were so worried!"

He smiled at her charmingly, disarmingly, "Well, I'm back now." He said demurely, "Unfortunately, not without a few scrapes."

She stood instantly, the chair scraping against the floor and knocking down a few box files, she looked at them in irritation before waving her hands in dismissal and bustling over to him.

"Come, come, Mr Potter. We will get you all sorted out. I've always managed to heal all your scrapes before! I've regrown your bones before. I'm sure we'll get you all well in no time!" She gently pushed him out of the office and directed him to a bed. "I'll be back in a moment, Mr Potter. Make yourself comfortable." With that she hurried off to her massive potions supply cupboard.

Harry sighed, feeling very exhausted all of a sudden, the pains of his body all coming back to him in an instant. He took of his glasses, throwing them down on the bed with a tired groan. He rubbed his face vigorously to awaken him a little when he heard the crying from a few beds down. He frowned, vague recollection coming to him from his cruel words.

His face scrunched up in consideration, trying to remember what had happened, when he heard a horrible snide voice in his mind, as the horcrux moved, as though getting comfortable, "Well, this is a new interesting feature. I like this new development you know, Harry, do you to?"

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