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It takes two to teach love


Fastening my watch and seeing the bedside clock hit 8:15 I knew it was time to swallow my nerves and leave. I jumped up, running to the door, clumsily reaching for my briefcase. The nerves in the pit of my stomach grumbled, there was no time to run to the bathroom. Staff briefing was in twenty minutes and there was no way I dare piss off the boss on the first day.

I'm Bella Swan, not Isabella, not Belly, just Bella. Just your average twenty-three year old. Or maybe not so average, I don't know how many people in their early twenties still live with their father, but rent is expensive if you're going to live alone and I wasn't brave enough to get a roommate. The previous month I had landed my first teaching job in Port Angeles, a small high school holding no more than 500 students, my specialty being English. Having waited three weeks to receive my criminal background check, I was now officially a member of Principal Masen's staff. I'd tried my best to make an effort for my first day, but having never been one for fashion, the first half hour of my day had passed by staring at my closet before deciding no-one could go wrong with black trousers with a white shirt, half length sleeves. I resorted to having my hair tied in a simple ponytail, anything else made me look childish and it's not ideal being mistaken for one of the pupils.

Jumping in my old truck, hearing the old girl roar to life I tried to remember whether the interview or actually beginning the job was more petrifying. I'd remembered Principal Masen commenting on my choice of transportation as he shook my hand.

"Miss Swan I believe? Yes I heard you outside, could hear that thing a mile away no doubt"

I'd blushed with embarassment instantly. My truck had been my pride and joy since my Dad brought it for me when I was seventeen. Six years later, even I had to admit, it had seen better days. But isn't it difficult to part with the things you're fond of? As a new teacher I wasn't on the greatest wage, the lowest paygrade that I was entitled to. It would be months before I could afford a brand new car.

The drive to work was easy, the roads were virtually clear. Finding a parking space was a little more challenging. I squeezed into a corner bay, grabbing my bag and opening the door. I cringed hearing the door hit the side of the car next to me.

"Shit" I didn't have time to leave a note, maybe someone would mention it during the day and then I'd have the opportunity to own up and exchange info. Dread filled my mind with the cost. Sighing I made my way into the building. It was pretty average, reminded me of my old high school, the main subjects like English and Maths were held in the main tower building. The other subjects had small buildings dotted around the grounds. I'd yet to see my classroom, I expected it to be small but at least I could call it my own.

Walking past the staff room, it seemed pretty busy. The door was open so straightening the hem on my shirt, I snuck in, hiding behind a couple of bulky phys ed teachers. There was silence.

"Glad you could grace us with your presence sometime today Miss Swan" Dammit I'd been seen. I took a step to the right, looking up sheepishly at Principal Masen.

Edward Masen, he seemed the posh and proper sort. His suit was grey and impeccable, wearing a waistcoat with a jacket, deep green eyes being hidden by square spectacles, bronze hair sculpted back with gel, in short, he looked a complete douche but unfortunately it was him I would have to answer to.


Well I suppose she looked more presentable than she did at her interview. Isabella Swan stood out in the crowd of potential teachers. Her cheeks were flushed and she'd dropped her papers at the mere mention of her name. There was nothing I hated more than disorganisation but I couldn't deny that she had the best qualifications I'd seen yet.

"You graduated first in your class Miss Swan?"

"Um, Bella. Yes, about a year ago and then I spent time volunteering my father's office while I worked towards my teaching qualification"

"An office? And your father's career is?"

"Forks Police Chief Sir"

"What makes you think you deserve a position within my school Isabella?" I'd smirked at the expression on her face, she clearly hated being called by her full name. I made a mental note to do it more often in future.

"English was always my strength in high school, whether it was poetry or Shakespeare, it was a subject I never wanted to give up. I couldn't think of a better reason than to continue it as a career. Teaching became my dream, the interaction with children, watching their minds mature with new information. I can't explain it Sir"

I'd given her the job on the spot, I knew how she felt, it was why I went into teaching, why anyone goes into teaching, because they're passionate about it.

She looked tiny next to the burly PE teachers, almost like a student in disguise, I wondered if that was the look she was going for.


My first day was more eventful than I had expected. Principal Masen escorted me to my classroom handing me my teacher planner and schedule. I'd been placed on the top floor, the thought of looking out of the window made me want to hurl. Masen must have seen the dismay on my face, he gave me permission to have blinds installed and would have the caretakers get onto it straight after school.

The students gave me the typical first day hassle, swapping names and then their seats, repeating my sentences. It was everything I was expecting and despite feeling exhausted by lunchtime, I was loving every second. Encouraging my ninth graders to push out of their comfort zones with creative writing, it was a great morning.

