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Please excuse me a moment while I perform a victory dance...

He loves me!

Edward Masen loves me.

I was lying here; completely naked whilst basking in post coital bliss, in a dusty and empty living room, under a blanket with the moon shining through the window...with Edward Masen, who, is in love with me.

Life doesn't get better than this.

I sighed contently.

"Bella? Bella, what is it?" Edward murmured sleepily. His fingertips drew soft patterns over my bare back, it tickled.

I rolled onto my side and Edward did the same and linked our fingers together. Just that simple touch brought a whole barrel of emotions to me. He smiled at me, a real, cheeky school boy smile before his lips touched mine. His rough stubble tickled my skin in a way that I didn't care about, it was just my Edward and I loved it. He really did feel like mine now too. Tonight had brought me a new sense of security to my relationship with Principal Masen. He had plans for the future, plans that involved me. There were no unanswered questions between us any more. Together, we were like concrete.

"Life just feels perfect right now, doesn't it?" I whispered, resting my free palm upon his chest.

"It'd be better if we had a bed," He chuckled and started to sit up. He groaned as he straightened his back.

"You're not that old," I giggled quietly.

"The school ages me," We laughed in unison.

"I ought to think about getting home. It must be getting late," I sat up beside him and started to reach for my clothes. I was just pulling up the strap of my bra when Edward slid it down again and kissed my shoulder.

"I feel like I'm going backwards in the whole getting dressed routine," I observed with a chuckle.

Edward's lips travelled from my shoulder and up to my neck, the sensation sent shivers down my spine and I tilted my head to one side. Edward found a spot around the side of my neck, below my ear where he gently kissed, before pulling the skin between his lips and sucking.

"I swear you're suddenly a horny teenager!" I wriggled in my half-hearted attempt to resist him. My body relaxed and Edward's arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me close against him. One hand gripping my body, the other moving to cup my right breast as it almost fell from the confines of its lace cup.

"Ah!" I gasped, "Edward, I mean it. I have to go," I shuffled away and pulled my bra strap to secure myself in the chest department.

"Isabella? Will you spend nights here when I move in?"

I pulled my second bra strap back to my shoulder and turned my head. I kissed his cheek firmly.

"On one condition," I rose to my feet. This had to be casual. I knew Edward wasn't going to like it. I finished dressing and threw my hair over my shoulders. Edward, of course was still butt naked on the blanket.

"Anything," He grinned. His teeth twinkled as the moonlight shone in to the room.

"You have to tell me how you keep getting hurt,"

Edward's expression quickly changed. Gone was my happy principal. And in his place was the of the asshole I met on the first day who mimicked my beloved truck.

"Isabella..." He began, sounding as though he were scalding me.

"No, Edward. I've seen you hurt too many times now and what hurt you hurts me too. You have a new cut on your head, I felt it,"

I wasn't stupid. I'd felt his slight wince as our bodies writhed together in pleasure. How I hadn't seen it.

"Isabella," Edward rose to his feet and stepped towards me.

He looked glorious in the moonlight. I fought the temptation to stare at his body up and down. Maybe I should have, to check for bruising. I instantly found myself trying to remember my old girl scouts first aid training.

He took my hands in his and held them to his chest.

"You trust me, don't you?" He began.

I nodded, hypnotised by his deep green eyes.

"My heart, it beats for you, Isabella. Everything I do now, it's for us," He told me softly.

"That doesn't explain how you get hurt," I pulled my hands away from his and reached up slowly. With the slightest touch, I swept his damp hair backwards to reveal an angry red cut on his hairline. There were patches of beige around it, I quickly realised it was make-up. Sweat must have wiped it away.

"Edward..." I murmured sadly. Edward swiftly took my hands and put them to his waist then pulled me into the tightest hug I have ever known. He was almost squeezing the life out of me, as if it was the last embrace we would ever share.

"I promise you, my sweet Isabella. None of that is going to happen anymore. You have my word,"

I believed him. I knew his various tones of voice. The one he used with staff, the one with his students and then the one he saved just for me. I nodded and kissed the nearest part of his skin I could reach. I think it was his collarbone.

Edward finally started to dress. I picked up my bag and put it on my shoulder just as I heard him buckle his pants.

"So, would you like to help me decorate this place this weekend? I'm keen to move in as quickly as possible. I don't think anyone will contest my offer," He grinned cockily.

"You trust me to paint?" I raised an eyebrow in question.

"Oh, Bella," He left his tie loose around his neck and brushed my cheek with his thumb, "I trust you to paint and help me choose colours. I meant it when I said I want you to live here with me one day,"

"Really?" I felt my cheeks flush.

"Really," He chuckled and continued to caress my cheek, "Isabella, I want to live with you, marry you, and have beautiful brown eyed babies with you."

