A Razors Edge

Chapter 1: Prologue

By: T.E. Rose

A/N: This is my first attempt at a Naruto Fan Fiction of any length, my first being Acceptance. So if you would please tell me what you think, I would greatly appreciate the feedback. Thank you.

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Publishing Date: June 6, 2011



The council was in an uproar, most of them calling for the death of a child who had been born no more than a few hours ago. Now some may view this as heartless, because what could a child no more than a few hours old have done to incur the wrath of an angry village council.

The answer, quite simply, is nothing. The child had done absolutely no wrong, but the being that was sealed within him did.

This child, the legacy of the Yondaime Hokage, also happens to be the carrier of one of the most feared beings to ever walk this plane of existence. The Kyuubi no Kitsune.

So, the council is not calling for the death of the child because they are heartless or cruel or barbaric but because they are afraid, and fear in the shinobi world is something that must be quashed. They are under the mistaken impression that by riding the living world of the infant carrier of the Kyuubi they will be rid of their fear. That by killing him they will be rid of the helplessness that they felt as the demon raged, decimating their home, slaughtering their comrades, their friends and their family. They hope that killing the child will give them closure and some sick sense of satisfaction, that in the end they were not as helpless as they had felt when the beast had been destroying their homes. They wanted their vengeance.



The Sandaime Hokage sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration. No matter what he said to these people, people who were suppose to be fair, unbiased and wise, they would not alter their views. Many of them still pushing for the death of the demon vessel.

The ones arguing for his death claimed that a being as powerful and as malevolent as the Kyuubi could not be contained by anything of mortal design, that it would corrupt the child, possess him or simply break free.

While the other half beseeched the others to see reason, saying that they should trust in the Yondaime's capability as a seal master and the judgment of the Sandaime about the boy being the Kyuubi's living prison who was and would stay fully in control of his own actions.

"Hokage-sama, you must see reason. If that boy is able to draw on that beasts, foul chakra and use it as you have said. Then that would mean that the Kyuubi would need, merely to flood the boys system with enough of it to take possession of the boy or to influence him, and finish what it started. The child must be slain. For the good of the village. If there is even the slightest chance that the creature can escape then we must do all in our power to prevent that eventuality." boldly declared one of council members, a former shinobi named Kouji, who had served with distinction during both the Second and the Third "Great Shinobi Wars."

Closing his eyes the Sandaime let out a sigh that was filled with both exhaustion and frustration as he listened to the two sides bicker over the fate of the vessel. Taking another moment to gather his thoughts the Sandaime rose to his feet, bringing silence to all those gathered who waited for the Hokage to speak his piece. "Now I understand how all of you must feel, I myself lost my eldest son tonight." (A/N: not Asuma or Konohamaru's father)

Hearing this many of the council members nodded solemnly but were encouraged with the direction that the Hokage's short speech was going, they were sure that he had seen the light and the merit in killing the child to ensure the Kyuubi's defeat. They were of course shocked when he continued.

"However, we cannot allow our hatred of the beast to cloud our judgment. We cannot kill Naruto simply for jailing the beast. If it were not for him then many more would have perished, if not all of us. Naruto has done nothing wrong and punishing him for the atrocities committed by his prisoner would be nothing short of barbaric."

It was after that the former head of ANBU Black Ops and current head of the 'NE' Training and Operations Division, Shimura Danzou spoke up and made his opinion known for the first time. "Killing the child would be a foolish. The child is a tool and nothing more. He should be given over to me for training in suppressing his emotions, Sarutobi, so that he may become the sword of the leaf."

The room had become quiet. Danzou was well respected despite his handicaps. The Sandaime however just narrowed his eyes before replying. "I would sooner seal the child's chakra off completely then belittle the Yondaime's sacrifice by allowing him to become nothing more than an emotionless tool."

Hearing the Sandaime's passion and conviction did little to quell the councils animosity towards the boy and many continued to cry out for his death.

Sighing, again, the Sandaime cleared his throat several times calling for silence, before he spoke. "I will not allow this child to be killed because of your prejudice, however since it is apparent that neither side of this is going to yield, I propose a compromise. Since it is the beast flooding the boy with its tainted chakra and possessing him that you all fear, then we will have to seal his chakra off completely. I will do it myself, using blood drawn chakra suppression seals."

There was an almost eerie silence for several seconds after the Hokage had finished speaking as each of the council members mulled over the compromise that he proposed, blood drawn suppression seals were vastly superior to their ink drawn counterparts and those plus the seal the late Yondaime had placed to keep the demon in check should be enough to ensure that the beast could not possess the boy, were the thoughts that ran through several members of the council's heads. Several of them still looked apprehensive about accepting however.

After a few more moments of discussion amongst those who had been advocating the child's death before they finally gave their ascent, agreeing that it was a reasonable compromise.

Sarutobi nodded grimly, he possessed no real desire to perform the ritual but he had very little choice. It was either this or he risked a revolt and the child would be killed anyway. And that was something he could not allow to happen. Especially with the village in such a fragile state, if the village tore itself apart so soon it would mean that the Yondaime's sacrifice would have been in vain and that was something that he could not allow.

"I will perform the sealing ritual first thing in the morning. After which any mention of the Kyuubi's sealing will be strictly forbidden and offenders will be dealt with harshly, regardless of rank or station within the village. In fact mentioning of the sealing will be considered a capital offence without having explicit permission from the Hokage and they must be in the presence of the Hokage for the conversation. For now though I must attend to my family, as do the rest of you, I'm sure. For tonight I will take the child with me, to my home to ensure both our safety as well as his."

With that said the Sandaime exited the council chambers, a dozing baby Naruto bundled and resting in his arms.



The following morning the Sandaime brought the boy to the Hokage tower and in the presence of several council members began drawing out the necessary sealing arrays both on the floor around Naruto and on Naruto himself.

It had taken the better part of two hours but the Sandaime finally finished drawing out the seals. Sighing the Hokage motioned for everyone to step back so the sealing process could begin.

Running through a short series of seals to mold his chakra into the necessary pattern he placed them along the edge of the sealing array.

Moments after the Sandaime's hands touched the edge of the seal, the seal began to glow. Soon every line that the seal was configured of began glowing a bright blue before the light seemingly twisted and warped towards the center of the array where the Kyuubi vessel lay sleeping. When the blue light reached the child it flared momentarily making those viewing the sealing avert their eyes.

When the light faded and everyone could see again they noticed that the child was still asleep. Some of them also made note how the faint whisker like marks that had adorned the child's cheeks had disappeared after his chakra had been sealed away.

Standing the Sandaime walked across the now barren floor and picked up Naruto, several of the council members who were present looked confused however because they could not see the suppression seal.

Understanding the quizzical look on several of the council members faces the Sandaime showed them the seals location.

Moving the blanket, that the child was wrapped in, slightly to expose the child's back, he showed them the seal. There between the child's shoulder blades was a five pointed star, within each of its points was the symbol for one of the five major elements, Fire, Wind, Lightning, Earth and Water and within the central pentagon was the kanji for seal.

Seeing the seal the council members present nodded approvingly before exiting the room.

When they had all left the Sandaime carrying baby Naruto left the sealing room and headed towards his office. The entire walk there Naruto never stirred, he just continued to sleep peacefully and the Hokage could not help but let a sliver of regret worm its way into his heart. He knew that Naruto did not deserve to have his chakra sealed off like this but his choices had been extremely limited. As these thoughts crossed his mind he fought mentally not to cry for the poor child who was being punished to help quell the anger at the beast that he contained.