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I'm having one of those days. The kind of day where the alarm goes off and you should just roll over and go back to bed—all day! To start with, the alarm didn't actually go off and now I'm taking a cold shower because Mike used all the hot water! My old heap of a truck won't start, so I've called a cab. While in route to work, I discover that I've left my wallet on the kitchen table, so I have to ask the agitated cabdriver to stop at my friend's shop so I can borrow some cash to pay for the damn ride! And I haven't even made it to work yet!

I feel like shit! I'm not sure if it's just because I'm in a crappy mood or if I've finally just had enough of this job. After graduating from college, I took the position as library receptionist to give me something to do while looking for a "real" job. Of course the longer my search went on, the more complacent I got. And I hate the work! Well, the snide comment from my boss is the last straw! I quit! This will force me to find a job that actually puts my degree to good use!

Feeling very self-satisfied, and without a truck, I decide to walk the short distance home. Since I'm earlier than normal, I'll have the place to myself. I could use an afternoon of de-stressing; maybe take a long hot bubble bath and read a good book. But as I walk through the front door, my plans change—considerably.

As always, my German Shepard, Jake, is waiting for me just inside the door. Only this time, instead of the usual—running around my feet excited to see me happy dance— he's lying in the corner making sad whining noises. I crouch down to his level, whispering soothing words and scratching his ears, trying to calm him down. And that's when I hear it—a series of grunts and low moans coming from my bedroom. It appears that Mike has also arrived home early today, and is not alone. And clearly, they haven't been disturbed by my arrival!

As if my day wasn't bad enough! Now I find my boyfriend cheating on me, in my own bed! That's it – I've had enough! I decide to catch him in the act. I don't want to give him the chance to talk his way out of this. I quietly walk to the bedroom and gently push the door open, bracing myself for the scene.

Sure enough, Mike's flat on his back with his arms behind his head, gazing up at some trashy blonde who's bouncing up and down on his cock! He doesn't hear me come in. Which is understandable because the skank is making noises that would make even the highest paid porn stars jealous. I almost laugh at his glazed-over look, completely focused on her huge fake tits.

I watched them for a few seconds—I seriously cannot take any more—before clearing my throat to announce my arrival. Seeing me, Mike jumps up so fast that he almost throws Blondie off the bed! Meanwhile, the tramp is desperately pulling at the sheets attempting to cover herself. Naked, Mike stands there staring at me, mouth gaping like a fish out of water, clearly trying to think of an excuse that will clear him of this.

Before he gets the chance, I say, "Don't bother, Mike. You and your stuff need to be gone by the time I get back."

"And take the trash out with you." I sneer at the nameless blonde.

Stopping only to pick up a few toiletries and other necessities from my bathroom, I head towards my girlfriend's house with no plans of returning home tonight. The whole way there, Jake is yipping happily. It's almost as if he knows Mike is never coming back. Well, at least I made him happy.

In dire need of tequila and dancing, I call my two best girls to explain the situation and organise a girly night out. Neither of them are big fans of Mike, so I expect squeals in excitement when I tell them. I call Rose first; she has the bigger place and I need a place to crash for the night.

I'm halfway to Rose's when I call Alice.

"Good Afternoon, Whitlock Designs, how can I help you?"

"Hey, Al. It's Bella."

"Ooh, Bells. How are you? What's up?"

"Well, something's come up and I could use a girl's night—I'm talking make-up, new outfits, lots of tequila, and dancing! I've already called Rose and she's closing the garage early. What do you say—you in?" The reality of the situation is starting to sink in and I want to get off the phone. I've not cried yet and I can feel myself getting upset. Mike might have been an ass wipe, but he was still my boyfriend.

"A girl's night? Hell yeah! There's this new bar/club thing opening tonight, and the shop's been given invites to the VIP party—let me call them to get on the list. Ooooh, and you said you're up for make-up and new clothes! Well I have this amazing blue—Wait. You're up for a make-over? What's happened, sweetie?"