Edward's words, the confirmation of his commitment to me made me blush even more. I looked down with a shy smile only for him to tilt my head back up and kiss me softly.

His lips barely pulled away from mine as he whispered, "I'll drive you home,"

"Thank you,"

"I'm nothing if not a gentleman, Miss Swan," he smirked and rested his hand at the small of my back as he led me outside and into the chilly night air.

I fell asleep during the short car ride home. I only knew because I woke up convinced that Edward and I were back in the house, making love. Unfortunately, we were parked up outside my father's house and Edward was tucking strands of hair behind my ear.

"Straight to sleep when you get inside, it's late," he whispered to me, "I'll pick you up in the morning,"

I nodded lazily, gathered my belongings and got out of Edward's car. I just started to walk up the path when his arm slid around my shoulders and he escorted me to the front door. I rummaged around in my bag for my keys; I swear I was almost falling asleep standing up. I heard Edward's low chuckle as he took the jingling keys from me and quietly opened the door.

"Sleep well, Isabella," He whispered and kissed my head.

I walked into the house and kicked off my shoes. I turned around to see Edward had already walked back to his car. His perfect butt was leaning against the hood and he was smiling.



"I love you, beautiful. Goodnight,"

I closed the door with a ridiculously goofy grin on my face.

I fell asleep in my cosy bed with a ridiculously goofy grin on my face.

I could see the smile still gracing my lips when I glanced at myself in the mirror as I washed the next morning.

I was just brushing through my hair and pinning it up neatly for work when Charlie bellowed from downstairs.

"Bella! Delivery!"

Who could possibly have a delivery for me at seven forty five in the morning?

I slipped my feet into a pair of flat shoes and made my way downstairs. Staring at me was a large bouquet of a flower I didn't recognise. Charlie was peering close at them while scrawling his name on the clipboard the delivery boy held out.

"Thanks, son." He muttered and closed the door, "Someone's popular," He chuckled and left me alone with my unexpected gift.

I knelt beside the presentation; the smell radiating from the flowers was beautiful. They had long petals of a pink shade with darker pink spots on them. I picked out the card and unfolded it.

Sweet, Isabella.

These are Blackberry Lillies, or also known as 'leopard flowers'. I find that they have intriguing beauty, much like yourself.

I love you.

E x

I clutched the card to my chest and smiled. Edward was such a romantic, even if he didn't realize it. Looking back at the man I first met when I had my teaching post interview, you wouldn't have thought he had such warmth within him.

I stuffed the card into my purse for safe keeping - yes I'm sentimental, I placed the vase of flowers on the kitchen table. The rising morning sun shone on them brightly through the window.

I barely had time to eat my bowl of cereal before I heard Edward honk the horn of his car outside. It was just before eight. He was running late. "Unusual," I muttered to myself and left the bowl on the counter.

I was just pulling my jacket on when I found my father stood in the living room archway, nursing his cup of coffee.

"Those flowers from your boss?" He asked, making a motion towards the kitchen with his head.

"Yeah, they are," I replied as I picked up my bag and reached for the door handle.

"Hey, Bells?"

I turned around, my dad was scratching at his chin in a kind of nervous manner. Oh god, we were heading for an awkward father -daughter conversation.

"This... thing, with your boss," he started, "you're being careful about him, aren't you?"

I raised a genuinely confused eyebrow, "Thing?..Careful?" I repeated.

"Yeah. Fraternizing at work...well it doesn't always end well and you're my daughter and I just want to make sure you're..."

Charlie stumbled over his words along with confusing hand gestures. I knew my father, and for a man of not very many words, he was really trying.

"Dad," I smiled and put a reassuring hand on his arm.

"You know what I'm trying to say, right?" he pulled a face, one with an uneasy, awkward grin.

"I know, and I appreciate it. Edward is great, like really great. I care about him, a lot."

"That's girl talk for you're in love with the man, right?"

I struggled to contain my smile and nodded firmly. My dad leaned against the wall with one arm, still holding his now empty coffee mug and tapping the oak table with the other hand.

"Maybe I should, err, meet him, properly,"

"You want to meet my boyfriend?" I blinked.

"Yeah. Sure. He drinks beer right?"

I nodded, speechless.

"I'll see you guys for dinner then,"

I nodded again, completely astounded.

Edward honked the horn again. I said goodbye to Charlie and hurried out of the door and down the path. It was almost eight. I expected Edward would have to let me out of the car a block away from the school. We were running late and kids would be arriving at the school by the time we arrived.

I got into the car and awaited Edward's pissy tone for holding him up. Instead he held out a white rose in front of me and leaned over, pecking my cheek lightly. "Good morning. I'm sorry I'm late,"

"That's... okay," I started to smile as I plucked the rose from his fingers and inhaled its sweet scent.

