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Full Summery

Naruto suffers from an unknown illness, consisting of VERY high fevers, cramps, major headaches, memory loss and has to take regular medication. When he moves to Konoha with his Dad, he meets a group of people with one thing in common, their relationship with animals and how they were found near an exploded science facility... Is it possible that this illness is just a cover up? and if so, what for? Read on... Yaoi, violence and MORE!

Friday 6:00pm

"Naruto?" A pale hand shook at the sleeping boy, trying to bring the boy back from his dream land.

"Naruto? NARUTO?" The closed eyes scrunched together, then swinted at his awakener.

"Dad? aww, 5 mins" The eyelids closed again with no answer. He then fell into the expecting arms as the seat belt was undone. The tall man carried the boy princess style to the front door, blond hair falling over closed eyes.

"We're here Naruto, our new home" No answer. Broad shoulders shook as he chuckled, shaking his head as he ascended the stone stairs, slouched over the boy to see where his feet stepped. The door to their apartment was already wide open because of the removal men, boxes were stacked in the hallway and one small box propped open the door. The man made his way to one of the doors beyond the big room that was to be the living room and kitchen.

He pulled the door open, laying the deep sleeper under a blanket on a mattress, Naruto shifting slightly as he left the room, pulling the door closed. He never noticed the black cat watching from the far window, its fur as black as night, the eyes were bright red. But they changed to the same night black as it jumped down, changing to a frowning boy, pale, slim body with black, duck-butt like hair, making him look older than 15. He nodded to the two dogs as he went past, the bigger one also changed into a boy, brown hair, black slit like eyes, red upside down triangle tattoos on his cheeks and a muscular build. The smaller dog was placed into his jacket, its head sticking out.

"So? Who's the newbies?" The look on the brunets face could only be described as curious. The sun setting to the park at their left illuminated their surroundings.

"Pale guy, long black hair, tall, about 30-35 and green eyes. The other looks about our age, blond" Tattoo-face shook his head laughing.

"You always give the basics, come on, have they got pets, strange markings, these things are always useful you know" Bored eyes closed, he didn't care about the newbies, why should he? If he did then he'd wait 'till Monday at school, no biggie.

"Kiba, if your so desperate, wait for school or go round theirs tomorrow and say hello" The small dog barked at his owner .

"Aww, don't side him Akamaru, but then again, I guess your right. Its just weird because after that incident, nobody comes here anymore..." Kiba turned towards the park gate, setting Akamaru down, turning to his companion who was staring at the water tower on the hill behind the park.

"Sasuke? Come on! We're meeting the others, don't wanna be late for the film" he turned back, walking towards the monumental fountain at the parks center.

"Why do I have to come along anyway? Rocky horror picture show has no storyline and is a bad film" Kiba rolled his eyes at his friend.

"We've been over this before Sasuke. Its a bet between Sakura and Ino, not actually sure what it is though" Kiba shook his head, running up to a small group of people.

"Hurry up Sasuke!" Sasuke's agonizingly slow walking didn't speed up, he was thinking about the new guy.

'He smelt faintly like that other person'

"SASUKE! IF YOU DON'T HURRY UP I'M TELLING EVERYONE YOUR GAY!" He raised a perfect eyebrow, Kiba just did what he said he was going to do. How very Kiba like.

"Theres no rush, you know" There was half an hour until it started and it was a ten minuet walk from the park plus a couple of minuets or so of getting tickets and snacks, like Sasuke said, no rush.

"You do know your walking speed is slower than the Head with broken legs and a two second attention span?" Sasuke looked to his left, there on the edge of the fountain was a teen with his brown hair in a ponytail, staring at the sky.

"Shikamaru, is that why you broke the Heads legs? I thought it was an accident *crunch crunch* Right Hinata?" The fat boy with his shorts, top and bag of crisps, running his hand through his light brown hair, walked beside the girl with dark blue hair and lavender eyes, who was playing with the toggles on her coat, nodding.

"It was an a-accident, r-right? After all, h-how could we k-know he reads the s-same p-porno books as Kakashi?"

"Can we forget that now? Come on, that was last week Choji" A girl with pale blond hair and eyes came up to Sasuke's left. Sasuke closed his eyes waiting for...

Silence, no big weight on his back, no sickly sweet voice in his ear, calling his name.

"Wheres Sakura? Not that I miss her or anything" The blond girl grinned, memories of minuets ago...


"Hello? Oh, hi Ino, whats up?"

"Well, Tsunade's got the test you weren't here for, she told me to tell you to revise sections 4,5 and 8 in the textbook for Monday" Squealing was heard at the other end of the line. Tsunade is their Medical Practice teacher (Medical Practice doesn't exist... I think) and when a test came up and you didn't get above an A, well, thats something you DON'T want to think about.

"OH NO, I need to prepare, I'm sorry I can't come with you tonight, tell Sasuke I love him" Sakura hung up, Ino giggled to herself. Sakura forgot that they didn't have a lesson on Monday. Stupid girl.


Sasuke sighed, thanking God for people like Ino. No Sakura means no sickly pink blob during the film. Ino coughed, her hand palm up. Sasuke dropped money into the open hand.

"Nice doin' business(sp) with ya sir" Kiba looked confused.

"I thought you two had a bet?" Ino just grinned and Kiba shrank back. Choji looked at his phone.

"Hurry up! We've gotta get moving otherwise we won't get good seats. MOVE OUT!" Everyone nodded and followed Kiba, who was now frog-marching a very red Hinata.

... But...

No-one noticed the yellow eyes...

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