Ah, she knows me too well. "We'll discuss it after the booze start flowing. It's definitely required." Any more discussion now would cause me to lose it.

"Sure, sweetie, it's almost closing time anyway. I'll grab a few outfits, head home and get my stuff, and meet you at Rose's later. And you can have as much tequila as you want, okay?"

"Thanks, Alice. See you soon." I end the call just as the cab pulls up to Rose's house. Jake jumps out as soon as we stop; he's never liked riding in cars but there's no way I was leaving him with Mike. I grab my bag and head in to see my girl.

Four Hours Later…

"And so that's it…that's how my lovely day has been." I down the rest of my drink as I finish telling Rose and Alice my story. The three of us are in Rose's bedroom getting ready for our night. We've decided to go to the new bar Alice has managed to get VIP tickets for, and I'm actually quite excited. The local area is full of bars and nightclubs, but this one is supposed to be different. It's upscale and specializes in cocktails, but it also has a dance floor giving it the nightclub feel. After the day I've had, cocktails just seem like the best plan.

Alice and Rose are both ready, looking every bit the goddesses they are, and now they're working their magic on me. I'm wearing one of Alice's originals; a gorgeous navy strapless dress that hits just above the knees and hugs me in all the right places. It's perfect. Alice is currently on make-up duty while Rose works on my hair. Tonight she's going for the curls-hardly-took-any-time-to-do look, but it's actually taking ages!

After I finish telling my story, Rose is first to offer advice. "What you need is a good fuck!"

Alice and I giggle as she says this; Rose is always about getting a good lay!

She rolls her eyes at our reaction. "No, I'm serious! You've said for ages that the sex with Mike was only satisfactory, and half the time you had to finish yourself off after he fell asleep. C'mon, Bella! Towards the end, you guys weren't even having sex and your new best friend was a vibrator for Christ sake! We need to go out and find you a guy that knows what he's doing and who'll remind you how good sex can be!"

She knows I'm not that kind of girl. Sure, I've had my fair share of dates, but sexually I'm still a newbie. Besides Mike, I've only slept with one other guy.

"Rose, I'm not sure that's really what I need. I just need to go to a club, get drunk, have fun dancing my ass off, and forget all of this ever happened."

"Yeah, we can do all that too. I'm just saying you look HOT tonight, so if some guy hits on you, which they will," she sends me a pointed look when I scoff at her, "don't just write them off, Bella. A bit of fun is what you need right now. Now c'mon, the cab's downstairs."

Yep, that's Rose's way of saying the conversation's over.

A few minutes later we arrive at the bar. From the outside it looks a little small, but nice none the less. A small sign, Eclipse, sits above the door where two bouncers are checking people. The only way to tell it's opening night is the long line around the building. Wow, that's a huge line! Alice, catching the look on my face, assures me that with the VIP passes we won't have to wait. The three of us approach the bouncers, letting Alice speak since she has the tickets.

"Whitlock, for three," Alice says to the intimidating big guy.

He scans the list looking for her name, and nods when he finds her. "Go right on in, ladies. The VIP bar is down the stairs and to your right. Everyone will be trying to get in tonight, so take these." He hands each of us a small blue ticket that simply states, "Eclipse Opening VIP".

Nice touch. That's so much better than having my hand stamped and not being able to wash it off for days! We offer him our thanks and enter the club. Following the bouncer's directions, we head straight to the VIP area and find a table. The three of us take our seats and check out the bar. It's nice—a lot nicer than some of the bars I've recently been to with Mike.

After a few minutes, a waiter comes by to take our drink order. Table service is so much better than having to fight your way to the bar—very nice!

"We'll have two cosmos and one margarita, please." Of course, Alice knows our drinks of choice. After the day I've had, I'm definitely hitting the tequila!