"I overslept, I was up late ordering flowers for my wonderful girlfriend," Edward winked as he started the engine hit the gas hard and sped off down the street.

"You'll have to drive quicker than that if we're going to make it to work before anyone else,"

To my surprise, Edward pressed the button to open the window of the cars, simply shrugged his shoulders and shook his shaggy hair out so it blew in the morning breeze.

"So what? If anyone asks, I found you walking to work from the bus stop and offered you a ride. I'm a decent guy," he stated casually.

I couldn't take my eyes off of him. Edward was suddenly so much more relaxed. Was it the new stage in our relationship or purely because he got laid last night? I did wonder.

He fiddled with the knob to the car stereo and found some cheesy song from the 90's. Within seconds, his shoulders were dancing and he was crooning along. He took glances at me as well as concentrating on the road to use the opportunity to serenade me. If the song wasn't so cringe-worthy I really would have complimented him on his singing abilities.

"What is with you?" I laughed.

"What is with me, Isabella?" Edward asked, "Nothing! Just, I'm happy, I'm in love, I've brought a house. This is a great time to be alive!" he chuckled brightly.

"I'm not complaining. This is actually a great time for you to be in a good mood,"

I figured now was a good time to bring up our new plans for this evening. Personally I would have loved to have gotten him alone in his new living room again but I supposed pizza and beers worked too.

"It is? What's on your mind, Miss Swan?"

Edward abandoned one hand on the steering wheel for my thigh. I was wearing pants today and suddenly wished I wasn't. I could imagine Edward's hand massaging higher and higher along my leg until I felt his fingers reach the promise land.

"A lot will be on my mind if you don't move your hand," I swatted his hand away with a quiet laugh; I was rewarded with a cheeky wink as Edward's hands went back to the ten and two position on the steering wheel.

"Actually, I was talking to my dad this morning and he wants to meet you tonight," I said quickly.

"Tonight? As in, after work tonight?" he asked.

"How many tonight's are there in one day?" I laughed, "Yes, tonight. Will you come?"

"Will he shoot me?" Edward glanced at me with a raised eyebrow. I grinned and shook my head.

"Beers and pizza I imagine..." I thought for a moment, I couldn't let my father feed my principal boyfriend pizza, "I'll cook something for all of us,"

Edward was just pulling in to the parking lot of the school and straight into his empty space. He shut off the engine and reached for my hand.

"I'd love to spend the evening with you and the Chief, Miss Swan," he smiled my favourite, knee wobbling, smile, "I'll follow you home from school,"

He started to lean in, as did I. Our lips were a mere two inches away from each other, and then we remembered where we were and tore ourselves apart quickly. I got out of the car without another word, Edward following shortly after. Several members of staff were strolling past us as I buttoned up my jacket.

"Um, thank-you, Sir, for the generous lift," I coughed.

"That's quite alright, Miss Swan. I recommend heading straight to your classroom, you seemed to be running late as it is," Edward's tone was plain; it was typically Principal of him.

"Yes, Sir," I muttered and hurried away, clutching my bag in my hand.

The school was crammed with kids running around frantically to get to homeroom on time, I guessed Edward and I weren't the only ones running late this morning. I was just entering my classroom when my bag began to vibrate. I entered the room, with a gaggle of fourteen year olds behind me.

"Sit down and text books out!" I called out above their voices as I placed my bag on the table and rummaged around for my cell-phone.

Missing you already,

You owe me a kiss ;)

E x

I grinned to myself and shoved my phone back into the bag and shrugged off my jacket to begin my lesson.

"Right, today we are going to be looking at post war poetry. Turn to pages thirty-three and thirty-four and we can begin!" I instructed enthusiastically.

I spent the morning, and most of the afternoon wondering what to cook for Charlie and Edward this evening. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I had no idea what Edward actually liked. Did he have any allergies? Or foods that he really couldn't bear? I had a free period in the afternoon, so I relaxed in my chair and started my pile of grading with my right hand and sending Edward a text with my left.

Any aversions to food?

B x

The message was short and to the point. But I was typing with one hand, the hand I didn't write with. I didn't have the patience to be wordy.

My palm quickly buzzed with a response, just as I awarded Jane Hudson a B plus.

I don't recommend the cafeteria meatloaf if that's what you mean.

E x

I giggled out loud. I wondered what he was up to. Edward was only three floors below me. However it would look weird with me dropping a flying visit to his office after this morning's pick-me-up. I typed back to him.

I mean for tonight. I don't know what you like.

B x

I'd hardly begun to read through the next paper before I received a response.

