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Nothing compares to the feeling of hearing Bella utter those three wonderful words.

I love you.

My hands tighten on her hips as I hold her close to me. "You do?" I breathe, desperate to hear her say it again.

Her hands find their way to the base of my neck, and her fingers softly play with my hair. Her breathtaking smile is my answer, but she chooses to respond to me anyway. "I really do, Edward. I love you so much."

I lean forward and press my forehead to hers, allowing my eyes to close as relief washes over me. She feels the same.

We take a few moments to enjoy our moment, basking in the intensity of it. There is no going back from here—not that either of us would even want to.

Bella breaks the silence first as she pulls away from me. "You were nervous to tell me?" she asks, her brown eyes shining with emotion.

I nod. "I was. It's a big step, and I wasn't sure you were ready to take it with me."

She smiles softly. "I'm definitely ready."

I run my knuckles along the line of her jaw. "I love you," I murmur. Words that I once found so difficult to say now flow freely.

She sighs. "I love hearing that."

"And I love saying it. "

Our eyes meet seconds before she leans forward, pressing her mouth to mine. Our kisses are soft and slow as we savor the feel of each other. Clenching my shirt, she pulls me close and I relish in the feeling of having her body flush against mine.

Willingly, I open my mouth to hers as her tongue flicks against my bottom lip before entering my mouth. She whimpers as the kiss deepens, her tongue sliding against my own.

As always, the feel of her body against mine affects me physically, and I know she can feel my hardening cock in this position.

"Bella," I murmur against her lips. "We should move to the bedroom."

I feel her answering smile on my own. "I highly approve of that idea."

"I'm glad to hear it."

With one last lingering kiss, she pulls away from me and slowly stands. She fusses nervously with her hair and pats the crinkles on her dress that have been caused by our sitting position.

I grin at her fidgeting. "Are you nervous?"

"No." She blushes. "Well, a little."

I pull her into my arms once again, my hands settling on her waist. "There's nothing to be nervous about, Bella."

"I know. It just feels like our first time." She looks up at me. "Is that weird?"

I shake my head. "No, not at all."

"Does it feel like our first time to you?" She asks.

I consider my answer for a second and take one of her hands in mine. "No. This might be the first time that you're aware how I feel about you, but it's felt like making love to me for a while. Each time, Bella, it's something so special, so amazing. I'm always glad that you share that part of yourself with me. "

She's speechless for a few moments before she answers. "It's felt different for me as well."

"See, then you know you have nothing to be nervous about." I bring her hand up, softly kissing her knuckles.

Keeping her hand in mine, she starts to walk toward the door.

"I'll meet you there in a few minutes. I just have to tidy this up." I gesture to the room, which is still lit by candlelight. Although some have already died out, a number of them are still burning.

"Oh." She pouts as she glances around the room. "Don't take too long." She picks up the champagne and strawberries and looks over her shoulder as she exits the room. "I have plans for you."

Slackjawed, I watch her leave and curse the day that I thought that candles were a good idea. Yes, they are romantic. Yes, she liked them. But now I have to tidy up the living room with a hard cock, instead of going straight to bed to celebrate with my girlfriend.

With surprising speed, I quickly blow out all the candles, leaving them where they are and make my way to our bedroom. I don't care about leaving them until tomorrow, or the fact that Emmett might come home and see them. All I care about is the beautiful brunette who is hopefully waiting in bed for me.

I take my time as I make my way through the apartment in an attempt to calm my body down. After everything that's happened in the last twenty-four hours, the need to touch Bella is overwhelming. It's been a weekend of ups and downs and my emotions are frayed. Although our date night didn't necessarily go the way I had originally planned, the end result is all that matters. I managed to tell Bella how much she means to me, and I'm lucky enough to have her reciprocate those feelings. Although, sex has been on my mind since the start of the weekend, so knowing my luck, I'll blow my load like some over -enthusiastic teen on prom night.

Taking a deep breath, I push open the bedroom door. "Bella?"

"I'll just be a minute," she calls from the bathroom.

Taking her announcement as an okay to come in, I enter and take a seat on the end of the bed to wait for her. I can't help but smile as I scan the room. It seems as though I'm not the only one trying to extend the romance; Bella has taken a few of the left over tea lights and scattered them randomly all over the room: on the window sill, chest of drawers, and on the bedside cabinet.