"Sure thing, Short Stuff." The waiter quickly writes down our order. "I'm Emmett, and you are…" He introduces himself to all of us, but his eyes are glued to Rose.

"I'm Alice, that's Bella, and this is Rosalie." Alice smirks at Emmett, knowing it's going to take a lot more than a cheeky smile to catch Rose's attention. She's gorgeous and get's hit on all the time. If this guy's serious, he's going to have to put in some extra work!

So far Rose is not impressed. "Pleasure, I'm sure. But we've all had a long day, especially our Bella here, so can we get our drinks? And tell the barman," she nods in the direction of the bar, "to be nice with the tequila. If there's extra in there we certainly won't mind." And with that, she takes her cell phone out her bag and pretends to text someone.

Emmett doesn't even flinch. "No probs, Rosie. I'll get Edward straight on that, and I'll tell him to make the margarita a strong one." And with a wink, he's off.

Ten minutes later, Emmett is back with our drinks. "Here are your drinks, ladies. Two cosmos," he places them in front of Alice and Rose, "and one margarita for the beautiful Bella." Everyone giggles, and I blush at his comment.

"Nice. Opening night and you're already hitting on your customers?" Rose snaps at him.

"No, Blondie," he states, "That would be my brother, Edward. When I gave him your orders and asked for an extra strong margarita, he wanted to know who it was for. So I pointed the three of you out." He turns his attention to me and smirks. "He seems to be taken with Miss Bella here." Leaving Rose speechless, he saunters over to another table to take their order.

Glancing at the bar, I catch—who I assume is Edward—looking at our table, and more specifically—me. Even from a distance I can see he's handsome. I notice his hair first; it's a messy mop of brown that just screams sex! He's dressed slightly different from the rest of the staff. While they're dressed in black trousers and polo shirts with "Eclipse" written in white, he's in a white shirt, with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. From this distance I can't see much more, but I can tell he's still staring. Feeling the blush in my cheeks, I look away.

"Oooh, Bella! I think you have a fan—and he's hot! We may have found your Mr.-make-me-remember-how-good-sex-is! And he looks like he would be one hell of a teacher!" Alice fans herself while checking out Edward. Rose laughs, whether at my reaction or Alice, I'm not sure.

I take a long swig of my drink. "C'mon guys, I told you I just want to have a few drinks and some dancing. Let's just leave it at that for now, okay?"

Emmett takes good care of us, ensuring our glasses are never empty. I'm not sure if that's how he treats everyone, or if he's just looking to impress Rose.

After a few rounds, we're nicely buzzed and I persuade the girls to hit the dance floor. The DJ's been playing a great mix of music all night and I'm ready to dance! Since the place is now busy, we ask Emmett to keep our seats.

"I got it, ladies. I'll put a reserved sign up and nobody will go near it." He goes behind the bar, and comes back with a sign, placing it on the table. "If you have any issues when you get back, you just let me know."

We make our way to the dance floor, which is busy but we still have room to move. In my opinion, just the right amount of busy. Rose gets my attention, nodding her head to the right. I follow her eyes to see two girls dancing, in a way they must assume is sexy. There's no space between them and they're just grinding on each other, not really dancing at all. To me, they're trying too hard and it comes off a bit skanky. I stop for a second, trying to focus on one of the girls. She's blonde and wearing a short black dress. Her chest is spilling out over the top. The dress is actually quite nice, except it looks to be a size too small. In the right light, she looks like the blonde that was doing my ex-boyfriend earlier today. Before I can be sure, they turn away and head towards a group of guys on the other side of the dance floor.

We soon notice a few guys watching us, though I know most of them are probably just lusting after Rose. Emmett is one of them. I can't tell if he's merely looking out for us or enjoying "the Rose show". I'm just enjoying my buzz and having a great time dancing with Alice. After a few songs, I notice that Edward has joined Emmett.

I look away. It wouldn't do me any good to go crushing on a guy the same day I've dumped by latest boyfriend. I focus on my girls and just let go, enjoying the music. We've been out on the floor for a while, when I see Emmett making a beeline for Rose.