I rather like you ;)

E x

I smirked as I read Edward's reply. I could see him winking in my mind with his cheeky, boyish smile. I heard a knocking on my classroom door and turned my head to see Alice in the doorway donned in full ballet gear: Pink leotard, leggings and pumps. She sprinted into the room and sat down on the table in front of me as I typed to her brother.

That is not helpful, Principal Masen. You taint my thoughts!


B x

"Does Edward like pasta?" I placed my phone down and looked up to find Alice stretching out her leg and almost bending it around her head.

"Edward eats anything. He's not as fussy as he was when we were kids," Alice's voice stretched with her... well, stretching.

I tilted my head to one side, watching her as she twisted into various positions on my classroom tables.

"Is there a reason you're doing that here?"

"I came to see how things are with you and my big brother," smiled Alice brightly as she sat up into a normal position and crossed her legs, "Ya'know, the whole realtor incident. Seriously, Bella, let a guy surprise you, and don't jump to conclusions," she giggled.

"I was surprised," I flushed, embarrassed, "we're fine though." I insisted, trying not to give anything away.

Alice however, saw right through me and leapt onto her feet.

"Something happened!"

"What? No!" I squeaked defensively.

"You're a terrible liar! Spill!"

How was it that Alice saw through everything? I sighed and started to smile broadly.

"Let's just say, there is no questioning of anyone's commitment,"

"He told you?" Alice's eyes widened in surprise.

"That he loves me, yeah," I grinned.

Alice's expression changed, first she looked confused, but then she smiled too and joined in with my excitement.

"Aww, Bella! I'm so pleased for you guys! My best Bella and my brother!" She squealed.

The bell soon rung, signalling the end of the day. I began to slide the last of the ungraded papers into my bag and put on my jacket.

"So did you guys have a good night yesterday? He came home pretty late,"

"He's living with you?" I asked.

"Oh. Um, yeah, just while he does the house up you know. Did you guys... you know,"


Alice wiggled her eyebrows and cackled.

"Um, well, er, yeah," I mumbled shyly.

"Ooooh! How was it?"

I laughed, hard, "Alice! That's your brother; I'm not telling you that!"

Alice immediately realized her words and shrieked.

"Eww! Jeez... I got lost in girl world for a minute," she shuddered and together we made the journey down the multiple staircases to leave the building.

We got outside and saw Jasper leaning against a bright, yellow car. Alice jumped for joy and clapped her hands together.

"My baby!" She waved a goodbye to me and ran straight into her partner's arms.

It was an adorable sight. I wondered if I gave Edward the same eyes that I'd seen Alice give Jasper. I continued to watch as Jasper dropped a set of keys into Alice's palm. She was giggling with glee the entire time. Alice took driver's seat and Jasper took passenger. She drove off at a quite frightening speed. I was almost in a trance, watching their happiness that I jumped as Edward came up behind me and surprised me with a light kiss on the cheek.

"Good day?" He murmured against my skin.

"Much better now," I whispered, turning my head to meet his deep green eyes.

Our foreheads pressed together, Edward's floppy hair almost falling in front of our eyes and I pushed it back with my hands. His tresses were soft between my fingers, I resisted tugging them in the same way I'd done last night. His breath blew on to my face and it smelt like sweet tea. My eyes left his and focused on his lips, they looked shiny and moist. I sucked in a breath of my own.

"I'd do anything, to kiss you right now, Isabella. Kiss you like crazy in fact," he whispered with a chuckle.

I pulled away and stepped back. Edward's husky voice was entirely too tempting.

"I'll follow on behind you," he nodded, motioning towards my faithful truck. Ah I had missed her.

I walked across the parking lot to my truck. I purposely put a slight wiggle in my step as I did so. It was the right choice as I heard a low groan come from Edward's lips as he watched me go. I unlocked the driver's door and climbed up and into my truck. I was just about to pull the door closed when Edward appeared at the window and grabbed the handle.

"I should give you detention for that little stunt, Miss Swan," he smirked and leant in far enough to leave a single kiss on my neck. The sight of his smile alone was enough to leave me breathless.

"I'll see you real soon, Miss Swan," he winked and blew a kiss as he strolled away towards his own car.

I drove out of the parking lot and in the direction of my dad's house. Since last night, I saw it more as my dad's house now than my own. Edward wanted me to live with him, he meant it, I was sure. I didn't think he wanted to waste time either. Throughout the drive, I kept checking my mirrors to see Edward following me. He was directly behind the entire time. I could see his lips moving as if he was singing.

Soon enough, we were parked up outside the Swan house. I relaxed in my seat as I unclipped the belt and tapped out a message to Edward with a grin as he got out of his Mercedes.

Mentally prepared?

B x

I heard the tone on his phone and then a chuckle. I picked up my bag and turned to find Edward had already opened the driver side door for me and held out his hand.

"I'm always ready, baby,"

I promise it will not be nine months before I update again!

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