I kick my shoes off—not caring where they fall—and undo the top few buttons on my shirt. I lean forward, resting my elbows on my knees as my hands find a life of their own, playing with imaginary fluff on my pants. Chuckling, I flop back on the bed as I realize I'm fidgeting—the exact same thing I just laughed at Bella for.

"What's so funny?"

Her voice startles me and I shoot up on the bed. My laughter dies in my throat as I take in the sight before me.

Bella stands in the bathroom doorway looking absolutely stunning. She has changed from her evening dress and has slipped into something which I guess is a lot less comfortable, but definitely sexier.

My eyes greedily roam her body, not knowing where to start. The babydoll dress she's changed into isn't one of the raunchier ones I know she owns, but still sexy enough to get my heart racing and my cock hardening again. She's utterly breathtaking. Short, simple and black, the silk dress plunges at her chest—showing off her fabulous curves—and stops just below her ass, flashing just the tiniest part of her cheeks.

"What do you think?" She twirls, the dress flowing around her body as she does. "It's new."

"I—" I clear my throat. "I…uh…I can see that." I reach my hand out to her, silently asking her to come to me. "You look beautiful."

She turns the light off in the bathroom before joining me at the bed. Instead of sitting next to me like I hoped, she takes a hold of my hand and stands between my legs.

With my hand in hers, she brings it to her chest and places it over her heart. "Can you feel that?"

I can only nod.

"My heart is racing. You do this to me, Edward." She releases my hand, but I keep it where she placed it. She's right; her heart is beating furiously.

"Mine," I murmur softly, mostly to myself.

"Yours," she whispers back.

I remove my hand from her chest as she leans down to kiss me. I try to pull her to me, eager for more contact, but she steps out of my grasp ever so slightly. Each kiss is enough to turn me on, yet tempt me in the most glorious way.

"Tease," I mutter, before wrapping my arms around her neck and pulling her down to me. My tongue traces her lip, and I nip it lightly. Opening her mouth, Bella deepens the kiss, our tongues dancing together lazily.

"Edward." She breathes as she straddles me—a move that has my cock ready to burst through my pants.

I hum in response, pulling her lips back to mine for another kiss.

Nothing has changed about our kisses, yet they still feel so different, and I know it has everything to do with our declarations tonight. Each caress means so much more, and I hope she can feel the love behind every one. Nerves, that were leading the way earlier tonight, have fallen to the side, and instead excitement and lust fill the room.

My hands find her hips as I give over to pleasure and grind her body against mine. She pushes on my shoulders and, caught off-guard, I fall back on the bed with a grunt. She follows but hovers over me, holding her weight on her elbows. Her long, flowing locks create our own little cocoon.

"Hi," she murmurs, a grin on her face. I love seeing her so carefree, especially knowing I've put that grin on her face.

"Hi," I reply, pushing some hair behind one of her ears.

"You love me," she whispers.

I chuckle, caught off-guard with her comment. "I do."

"I love you, too," she says, softly grinning.

Instead of responding, I move quickly. I roll us over, pinning her below me, and make sure that I keep my weight off her. I take her hands in mine and place them on either side of her head. Her squeals of surprise are cut off with my hungry, eager kisses.

I can't get enough of her.


I moan as I realize she really is mine. She loves me back and it's me she's chosen to be with. Not that douchebag ex of hers, and certainly not her boss.


"I need you." The words are out before I can stop them. I can't help it. I need to show her just how much she means to me.

"Show me." She says.

I lower myself, my body becoming flush with hers, her soft curves causing me to moan loudly. My lips find hers once again, but this time there is nothing gentle about them as need takes over.

As beautiful as she looks in her babydoll dress, it's time for it to come off. Desperate to feel her skin against mine, I lift off her, one hand bunching the material in an attempt to rid her of it. Understanding my movements, she takes over and removes the offending material herself.

She sits up, a small smile on her face, and begins to undo the buttons on my shirt. Destined to torture me further, her fingers move slower than mine ever would.

"Bella," I moan as her fingers deftly stroke the slivers of skin becoming visible to her.