He stops in front of her, looking her straight in the eye. "Dance with me. Please." Rose doesn't say anything, but takes him by the hand and leads him away. I have a feeling that may be the last we see of Rose tonight!

With a smirk I catch Alice's eye, signalling towards the bar. As we make our way, Alice tells me she needs to go to the ladies room. "I'll meet you at the bar. Just order me a cosmo—I won't be long."

Sighing, I turn towards the bar. I can't help feeling a little disappointed that I won't get to speak to Edward. I can't deny that I'm attracted to him, especially since he called me beautiful. As I reach the bar, I feel strong arms wrap around my waist, stopping me from moving any further.

"Hello, Gorgeous. I think after that performance on the dance floor, you owe me a dance of my own."

I can feel his breath on neck and it gives me goose bumps, and not in a good way. This guy is beyond drunk, only keeping his balance by leaning on me. He begins to sway, taking me with him. Then I feel him grinding his erection into my ass. I want to gag! I struggle to get free but that just seems to excite him.

"Ooh, feisty are we? That's okay, girlie. I like 'em like that."

I continue struggling and manage to break free, only to catch my foot on something and stumble towards the ground. I brace myself for a hard landing, but before I hit the floor, I feel a new set of arms wrap around my waist, stopping me from total embarrassment.

I stand up and turn, only to be met by the greenest eyes I've ever seen. Eyes are my thing, and god these are beautiful! They're a stunning, bright, grassy green that I've never seen on anyone else before. My eyes move to his hair—long brown locks, with that "I've just been fucked" look.

Yep…I'm standing in front of Edward.

Now that I see him up close, I can appreciate him even more. I'd called him handsome earlier, but that just doesn't cover it. He's…well…he's just beautiful! He's tall, much taller than me, with an athletic build. He looks like he works out a bit, but he's not bulky. Looking into his eyes…gah! I'm looking at a real live Adonis. I can't decide what I like better; his eyes or his strong jaw.

Speaking of his jaw, I notice he's smirking at me. "Bella, are you alright? You didn't know him, did you?"


"Oh god, I'm sorry! I didn't even introduce myself. I'm Edward, Emmett's brother."

God, there's that smirk again. I shake my head to clear it. "I'm Bella." I smile nervously, offering my hand for him to shake. Edward takes my hand, bringing it to his lips, and kisses it gently. Gah—I think I just melted!

"Ahh yes, beautiful Bella, pleased to meet you."

"Y—you too." I stutter. Good one, Bella.

"Let's sit down. It looked like you hurt your ankle—we should probably put some ice on it." He grabs my hand and helps me towards the back of the VIP section.

As we near the back of the room, Alice cuts us off. "Bella, I'm so sorry but I have to go. Jasper just called—he's wasted and locked out, so I need to go." Her look is a mixture of worry and pissed off. Then her eyes widen, as she sees my hand locked in Edward's. "Do you want to come with me or will you be okay getting a taxi?"

I'm torn. I shouldn't even be thinking about another guy right now, but I find myself wanting to stay.

Before I can answer, Edward decides for me. "I'll make sure she gets home. I've been working so I'm not drinking—I'll drive her instead of a taxi."

Alice looks to me. "Bella?"

Should I? I mean this beautiful man wants to spend more time with me. Should I do what Rose and Alice were trying to convince me of earlier? A little fun never hurt anyone, right?

I nod. "I'll be fine here. Go make sure your man isn't passed out on your doorstep."

"Ok, Bells." Leaning in for a hug, she whispers in my ear, "I want all the details tomorrow." Winking as she walks away.

Turning back to Edward, he leads me towards the back of the building.

"Where are we going? I thought we were going to sit down?"

Looking down at me he says, "We are, beautiful. But I want you all to myself, so we're going to my office where we won't be disturbed." I follow blindly as he gives me a crooked smile and a wink.

