Chapter 1: the legend begins

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History in Darkness:

Before I begin this tale, I should tell you about how it came to be. When the world was young and peace blessed humanity a great evil was unleashed. Death he was called. Reaping the souls of innocents to allow him to keep his immortality, Shinigami dominated the earth through fear and corrupted the strongest of souls into becoming Meister's ( hunters of souls ) and Weapons ( slayer of souls ). However there was one who defied Death.

Kishin Asura with his followers called the Kishin and the Legions of Witches fought against the darkness. The Battle of Fates lasted for a hundred days and countless lives perished and alas Shinigami triumphed and sealed Asura deep in the earth for eternity. The remaining Kishin and Witches fled and scattered out into the world. For 800 years Death and fear have ruled this world. But.

Heroes shall rise. From the burning plains of Africa to the Metropolis of Death city. The Kishin known as Typhon with the help of his friends. Shall attempt to find a way to do the impossible

Slay a god of Death.


Cape Town, Africa

Typhon found himself in a precarious situation. Standing around him were several Kishin hunters, their black armour blended into the night but Typhon could see the soft pulses of their wavelength. His hidden eyes narrowed when the hunter leader began speaking.

"Give it up Kishin! We have twenty guys here! You aren't going to survive on your lonesome!" the man said unaware what he was dealing with. Typhon also known as the Phantom Pilgrim let his right sleeve fall down his wrist to reveal the long metal claw, its sharp pointed fingers clicked together in a rhythm, sparks frequently flashing. The battle began when the leader fired his musket. The sudden explosion of fire lit up the night and the lead ball whistled through the air. But it never reached its target. Typhon moved with incredible speed ducking under the bullet and shooting forwards, his claw caught the musketeer in the gut. Silver fingers sliced through tendon, fat and muscle with ease and with a subtle flick Typhon spilt his enemies guts on the ground. He turned quickly leaning back as a spear whipped past his face and buried deep into the hapless leaders neck. His claw flashed and the spearmen's head flew. The last eighteen hunters surged forwards intent on killing the Kishin and taking the massive reward for its soul. Typhon could not help but smile grimly. His claw drank well that night as it tore necks, ripped limbs and ruptured flesh in a glorious dance of death. They fell like dominoes under the Kishin's wrath. Blood splattered the dusty ground in large splashes of crimson and screams of agony were quickly silenced. Typhon finally spun to a stop as the last corpse fell with a dull thud into the dust, blood flowing from the carved chest. The Phantom sighed before calmly walking away not before a voice stopped him.

" Why?"

Typhon glanced back to see one of the hunters standing clutching a ragged wound in his gut. The Kishin only spoke softly.

" You struck first." The hunter succumbed to the blood loss and fell lifeless. Typhon continued walking as the sun crept into the sky, he pulled his white robe tighter around him as the battle heat began to wear off and the morning chill set in. The Phantom heard sirens in the distance and picked up the pace, soon the local authority's would begin to put up a quarantine around the city and start questioning all known Kishin. Luckily the police are sympathetic to the Kishin and would not harm them and Typhon had killed the Shibusen unit stationed here, so he could escape without any difficulty and cause the death of any innocent people this day. Typhon felt disgust and pity for the human race. Forced into a life ruled by a god they never worshipped but were willingly to hunt the people trying to liberate them from tyranny. It was time even the iron resolve that protected Typhon's soul wavered but the iron held and Typhon broke into a run. A demonic smile stretching onto his hidden features. He was a Kishin, a demon god, descendant of Asura.

He would save them all

He would conquer death

He would finally be free.


( play Soul Eater opening 2 )

Chapter 1: The Fallen Star

Aero sighed as she walked through the drenching rain, her white hair was plastered to her brow and she snarled when stray drops ran down her face and wormed its way down her pale neck and into her collar disturbing the warmth around her chest. The Kishin warrior pulled her hood hirer and looked around for some sort of shelter for a rest and a reprieve from the rain. Being in a scrap-yard she could see tonnes of shelter but to the sword wielding Kishin however, they lacked one thing that it over-rode all the logic of getting out of the rain….

A kettle

Now before your brains become completely frazzled, let me explain. Aero had a very strict routine, it goes like this.

1. Wake up

2. Kill Shibusen scum

3. Have a cup of tea

4. Kill Shibusen scum again ( and another cup of tea )

If she broke her rules, then god knows what would happen! Anyway back to the story I suppose.

As Aero turned a corner she found something that made cry ( Anime Style ) in joy.

A caravan and where there was a caravan, there is a kettle. Aero regained her composure after her little outburst and strode towards it. Her boots sloshing in the muddy ground as her pace increased until..

Something white skidded to a halt in front of her. Immediately she felt the burning sensation of a wave-length.

Shibusen had found her!

Her hands drew the dual scimitars that rested on her hips and she launched into the attack. The Meister countered the attack with a large metal claw that must be his weapon. The blades met with enough force to displace the air. Aero launched into a frenzied assault not giving her foe breathing space as he parried the blows with subtle flicks of his metal wrist. The scimitars moved with the elegance that could rival any warrior and she sensed the Meister was impressed with her skills because he began to fight back. It began when she failed to notice the small blue sphere that gathered in his normal hand and only realized the danger when it struck her stomach

" Palm Shock! " the Meister shouted and Aero was thrown through the air with surprising force. Then she felt his palm strike her back with painful force.

" Palm Menace! " pain coursed through her body as energy stung her nerves like lightning striking her a hundredfold. She lost, as soon as he had struck her with the first Palm attack, he had bested her. The Meister delivered the finishing blow.

" Twin palm Kishin strike level 4! " Aero's eyes widened in horror finally understanding her mistake.

He was no Meister, he was something for more powerful than Shinigami's lackeys.

He was Kishin.

Then the attack struck home