Hey, it's another pairing!

It was another ordinary lunchtime on Moonbase. Kids were going up to the lunch line and getting whatever they pleased. The unlucky operative of Sector N, Numbuh 13, watched as Numbuhs 101 and 202 went up to get some blurpleberry ice cream, while Numbuh 101 told her a little story.

"Then sometime after the sixth generation, Malladus married one of the Triplets and-" but his story was interrupted when Numbuh 13 came up and took Numbuh 202's tray.

"Please, allow me to carry it, Kim!"

Kimberly immediately took it back. "Uh, t-that's okay, Numbuh 13! I-I can handle it!" she stuttered, not wanting her ice cream to be spilled.

Numbuh 13 pulled it back as well. "No, really! I insist!" he said as he walked over to a table.

"No, Numbuh 13! Really, I don't-" but before she could finish, Numbuh 13 had stepped on one of his shoelaces and started wobbling around. In a few seconds, he fell down and went head first into the ice cream. The kids in the cafeteria looked and burst into laughter at his folly.

"Sorry about your ice cream, Kim." Matt said to his new friend.

"It's okay! It was worth it!" As Kim went to get another bowl, Numbuh 13 stood up and walked out of the cafeteria, with ice cream and sadness on his face.

He sighed. "What's the point? I can't do anything right."

"That's not true. You do a really good job at making people laugh!" a female voice laughed from behind. Numbuh 13 turned to see it was none other than Numbuh 11-Teen, Numbuh 10's new assistant at Sector L. "Here. Wipe your face." She said, handing him a napkin.

"Thanks." Numbuh 13 said, wiping his face.

"Now tell me, why do always insist on helping people?"

He sighed again. "It's because they all think I'm useless. And I sort of am. I can't go on one mission without tripping on my own shoelaces and breaking something important! No one wants me, not even my own sector. I'm not even sure how I got in the Kids Next Door in the first place!"

"Well, personally, I'd take you over Numbuh 363 any day!"

He chuckled. "Thanks, I guess. But I still don't see why I should hang around here when no one wants me."

"That's not true! If no one wanted you, Numbuh 274 would have never let you join back then!"

"…I guess."

"Plus, Numbuh 362 would have had you decommissioned by now!"

"…Yeah, that's true."

"So, if anything, the reason they let you hang around here is because they think you have potential! You and everyone else may think you're nothing but bad luck now, but deep down, there's probably a great operative in there just waiting to get into action…and do well!"

"You really think so?"

"Yeah! And if the Supreme Leader doesn't believe you have potential, be glad that I do!"

Numbuh 13 smiled. "Yeah…Thanks Numbuh 11-Teen!"

"Please! Call me Eliza!"

"Okay! Call me Billy!"

"Well, Billy, how about we go get some ice cream? And you can help carry mine across!"

"You really trust me?"

"Sure!...But first…" With that, she bent down and tied his shoelaces together. "There we are! Now, let's go!" And with that, they were off back to the cafeteria. Maybe he really does have potential.

And there you. 11-Teen/13. Makes sense, don't it? I was going to pair him with Leona, but I like 11-Teen better! Well, back to more ANCESTOR!