Come lunchtime, I found myself staring into the staff room again, wondering where it would be acceptable to sit. I found an empty area of small couches, allowing myself a tiny corner in case other staff normally sit there and thought of it as their territory.

"Jeez Swan you're a teacher now not a student, they aren't going to hang you up by your panties"

I shook away my ridiculous thinking and opened my lunch, bearly getting to take a bite from my delicious chicken sandwich before I literally felt my body bounce off the couch slightly.

"Hello! Can I sit here?"

"I think you already did" I laughed nervously. The woman next to me was rather pixie like, seeming incredibly exciteable. Short dark hair, her eyes were the same as someone familiar, I couldn't put my finger on it.

"I'm Alice, I teach dance in the building opposite" she motioned to a small hut directly opposite our window, then offering her hand to me.

"Bella. English, third floor" I shook her hand, then turned my attentions back to my lunch, thinking the conversation was over.

"Ahh so you're the new girl Masen scolded this morning. He doesn't mean it, you'll get used to his...manner I suppose"

Alice talked her way through lunchtime, talking enough for us both, I think I virtually learnt everything about her in that one half an hour. She lived with her boyfriend, something Whitlock. She was one of three children, all adopted.

The afternoon seemed to go slowly, around two I heard a knock on my classroom door, I sighed keeping my attention to the class as the door opened.

"You better have an excuse for being late to my lesson"

"I'm sorry Miss Swan, I wasn't aware you were expecting me, do you expect me to take my seat?" the smooth voice was Principal Masen. I looked up to find my students sniggering and Masen looking amused by the door.

"I'm sorry Principal Masen, I didn't realise"

"May I have a word outside" I bearly got the opportunity to answer him before he walked out, waiting for me in the dark hallway.

"Guys, just keep reading, then answer the questions at the back of the book, I'll just be a moment" I took a nervous breath as I walked into the hall, pulling the door behind me leaving it ajar, I had a gut feeling that havoc would break out in my brief absence. Masen was stood with his arms folded, what could I have possibly done already?

"I trust your first day is going well Isabella? Any problems you wish to share?" he looked down at me, there was a good three or four inches difference in height, it made me feel easily intimidated.

"My first day is going great. Thankyou, Sir. I you don't mind I don't like leaving my class for too long" My boss let out a low chuckle as he spoke back to me.

"How would you possibly know what you do or don't like, it's the first time you've done this" he smirked and kept his chuckle as he walked back down the hall. I was stunned and insulted, he made the journey up all of those stairs just to act like my asshole boss. I waited until I heard his shoes click against the staircase before walking back into the class. It was pleasently surprising to find a quiet class, my eleventh graders working silently. I stood, my eyes skimming their concentrating faces, their hands clasping their pens scribbling on their papers.

It seemed the day was over in no time, at exactly three fifteen I let my class go, my ears slightly stinging at the sound of their screeching chairs as they ran. Another member of the English faculty poked their head round my door inviting me for a drink, I politely declined, telling them I needed to get back to my cat. I didn't have a cat but it would be lame me telling my collegues that I had to get home to cook my Dad's dinner.

I looked out of my window and caught sight of my truck in the distance, the car I'd smashed my door into was gone. I was safe for one more day. Hurriedly I collected my belongings and rushed my way down the stairs, managing not to fall ass over elbow, mumbling a 'sorry' as my shoulder whacked against someone as we both squished out of the door.

"Keen to get home Miss Swan?" it was him. Still in his jacket, waistcoat combination, but now adding a trench coat to it. I hated trench coats, they were always oversized, I think people should be weary of those wearing trench coats, easy to flash someone in.

"No Principal Masen just keen to start marking my students work. I'd prefer to concenrate in the privacy of my own home"

I watched him as he scratched at his chin thoughtfully, then he left me completely confused when he just walked away. Walking out of the door without a word. Was he this nosey with all of his staff? I followed shortly after, his long strides meant he reached his car within ten seconds, seeing him glance at me before he ducked into the vehicle.

"Goodnight Miss Swan"

Now it was my turn to be silent. I don't know how I felt about Masen's behaviour, there seemed to be a mysteriousness about him. Perhaps it was him trying to work me out, to see what makes me tick, or genuine concern for a new member of staff? If that is what this was he could certainly be more friendly about it. I jumped into my truck just as his Mercades left the parking lot, I pulled out just after, our vehicles going in the opposite directions. I should have guessed really, my posh boss probably lived in a City apartment, whereas I still lived with my father...wow was I feeling lame.