"Sorry. I'm just taking the time to appreciate you," she whispers, as her eyes roam my body.

As her fingers work on my shirt, mine work on my pants. Soon, she's pushing my shirt off my shoulders as I push my pants and boxers off.

"Finally," I murmur as I lay Bella back down on the bed, my body following hers.

My lips find hers again, but quickly move to roam her delectable body. And I make a point to cover every single inch.

Bella writhes beneath me as I cover her body with tender kisses—her neck, her collarbone, the dip between her breasts—but I remain careful to avoid the place that she wants, needs, me the most. Ever so softly, my fingers find her panties and I slowly peel them down her legs, finally leaving her bare to me.

Her moans and whimpers almost break me—tempting me to forgo my patience and thrust into her in one swift movement—but I remain strong, determined to take my time with her.

"Edward…" she breathes, longing evident in her voice. "Please…" Her hips buck, emphasizing her desire.

"What do you need?" I ask, already knowing her answer.

She huffs. "What do you think?" She spreads her legs, bending them at the knee and laying the balls of her feet flat on the bed. This new position leaves her open, vulnerable—and leaves me drooling for more.

It becomes apparent I've been staring for too long when she has to ask me again. "Well?"

She doesn't ask a third time.

Without another word, I focus all my attention on the girl lying in front of me. Holding her legs in place, I slowly lower my tongue to her wetness, and work her into a frenzy. I focus on her reactions: the way her fists grasp at the bed sheets; how her body arches silently begging me for more; and when her legs try to close, locking in place when I hit that particular spot.

She releases her hold on the bedsheets, her hands instead making fists in my now-unruly hair. Her breaths are coming out in small pants and her hips are bucking wildly, looking for more friction, telling me she's close.

When she starts grinding against my face, chasing what she needs, I slide my hands under her hips and pull her closer to me.


My name is a mere whisper on her lips as her body stiffens, before succumbing to her orgasm. I glance up, watching between her thighs as she shatters around my fingers. Keeping my eyes on her, I continue to work her until her orgasm subsides.

Watching Bella come is one of the hottest, most erotic sights I've ever seen. Her body is covered with a thin sheen of sweat, and her chest is heaving with her pants as she tries to regulate her breathing.

She tugs my hair, and I crawl up her body. My lips trace her skin, my fingers tracing where my mouth can't. She hums in contentment, her body arching when I pass a particularly sensitive spot.

As soon as they can, my lips meet hers again, urgent and eager.

Her hands move quickly down my body and I moan when her delicate hand wraps around my cock.

"Bella," I grunt, unintentionally thrusting against her stomach. The urge to just push inside of her in one quick movement is overwhelming. Her hand continues to stroke my cock, setting fire deep within my stomach. If she keeps going the way she is, her thumb currently sweeping at the leaking liquid at the tip, then I'm going to come before I even get the chance to be inside her.

"I know," she murmurs as her hands continue working me.

"I…I need…"

"Me too…I need you inside me, Edward." Her hands increase speed and I bite back a groan at the feeling. Each caress pushes me toward orgasm, and I'm not ready for this to be over yet.

"Baby, you gotta stop." I take her hand in mind and regrettably push it away from my cock. "I'm too close as it is."

I can't wait any longer. With my left hand, I grab the back of her thigh and push it upward, watching lustfully as her right leg follows. This new position opens her up to me, and my cock twitches in anticipation.

"I love you," I whisper, before pushing into her in one long, heavenly thrust.

"I—" she gasps.

I still and squeeze my eyes shut as I try to adjust to the feeling.

Every time.

Every goddamn time.

It just gets better. No matter how many times I'm inside her, each time is better than the last.

"You can move," she whimpers. "Please."

"Just give me a sec," I groan as I give my body time to adjust. Keeping my body still, I drop my mouth to hers.

"Bella." I sigh before kissing her soundly. She meets me halfway, lifting her head slightly from the bed. Her lips are just as eager against mine, and I can't help but smile.

She feels it too.

I need to be closer.

Moving my arms underneath hers, I grasp her shoulders and anchor my body to hers. My body hums in fulfilment; this is what I need. Her answering sigh tells me that Bella needs exactly the same; to have my body touching every inch of her.

