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Chapter 3: Little sister (Filler chapter)

The chamber was silent but for the gentle hum of machines and fingers tapping on keys. Stein hummed a song to himself as he worked. He reached up and twisted the large screw in his skull as he thought about his assignment. It was eight weeks since Shinigami had given him this facility to find a way to fuse the Black Blood with a Meister's. to be honest Stein hated the black substance with a vengeance but a order was a order.

" Subject 13 has shown some remarkable changes to his DNA. It seems his body is doing its utmost and is succeeding in destroying the Black Blood. It seems I have discovered a cure to this abomination but it will take longer still for a complete fusion to succeed.. If only I still had Subject 45. End report." Stein pressed the stop button on the recorder and placed it back into his coat pocket. He cranked the screw a few more times before it clicked. At the sound of the click roars of anger reached his ears from the holding cages. Prisoner 13 was angry again. Stein ignored the sound and continued typing. He only paused briefly when the prisoner screamed.

" LET ME OUT! All I want is to see a comedy.."

( Play Soul Eater opening 2 )

" So Gopher.. Are we there yet?" Aero asked for the millionth time as she slung her cloak over her shoulders as the night chill began to set in. Gopher was desperately trying not to attack her as he almost popped a vein. Noah and Typhon watched a few seats away, amused at the duo. The Demon Train surged across the dessert at speeds which were deemed impossible to reach for a steam engine. Typhon smiled under the veil. Aero reminded him of someone he once met. Noah was just hoping Gopher would date the pale haired Kishin, at least then the Collector would not have to worry about the boys Fan-Boyish tendencies. Gopher was a good kid, he just had trouble making friends.

Gopher was special and Noah was disgusted at how people had treated him. Typhon shook his head as Gopher finally snapped and leapt at Aero and both ending up in a brawl that moved back and forth across the carriage.

" Should we stop them?" he asked Noah who pulled his cap over his eyes.

" If anyone asks they are not with us" he said quietly and drifted off to sleep. Typhon smiled again and made sure no-one was looking and quickly lifted his veil to scratch his nose. Nothing was wrong with his appearance but he wore the white cloth for a reason, to hide his shame. Typhon was the last of his clan just like Aero was to the Star clan. He had noticed the tattoo on her back while fixing her wounds. Typhon had failed to protect them. He had lain wounded deeply as the Shinigami devoured their souls in front of him. He finished getting rid of that terrible itch only to notice a pair of eyes watching him. He looked in-front of him and his emerald green eyes met crystal blue.

(scene change)

Miki Tsuruga found herself face to face with someone she had never thought she would ever meet.

Typhon the Phantom Pilgrim.

Miki was stunned that she just happened to look behind her to see what the commotion was about and had seen Typhon's face of all things, not that it was ugly, he was handsome and Miki found herself lost in that surprised gaze. Typhon noticed the girls blush and gulped worried slightly as her eyes seem to glaze over. He quickly pulled down his veil and the spell was broken and the young girl was brought back to reality. Miki blushed deepened realising she had made him uncomfortable.

" Oh my apologies." she stuttered wondering when she became such a fan-girl. Typhon safe behind his veil once again raised his claw hand.

" Its okay. It is not the first time it happened. Miss?" he asked

" Miki Tsuruga." She said smiling a little. She felt more comfortable not that introductions were over. Typhon bowed a little.

" A pleasure to meet you. I am-"

" Typhon also known as the Phantom Pilgrim, class A Kishin and ranked 2nd in the Shibusen wanted list, wrote three books on Kishin history and wrote the famous " Black Blood Champion" novel. You also fought the Spartoi Captain Maka Albarn to a draw on Everest and even managed to wound Death the Kidd in the same battle." Typhon could only look at her with a stunned look which was hidden by the veil but she was not done yet. " You are twenty years old and voted bachelor of the year seven years in row after your heroic rescue of the eldest Mizune sister from the Shibusen prison of Malta. Even now your travels are now being made into a movie starring John Travolta as you and Uma Thurman as the eldest Mizune sister." she finished and Typhon was slightly disturbed.

He looked nothing like John Travolta!

" Are you a crazy person?" he had to ask, she just tilted her head to the left and replied plainly.

" No, I just never thought to meet a famous person on the train home." Miki said honestly and Typhon nodded in agreement. He had never met such a odd person, she was like a carbon copy of himself in a sense. She had a way with words and kept her emotions in check when she could. Miki found herself enjoying her fellow Kishin's company and they talked for hours about each other and trivial things. Gopher and Aero watched the two talk and talk.

" Can you understand what their saying?" whispered Gopher and Aero shook her head.

" Too many big words." she replied and to be honest she had never seen Typhon speak so much and now he sitting beside the raven haired girl and… what the hell he's signing a book! Is he famous?

Miki noticed the next stop was hers and was surprised she was disappointed that she would have to say good-bye to her new friend so soon.

" I enjoyed out talk Nii-san." she said sounding disappointed but then she felt his hand rest on her shoulder.

" I enjoyed it as well Onee-san. We will meet again and we will talk some more about your.. Crush." Typhon said and Miki flushed brightly and looked away, Typhon chuckled, he liked this kid and even after only knowing her several hours, considered her a younger sister he never had and to be honest he was surprised when she talked about a guy she liked but had never seen him in several years, so Typhon decided to give her some advice and she took it well. The train pulled up to a empty station and Miki walked to the doors and waved.

" Goodbye Nii-san."

" See you soon Miki-san"

(scene change)

The train pulled away and Typhon sighed already missing Miki's company.

" You okay?" Noah asked looking at his friend from beneath his cap. Typhon nodded and felt sleep overcome him but before he vanished into sleep he managed to say.

"People like her make this world worth living in." Typhon was asleep and Noah smiled and silently agreed and also fell into a light slumber. Gopher and Aero smiled brightly at the sight and looked at each other.

" We have great friends." Gopher said and Aero nodded

" Yes we do."

( Soul eater ending 4 )

Deep in the darkness, Prisoner 13 stirred. Chains rattled as he stood and he felt his bones creak after years of immobilization. He reached for the cloth blocking his sight and pulled it free.

The Man with the Demon eye smiled as he looked at the moon.

" Aero." he said.

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