Summary: What if Sigmund hadn't been able to stop Leonid's attack on Capell at Vesplume tower?

I did change a few things to the story line of the game. Basically Capell is successful in cutting the chain before Leonid turns to attack him.

Disclaimer: I do not own Infinite Undiscovery.


Sigmund sat in the chair as he gazed at the red haired boy lying in the bed in front of him. The boy was bandaged heavily but had somehow survived the attack. Though he was alive he had fallen into a coma and Sigmund could only watch him sadly.

He sighed as he rested his head against his clenched hands as his elbows rested on his knees. His shoulders shook slightly as he took in a couple shaky breaths. He let out a small sad sound as what happened replayed in his head.

He watched as Leonid rose into the air and began to charge an attack. He glanced briefly over to Capell who was getting ready to attack the chain. As he looked back at Leonid the man glanced back down at him coolly.

"If it is the end you seek, then I shall not deny you its embrace!" Leonid said.

A wave of power swept the others back as the attack began to grow more powerful. Sigmund froze as Leonid's gaze traveled to Capell as the sound of the chain shattering filled the area. Sigmund watched as Leonid began to turn towards Capell.

"The Liberator's shadow? Or perhaps…" Leonid said as he began to float towards Capell.

"Stay away from him!"Sigmund yelled as Capell turned to see Leonid in the air.

"You regard him quite highly… Amusing." Leonid said as he glanced at Sigmund.

Sigmund watched in horror as Leonid stopped floating and began to charge a ball of energy over his head as he stared down at Capell. Capell faltered slightly as he stared up at Leonid scared and couldn't seem to move.

"You are merely dregs. I have lost all interest in you…but I will still…" Leonid said to Capell as the ball of energy grew.

"No…no…no!" Capell cried scared as the energy began to shoot out to the sides like lightning.

"Veros the Crimson! Grant me your power!" Leonid chanted as the energy became more lightning like.

"Think again!" Sigmund cried as he began to run towards Leonid.

He watched Leonid and as he jumped Leonid's servant got in his way though Sigmund slashed him down as he just leapt at Leonid. Just as he almost reached Leonid, Saranda appeared and knocked Sigmund back and stood between Leonid and the Liberation Force.

"I bid you farewell." Leonid said to Capell.

Capell moved back and put a hand over his eyes as he turned his head away. Leonid released the spell as Sigmund watched in horror. He heard Aya and Michelle yell out in fear for Capell as Balbagan and Eugene moved forward despite knowing they'd be too late. Sigmund's eyes widened as the spell hit Capell directly and the boy collapsed on the ground with a yell.

"Let us leave since our business here is done." Leonid said calmly to Saranda.

"Of course." Saranda agreed as the two vanished.

As soon as Saranda was out of his way Sigmund ran towards Capell. Eugene, Michelle, and Aya ran over at the same time all knowing how to heal. Sigmund could only look down at Capell in horror as he knelt next to the fallen boy. He couldn't even see if the boy was breathing as he lifted him carefully into his arms.

Eugene and the other two knelt in front of him and Capell. Eugene reached a hand out and his eyes widened as he placed his two fingers on Capell's neck. He then moved them to the boy's wrist and then his sides before placing his ear near the boy's mouth. He pulled away and looked at the two girls then Sigmund who looked back with hopeful eyes.

"He's still breathing…but barely." Eugene answered the unspoken question.

Sigmund let out a sad sigh of relief as the three began to use Levi on the boy. He heard another pair of feet approach and saw Rucha kneel next to Aya and begin to cast megalevi as well. He watched as a few of the wounds began to heal and he could see signs that Capell was breathing.

"It's not safe here." Edward said as he and the others waited for them.
"He shouldn't be moved!" Aya said to Edward.

"Then we leave him!" Edward stated coldly.

Sigmund looked at Eugene as he gave his childhood friend pleading eyes. Eugene's eyes widened before he nodded and put his hand on Aya's shoulder. She turned to look at him confused.

"Can you get Gustav to carry Capell to town?" Eugene asked her.

"Eugene!" Edward and Aya cried surprised.

"We're not leaving him here, Gustav is the only one who might be able to carry him with relative ease." Eugene explained.

"All right." Aya agreed reluctantly.

Sigmund lifted Capell up carefully and took him down the stairs with Eugene's help. He gently placed Capell onto the bear's back as Eugene tied him on with some rope. He glanced at Capell worriedly and Eugene put a hand on his shoulder to reassure him. They began to exit the tower quickly but carefully with the girls and Eugene healing Capell every once in a while to keep him alive.

Sigmund was broken from his thoughts as the door to the room opened. He turned to see Eugene standing there looking worried. Sigmund gave him a slight glare before he turned back to Capell.

"Everyone wants to speak with you." Eugene told him quietly.

"I can't leave him…" Sigmund said.

"Sigmund…I understand you're worried but he'll be fine for a few minutes alone." Eugene assured.

"Fine…" Sigmund agreed reluctantly as he stood.

As they exited the room Sigmund looked back inside and looked at the bed where Capell rested. He looked down sadly as he clenched his eyes shut before closing the door. His face hardened into that of the Liberator as they headed to the living room. Everyone was already there and they all turned when Eugene and Sigmund entered.

"My lord Sigmund why haven't we left for the next chain? That boy has been treated and has a good doctor why must we wait here?" Edward demanded.

"Because he is essential to the force." Sigmund replied.

"How is he essential?" Edward demanded.

"Because he can destroy chains." Sigmund stated.

"So can you Sigmund." Balbagan stated.

"No I can't…" Sigmund revealed.

"What do you mean my lord?" Aya asked.

"I thought so…" Savio muttered as he walked forward.

"Savio?" Rico and Rucha asked.

"You destroyed the Chain of Castle Prevent and then when we went to Burgusstadt you had the lunar rite performed." Savio said.

"What does that have to do with my dear Sigmund?" Michelle asked.

"Well after that the next chain we destroyed was the Sapran chain and Capell destroyed it." Savio stated.

"What are you talking about?" Edward demanded.

"Sigmund did not rely on lunaglyphs because he didn't have one." Savio said.

"You mean lord Sigmund is a…" Aya began.

"I am not an Unblessed. I had my lunaglyph removed, though it is a story for another time." Sigmund stated.

"So what are you saying Savio?" Rico asked.

"When Capell escorted me to Eugene he could not see in the dark due to he did not rely on a lunaglyph." Savio began.

"Wait are you saying?" Edward began.

"Yes, Capell is an unblessed." Savio revealed.

Everyone stared at Savio in shock. Sigmund just stared at Savio with a slightly angered look in his eyes. Savio gave him an apologetic look though his face showed no mention of remorse.

"What's it matter if Capell is an unblessed?" Rucha asked.

"What do you mean?" Eugene asked.

"Well Faina and Leaf were nice and they're unblessed. Capell is also nice…so does it truly matter?" Rucha asked.

"Well…" Eugene began.

"Capell was born on a full moon…" Sigmund muttered.

"My lord?" Aya asked.

"He was born on the night of a full moon but there was an unexpected eclipse." Sigmund said a bit louder.

"How do you know?" Aya asked confused.

Sigmund just looked down as he let out a quiet sad sigh.

~End ch.1~

So what do you all think? Should Sigmund reveal how he knows? Also Sigmund does know that Capell is his son he just doesn't let on and Capell pieces it together towards the end of the game.