My hips begin to move of their own accord, and I focus on the beautiful creature beneath me. Her head is thrown back in ecstasy, her eyes shut tightly as she gives in to the pleasure.

I'm too close, and I want her to come again before I do.

My hips gain a faster pace, thrusting steadily against her. In response, she mewls loudly and her fingers grip tighter on my shoulders—something which will definitely leave a mark.

"Edward…so close," she breathes.

"Me too," I confess, the spring in my stomach becoming tighter with each thrust. I'm not going to last much longer. "Ugh…baby, touch yourself for me…please."

I feel her hand move between us, and I lean back on my knees as Bella's legs wrap around my waist. I lose myself in the feeling as I watch her fingers move between us.

"Goddamn, Bella."

She nimbly works her clit, her fingers moving in time with my thrusts.

My eyes lock on the erotic sight below where we're joined. It almost becomes too much, and I have to close my eyes in order to fend off my pending orgasm.

"Are you close?" I say between gritted teeth.

"So…close." She moans as her body arches. "Faster, baby."

I lean forward—taking one of her pebbled nipples between my lips—and increase the pace of my thrusts. Our skin slaps together ,and our panting breaths echo throughout the room.

"Bella…" I grind out. "Give it to me."

"Ugh," she gasps a few times, as her legs tighten around my waist. Desperate to feel her come around me, I focus all my attention on her. Each thrust, each stroke of my finger, they're all for her. She needs to know just how much she means to me.

"I love you." The words flow freely now. There's no fear, no hesitation—just pure unadulterated love.

"Yes…yes…Edward!" Bella's body shudders and her legs stiffen as her orgasm pulses through her. Her back arches as her head is thrown back into the pillow and I swear I've never seen a more fascinating sight.

"Gonna come…" I pant against her cheek. So close.

"Please, Edward," she replies pulling me closer.

My grip on her tightens and my thrusts become faster, harder and deeper as I chase my own orgasm. Bella continues to whisper words of love, which does nothing for my resolve.

Finally it's too much, and her breathy I love you pushes me over the edge. My orgasm crashes through me with a force I've never experienced. I grunt her name as my thrusts slow and I still, trying not to collapse on her.

Both of us pant as we try to catch our breath. My arms begin to shake as I try to hold myself above Bella, so I regrettably move. Slowly pulling out of her, I move to her side and pull her against my body. We lie there for a few moments before she moves to get up.

My arms tighten around her. "Where are you going?"

She turns, looking over her shoulder. "I have to clean up. I'll be back."

I watch unabashedly as she walks naked to the bathroom. I couldn't be happier with how our weekend's ended. It had sucked to start with, and I let it put me in one funk of a mood, but our date today turned out to be perfect.

Minutes later, Bella returns from the bathroom. She blows out the last few candles that are lit in the room before quickly running to bed. I pull open the covers as she jumps in with a giggle.

Right away she crawls over to me, and I grimace as she places her freezing feet on my legs.

I grunt and try to roll away, but she follows me.

"It's cold!" she exclaims as she wraps herself around my body. I shudder before wrapping my arms around her. Freezing or not, I have to have her close to me.

We move so we're settled in a comfier position: I'm lying on my side facing Bella, who mirrors my position. Our naked chests are touching and I tangle my legs between hers.

She has a lazy grin on her face and I'm pretty sure the smile on my own is exactly the same. Tonight has been perfect and I imagine it doesn't get much better than this.

She sighs, and I like to think she's thinking the same as me. "What's the sigh for?"

She pulls back and looks up at me. "I'm just really happy."

I lean down for a kiss. "Me too, baby."

Silence falls around us and for the first time this weekend, it isn't awkward.





We wake up in the same position we fell asleep. It's not the comfiest of positions, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Waking up with a naked Bella is definitely on the top of my list of favorite things.

I glance at the alarm clock and flinch when I realize the time; there's no way Bella will be making it to work on time. Lost in our own bubble yesterday meant we forgot to set the alarm clock.

I look down at the beautiful girl in my arms. She looks so peaceful; her long brown locks are in a disarray after our activities yesterday, and she has a small smile on her face. I hate to have to wake her.

"Bella." I nudge her slightly and she groans, burrowing deeper against my chest. "Baby, you gotta get up. You're late for work."