Leading me past the bar and down a short corridor, we reach his office. We're barely inside the door, when he kicks it closed behind him and I hear the sweet sound of the lock being turned. Movint to face him, I'm startled when he grabs me and presses me against the door. "God you're so beautiful, Bella. May I kiss you?"

I'm caught off guard. He's so rough pushing me against the door, and so sweet to ask for a kiss. My answer—kiss him first.

Our lips meet and it's electric! My body is alive with sensations. I feel him—all of him—against me, as he presses me against the door. He feels amazing. The kiss starts off rough, with eager urgent lips. But it changes, as he gently as takes my bottom lip between his. A quiet moan escapes me, as I feel his hands move to my waist.

I open my mouth when I feel his tongue slowly tease my lips, begging for entrance. We moan as our tongues meet for the first time. His strong hands remain on my waist, as mine make the journey up his firm body to the hair at the back of his neck. I'm rewarded with a growl as I grab a fist full of his sexy locks.

I've heard about kisses like this—the amazing chemistry and the tingling that's already started in my stomach. But hearing about it and experiencing it are two very different things. I've never experienced anything like this!

Feeling brave, I shift my left leg and hook it around his hip, whimpering when I feel his erection against me. Something in Edward seems to snap, and he lifts my other leg, both now wrapped round his waist, placing his erection against my now wet core.

I groan in frustration as his lips leave mine. Only to moan in pleasure as they move down my neck towards my chest. He pushes the top of my dress down, literally growling when he sees I'm not wearing a bra. He quickly recovers, taking my nipple into his mouth, tugging on it and causing me to yelp. What started off as slow and sensual is quickly turning into something very different.

I decide then and there, that I need this tonight. Rose is right—it's been too long since I've been properly fucked! I look around the office for a better position. Ah, the desk.


I smirk at Edward as I unwind my legs from around his waist. Quite the gentleman, he lets me down gently, apologising. "Was I too rough? I'm sorry. It's just…you make me lose control." His breathing is ragged as he speaks.

I take both his hands in mine and walk backwards towards his desk, pulling him with me. I stop once my butt hits his desk. Looking him straight in the eyes, I reach for the buttons on his shirt, undoing them slowly. Clearly not in the mood for going slow, Edward stops my hands and rips the rest of his shirt off. He gestures to my dress. "Your turn."

"I don't think so, Mister—time to lose the pants." I kneel in front of him and pull down his zipper. Face to "face" with his crotch, I can now see how hard he is and I love that he's reacting this way. Grabbing the waistband of his pants, I pull them down his legs, leaving him only in his boxers. The tight shorts leave nothing to the imagination and I whisper a quick thank you God, when I realise how good the night is going to be!

There's a small wet patch on his boxers, giving away his level of excitement, and I'm desperate for a taste. Wasting no time, I release his hardened cock and run my tongue over the head, licking his pre-cum. I gaze up to see a look of pure lust on his face. Maintaining eye contact, I take him in as far as I can, wrapping my hand around the remaining length. Edward places his hands on the back of my head, guiding me, showing me the pace he enjoys. His breathing soon becomes ragged and I feel him twitch in my mouth. I love that he's close already. All too soon, he pulls away, grabbing my shoulders and urging me to stand.

"As amazing as your mouth is, I won't be cumming there yet." Turning me so my back is against his hard chest, he whispers in my ear, "Time to lose the dress." As his teeth graze my earlobe, I shiver—and not from the cold.

His soft, but powerful hands pull at my zipper, slowly, oh so slowly, slackening my dress. At a painfully slow rate, Edward removes my dress, letting it pool at my feet. This leaves me in nothing but my now soaked thong and black heels. Turning to face him, I stand on my toes, giving him another soft kiss.

"Beautiful," he whispers.

