A/N: I got a prompt to do a utopia drabble on Tumblr and this just sort of happened. It's sort of The Giver/Hunger Games-esque. I'm thinking of continuing it with an actual plot, along with the addition of some Finn/Rachel. We'll see :) Hope you enjoy!


She passes by the baker's every day. He's an apprentice. He usually ices cakes and makes rosettes and does the dainty things they force him to do, but when a hot girl comes around, he does manly things like knead dough or lifting big trays and stuff. At least, he thinks it's manly.

But she passes every day, hand intertwined with that of her partner's, Finn. The sun makes her gentle hair glow like honey.

They used to know each other. They used to be secret friends—running to the woods hand in hand, making mudpies and picking flowers and catching lightning bugs. When her first class badge was coated in grime and dirt, it didn't matter that he was a lowly 30th class boy. The poorest of the poor.

One day, she comes in the shop, alone.

"Two loaves, please." Her eyes are downturned. Females cannot look at males; they can look at no man but their father or their partner, whom they are assigned to at eighteen.

"Comin' right at you, Quinn."

"Thank you, sir."

He flicks some flour in her face, making her raise her hazel eyes to his in disdain.

"You know my name." He says solemnly. He slides a few coins under the table. "You know what it's for."

"Thank you."

"Are you going to say anything else?"

She rolls her eyes.

"How's the baby?"

"Shush. Is it that noticeable?" She straightened her posture.

"You look a little rounder. Finn's going to get suspicious soon."

"Don't. Just don't. I'm trying to hold off getting exiled as long as I can."

He wraps the loaves in paper and places them in her hands. His flour-dusted fingers make contact with her spotless ones for a moment. She snatches them away.

"It was a mistake, you know. Doing that with you." She whispers, and then swings open the door so that the bell clangs obnoxiously.