I sat there, with Kiba in his hospital bed. IV's hooked up to him everywhere. A breathing mask on. A constant beep is heard throughout the room as his heartbeat continued on. He had given us all quite a scare yesterday. Well, if you wondering. He was drugged. By his ex actually. We were at a party and she slipped rupees (The date-rape drug) into his drink without anyone knowing. The next thing we know he was on the ground shaking violently and foaming from the mouth.

Then I called an ambulance. I stayed with him when they came, they even let me ride with him to the hospital. It turns out he had an allergic reaction to the drug, no one has ever had a reaction like that before. Instead of making him pass out it flooded his lungs with blood and made him start to drown in his own blood. The doctors told me if they had been just a few minutes late he would be dead right now.

Thank God I remembered to charge my cell phone the night before.

Today was actually our two month anniversary, and Kiba wasn't even awake to enjoy it. He's been in his little coma for about five days now. The nurse told me he should wake up within a week of the incident so he should be up soon.

I think this was all pretty ironic considering the fact that at the party I was praying for some time alone, for half a minute if it may be! I would have been happy. And now, here I am, in this white hospital. Surrounded by nothing by chords and wires and monitoring equipment. And since Kiba wasn't really here I finally had time to myself. I just needed time to think about things.

Ever since Kiba and I have been going out we have hung out everyday. I'm not saying I hated it, but I haven't had a day to myself since the end of school. Me being mostly a loner, I was kind of paranoid about now. Going to parties every weekend was not my cup of tea, but Kiba being the top jock he just had to go to every single one, and he drug me along as well.

I'm not saying the parties weren't fun, because they always were, but I mean...God! I'm not used to this yet! I knew I could use some social interaction in my life but damn I didn't mean this much.

Stupid Kiba.

I glanced over at his sleeping form, watching his chest rise and fall under the blanket. I saw how his face looked so peaceful, even with the mask on. He looked like he was in paradise.

No flaws covered any part of his exposed skin. None on his chest, and non on his arms or neck or face. He was just godly. Perfect, you could say.

Did I ever think I would be where I am now? Hell to the no. I thought I would grow up and be one of those old gay men you see at knitting parties sipping on tea. Not banging with the hottest man ever and getting drunk every weekend. It's not like I- ….did I just say banging?

Let's talk about that for a second.

I have been worried lately. Me and Kiba have been going out for two months and we haven't done anything sexual at all.

For a gay couple that's kind of scary. Straight couples usually wait until the year mark or such but gay couple fuck...around the three day mark. It had me wondering if something was wrong. Maybe Kiba doesn't really want to be with me. Maybe he's isn't really gay and he's just pretending to be so he can get over TenTen. Well, seeing what she did I don't see how he'd still have feelings for the bitch now.

I was then pulled out of my thoughts by something that sounded like a groan. Wait...is Kiba waking u-

"Naruto?" Kiba said as he looked at me, his his eyes sort of puffy.

"Oh my god! You're okay!" I jumped out of my chair next to his bed and latched my arms around his neck, my head going onto his shoulder. I sat there for a second before I felt his arms encircle me, pulling me closer to him.

I smelt the woodsy-forest scent radiating off of his body. I mewled as he rubbed circles around my back. I pulled away from his grasp, even though I didn't want to, and kissed him full force. He kissed back instantly, tangling his large hand into the back of head, yanking our lips closer together. I moaned into the kiss as I crawled onto the bed. I straddled his hips and slowly let my weight fall on him. That's when I felt it.

He was... poking...me.

I blushed as I felt this and turned away from the kiss, hiding my face. I looked back at him and he smirked as he saw my embarrassment. His grin was so sexy.

He then flipped us so he was on top of me. His arms were beside my head and his forehead was attached to mine. He leaned down and kissed my lips, slowly and passionately. He then proceeded to lick my cheek back and forth. I moaned as he then bit my neck and collar bone. Not hard enough to drop blood but enough for me to feel the pain. The pain just brought me more pleasure.

I bucked my hips up into his, our clothed erections rubbing against eachother. He was panting against my shoulder and moaned when I did this. I took the initiative and did it again, making us both groan out. He looked up at me and bit his lip.

"I don't want to hurt you, Naruto." He said, his eyes gone of the puffiness. It's surprising how he just came out of a coma and he is already so recovered.

"You won't hurt me. It's time and we both want it," I leaned up and licked his ear before whispering huskily, "You know you want to be in me."

I felt his shudder at this and I grinned against his ear that I was currently nibbling on. The next thing I know he is leaning straight up on his knees and slowly taking his hospital gown off. It was fast since all he had to do was pull this string in the back. I didn't even notice he had it on until now, when it was coming off.

I almost came at the sight before me. Kiba's entire naked glory. His strong shoulders and arms that lead to a chisled chest and washboard abs and then a "V" led to a small patch of brown hair and then his...

"Holy. FUCK. You're huge!" I said, emphasizing the 'holy' and 'fuck'. My eyes widened at his size. It was enormous! I wouldn't be surprised if it was around ten inches!