Gently, he nudges me so I sit on the desk. Kneeling in front of me, Edward's eyes focus on my core. My stomach tightens, anticipating what's about to happen next. He spreads my legs, giving him a clear view of my wet panties. Reaching forward, he hooks his fingers in my thong and slowly pulls it off, leaving me bare to him for the first time.

Without hesitation, his hands move straight to my core. I can't help the gasp that escapes as he pushes in one finger, quickly followed by a second, completely stretching me.

"Mmm…Edward…more…" I can barely form words at this point.

His fingers continue to work me, and a familiar feeling starts to build in my stomach. I know this will be quick—it's been months since anything other than a vibrator has brought me release! I look down just in time to see Edward's face move towards my pussy. Seconds later he removes his fingers, replacing them with his tongue.

And his tongue is pure magic! It's hard and soft, quick and slow, and everything I need. Within a matter of minutes, I'm close and panting his name. "I…gonna…Edward!" Just as I'm on the verge of cumming, Edward removes his tongue and I growl at the loss.

So close!

But before I have time to protest, he thrusts his tongue into my mouth, letting me taste myself on him. His fingers are back, at my now throbbing core, pinching my clit and pushing me over the edge. My screams of pleasure are swallowed by Edward, as he kisses me through my orgasm.

"Mmmm...thank you…" I whisper into our kiss, smiling as I feel him chuckle. "Anytime, beautiful, but we aren't finished. You're naked, wet, and on my desk, so I will be fucking you now."

I glance down, realizing he hasn't cum yet. Looking into his eyes, I lean back on my elbows, and once again open my legs wide for him. "Well let's go then, gorgeous."

His eyes fill with surprise and then lust, before leaning down for his pants and pulling a condom from his wallet. "You better hold on tight."

We lock eyes as he rolls the condom over this cock. I watch as he strokes himself, before aligning his cock at my entrance. He stares at me for just a moment, before grabbing my hips and pulling me to the edge of the desk, thrusting deep inside me and making us both gasp.

My breath catches, as I stretch to his size. He's big, bigger than Mike or Tyler and it takes a few seconds before I'm comfortable. Noticing my rigid body, Edward stills, letting me become accustomed to having him inside me. But it's not long before I start rocking my hips, encouraging him to move with me.

"Oh…my…god…so fucking hot…" Edward groans. I look up to see him looking at where we're joined—watching us fucking. He grabs my right leg, moving it over his shoulder, causing him to go deeper than before. We groan in unison at the new amazing position.

I yelp in surprise when I feel his thumb on my clit. I'm still sensitive from my first orgasm and I know if he keeps going, it won't take long.

"Bella, Baby…cum again…please…I'm so close..." He grunts, as he continues working my clit, pumping in and out of me with abandon. I meet his thrusts with the same vigour and it's not long before I'm on the edge.

"Harder…yes! Faster!" Edward picks up speed, thrusting deeper and faster than before. Moments later, I scream as my orgasm crashes through my body, my walls clenching down on his cock. His mouth is on mine, covering my screams.

"Fuck…" He grunts into my mouth and stills, his orgasm taking over and he spills his seed into me.

As Edward recovers, he collapses on top of me. Instead of being bothered by his weight, I relish the feeling of his naked body against mine. It's silent for a few minutes, as we lay there catching our breath.

Once composed, Edward stands and wraps the condom in a tissue and places it in the waste basket. He then moves around the office, collecting our clothes from all over the floor. Facing me, he holds out my dress and helps me step back into it. Quietly, I wait for him to dress before we head to the door.

Will he still drive me home? Will he call for a cab now? This silence is killing me!

As he opens the door, a door on the opposite side of the hall opens at the same time, revealing a dishevelled looked Rose.

She catches my eye and bursts out laughing. "Well, you look how I feel!"

"Right back at ya!"

Rose turns back to Emmett, who is now standing behind her, giving him a brief kiss. They exchange a few quiet words before she turns back to me. "You ready to go?" I nod, as I step out of the office and back into the club.

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