You see, I was never the type of guy to know if I was actually in love. Loving everybody in the world has its ups, but it also has its downs. You can never really tell if you love someone in a romantic way. And if you do, you can usually never have them as your own. Love sucks, right?

Well, I guess I should introduce myself, my name is Naruto.

Naruto Uzumaki, actually.

I'm in the ninth grade and I go to West Konoha High. Worst. School. Ever.

Oh! And I'm gay. That might help you a little bit...

Anyways, I was always insecure about falling in love. In seventh grade I was raped by my teacher. I got over it but I think it did permanent damage to the love spectrum of my brain. It's as if love doesn't exist in my life anymore...

The experience was very traumatic, it ripped me apart...and then he came along..


He saved my life. Really, he did. I was about to commit suicide...and he showed up at my house. We were really good friends throughout grade school but when High School started we drifted apart since he was a jock and I'm I was never part of the in-crowd like he was.

Being my neighbor, we always hung out as kids. I remember the days, the good ole' days I like to call them. Swimming in the pond. Riding bikes, feeling the wind run through my hair. And staying up late, watching movies together. Those were the days...I was actually happy...we both were...

No, I'm not saying I'm not happy with my life, because I really am! It just that a small part of me feels empty. As if a void in my heart is slowly getting bigger...

I didn't know what this void was until last week...that's when...ithappened...

"Hey Naruto!" Okay, now who the hell was calling my name? I'm so pissed right now...I don't wanna talk to ANYONE. I turned around to face the annoying pest-

"Kiba?" I felt myself smile instantly at the sight of him.

"What are you doing this saturday?"

My stomach flipped at those words. Was he asking me on a date! Nahh, he was probably just asking me to hang out. Damn my busy self...

"I actually have to go to my grandmas. She's been sick lately and she needs help with some things so I'm going down to help. Why do you ask?" I said with a small frown, but on the inside I was grinning like a mad man.

I looked at him to see his reply, and my heart stopped...

That's when it happened.

I realized what was missing in my life.

At that right moment, RIGHT THEN, I knew what I wanted and needed in my life.

I looked at the blushing face in front of me. He bit his bottom lip and looked down at me. (Yes. Down. He's about five inches taller than me.)

"I was just wondering."

He quickly smiled and waved and ran off to his jock-buddies.

I just stood there in awe, watching his retreating figure. Each step, his muscle would slightly bounce.

And so would his ass...

"Mmmm..." I slightly moaned at the memory.

I stopped typing on the computer and clicked the "Save" button on my blog post. Yes, I have a blog. All of that before WAS the blog post. Only certain people can see it. Me and my friends came up with the idea to post a daily blog so we can all know what's going on in our lives.

The only people that can see my blog are Hinata, Ino, Shino, and Shikimaru.

My best friends. I love them to death. We have all stuck together through thick and thin.

I looked at my computer screen and smiled at the title of the blog post, the song in the title really did describe how I feel right now.


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