She stiffens against me before pushing me away from her. I grunt as her hands make contact with my chest and watch as she jumps from bed. "Shit!"

She runs around the room, pulling out random pieces of clothing before slowing down and turning to look at me. She drops the pants and bra she has in her hand, leaving them on the floor where they fall. She chuckles softly as she walks back toward the bed and crawls back under the covers.


She laughs before replying. "Alec gave Angela and I the morning off since we were in on Saturday. I don't have to be in until after lunchtime."

Huh. Maybe her boss isn't such a douche after all.

"That's…nice of him." I try to keep the disdain out of my voice, but the smirk on her lips tells me I'm unsuccessful.

"Mm-hmmm." She snuggles against me again. "C'mon, we have at least a few more hours before we have to think about getting up again."

"Sleep?" I ask. Sleep is the last thing on my mind now that I'm awake and know that I have Bella to myself for the next few hours.

She giggles as I roll us over, pinning her body beneath mine as I find my favorite place: between her legs.

"You have other ideas?" she asks playfully, a blissful smile on her face.

"Oh, I have plenty of ideas, baby."

My lips find hers once again, and I spend the next few hours showing Bella all the ways we can spend our time—that don't include sleep.


I wake a short while later, deliciously tender but sated. I roll from my side to my back, taking advantage of having an empty bed to fully stretch. I moan, loving the feeling of that first full stretch in the morning.

I should be annoyed at waking up alone, but I can hear Edward banging around in the kitchen, so I know he hasn't gone far.

I contemplate getting up, but decide to take advantage of the extra time. I roll back to my side, hugging Edward's pillow. I hold it close, inhaling deeply and sighing in contentment as I'm surrounded by his smell.

Thinking back over last night has me flustered and giddy all at the same time. I'd been nervous about attempting our date night again, but I needn't have worried. From the second I walked through the door, his attention was fully on me.

My heart pounds in my chest as I remember our declarations last night. While those three important words have been on the tip of my tongue for the last few weeks, I've been unsure where he stood on the matter. And to have him say them first, without any prompting from me, means more than I can possibly say.

I feel as though a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and we can face anything that's thrown at us.

Before Edward, I thought I had experienced love. It was heading that way with Mike—I had thought I might grow to love him. But now I know I've never experienced anything close to what I have with Edward.

He owns my heart completely.

A string of curses finally raise me from my bed, and I head to the kitchen to investigate.

Pulling on a pair of sweats and a tank top, I follow the smell of burning food to the kitchen. I enter just as Edward is opening the kitchen window and trying to fan some black smoke out of it.

"Umm…everything okay?" I ask, hesitantly stepping farther into the kitchen.

He spins, seemingly caught off-guard by my voice. His face falls when he sees me.

"You're supposed to be in bed."

"I am?"

"Yes, I was bringing you breakfast in bed."

I glance at the pan sizzling in the sink and the smoke now passing through the open window. "It's okay, I can grab something on my way to work." I don't want to insult him by telling him I'd rather have something to go.

"It's the thought that counts, right?" he asks, opening his arms to me.

"Most definitely, I agree, willingly stepping into his embrace. I love how we just fit together. He rests his chin on my head as I lean my forehead on his chest.

"Mmm…morning, baby."

"Hi," I murmur back, suddenly feeling unsure and nervous. This is ridiculous; nothing has changed apart from us voicing our feelings.

"Have I told you today that I love you?" he murmurs into the top of my head.

I grin before pulling back to look up at him. He found the words so difficult to say, but now that he's said them once and I've returned the sentiment, they flow easily.

"You might have mentioned something earlier." I gesture back to the bedroom, where he definitely showed me how much he loves me.

I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

He runs a finger down my cheek. "I do, you know."

I nod. "I know. I love you as well."

And just because I can, and because this beautiful man loves me, I reach up on my tiptoes and kiss him.

After a few minutes of stolen kisses, he pulls away. "So, I was on the phone to Mom earlier. She's invited us all for lunch next Sunday."

"That sounds good. At the club again?" I pull back to look at him then continue to kiss him, my mouth making the trail from his lips to his strong jaw.

"No, at their house. They've invited Emmett and Rose, too. You free? "

"Next weekend? Sure, count me in."