He just smirked and leaned down, crushing me with his weight, his boner poking my thigh. I pushed him off me and tore my shirt off, revealing my lean but muscular torso. He licked his lips before taking my pants off with his nails.

I was in my boxers and he was naked. It then hit me. I'm about to get fucked by Kiba. The excitement in my stomach made me think I was about to throw up a rainbow and crap out a unicorn, but thank God that wouldn't happen. That's just gross.

Kiba then slid his hands over my chest and stomach before reaching the waistband of my boxers. He then slowly took them off, his face showing anticipation the entire time.

The next thing I know I'm on my back and he is pinning me down with his body. I can feel each and every muscle o n his body bend and flex over my smaller frame.

He then put three fingers in front of my mouth. I figured this was so he could prepare me so it won't hurt me as much.

I wouldn't have any of that foreplay shit.

I shook my head and looked over my shoulder to look at him, "Fuck me dry." He smiled at me and nodded before kissing me lovingly. I know this was going to hurt but I don't give a flying fuck. I need him in me. NOW.

I felt his tip rub against my hole, making me blush. I might be aggressive something but I'm still kind of reserved with sexual things.

I felt it leave before he began to enter me, and holy SHIT did it hurt. I slammed my head into the pillow and let the tears fall, I could never let Kiba see me cry. That'd be so embarrassing.

It felt as if I was being ripped in half! The stinging was unbearable. I tried not to sob as I released my pain into the pillow of his bed. He was kissing my back, neck, and shoulder and was rubbing my hips as he tried to soothe me. I felt his stop his pushing and figured he was i-

"I'm in."

"You've been in for a while now.."

He chuckled, "I mean I'm all the way in now."

I looked behind me to find confirmation, but only saw his face on my shoulder. He pulled me into a kiss. It was sloppy and hot, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

"You okay?" He asked as he drew circles with his thumbs in my back.

I shifted a little before nodding and facing back in front of me. I felt most of him leave, I hated the feeling, I just wanted him in me again. That was soon given to me as he slammed back in all the way to the hilt, making me choke-scream. He then picked up his pace to a slow humping.

I was moaning into the pillow below me, gasping at each thrust. The pain was all gone and was replaced with pleasure that made me cry and moan in joy. Each time he would pull out I'd feel most of his length leave me before being slammed right back into, feeling his pubes tickle my butt.

He stopped his movement and flipped me over onto my back and pulled my feet around him. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he indicated and moaned in gratitude as he re-entered me.

The pace the picked up into a slamming. With each slam of his hips the bed would slightly rock and move backwards towards the wall.

Then he hit something in me.

I screamed as loud as I could as tears and stars appeared in my eyes. I threw my hand around him and latched onto his back, my nails leaving long scratch marks down his back. He bent down and nuzzled into my neck, still slamming into me, making me flail.

"Fuck, Kiba! F-Faster! Please- O-Oh God! G-Go faster!" I screamed. He then started nipping at my neck as he started actually fucking me. With every slam of his hips I could tell we were both losing control. The bed frame was slamming into the wall with each thrust.

And he never missed my prostate one goddamn time.

I clawed at his back more and more, surely making blood slightly seep down his back from the marks. He only moaned as I did this, he was apparently enjoying the pain.

I then felt my release coming. It was as if a small ball was in my stomach, coiling and stretching until it exploded.

By now I was actually crying from the pleasure. That's how good it felt. It was so, soo, fucking good I couldn't feel anything. My entire body was going numb, and I knew what was about to happen.

"KIBA!" I screamed at the top of my lungs as my cum sprayed out of my dick and onto both of our stomachs.

"Naruto!" Kiba groaned loudly against my neck, biting sharply into it, breaking the skin. His cum poured out of his cock and filled me to the brink, some of it leaking out around him.

We lay there panting for a minute before he pulled out and lied down next to me, pulling me against him. I laid my head on his chest as sleep was about to overtake me.

Before I could though Kiba whispered into my ear, as if he thought I was asleep, "I love you, Naruto Uzumaki..."

(3rd Person POV)

"Hey Naruto I heard you screaming, are you alri-" Hinata cut herself off as she stared at what was before her.

Kiba was spooning Naruto from behind and they were both naked, dried sperm on their chests, and the room just smelt like sex.

After Hinata finished picking her jaw up off the floor she smirked and shut the door to their room, leaving them to be content.

( Naruto's POV)

I laid there thinking after Hinata left. I pretended to be asleep so she wouldn't ask anything to ruin the moment. I'm thinking of everything that just happened. Not just the incredible sex, but what Kiba said.

"I love you, Naruto Uzumaki."

That sounds so nice to hear. I looked over my shoulder and looked at his asleep form and a small tug formed in my heart as I realized something.

"I love you too..."

A/N: You're welcome for the lemon. Haha! I told you I'd have a lemon soon, didn't I? And I tried to make the chapter extra-long to make up for the past few "filler" updates I've had lately. Sorry about that, for the record. I ope you guys liked the story! I know I enjoyed writing it!