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"Path to Perfection"

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1 week after "Cross My Heart and Hope You Die"'s last chapter...

Jinx was pacing left and right of their cell- the children were all asleep and only Kid Flash, her husband, was looking anxiously at her.

"What is it, love?" he asked her "Are you hurt?"

"No-no" Jinx replied quickly "I'm just worried, Wally, really worried."

"Me too" he mumbled miserably "Plus, I feel like a total looser- I'm here- I'm watching him hurt you and the kids almost every day and I can't do anything about it!"

"Oh, honey!" Jinx said soothingly "Nobody can. Don't beat yourself up about that. I can't protect you or the kids either..."

"That's different!" Wally argued "You're a woman. You're delicate. I'm your husband. I'm supposed to protect you. You shouldn't have to protect me or the kids or yourself even, that should be MY job and my job only."

"Nonsense Kid Flash," Jinx said, rolling her eyes "When have we ever worked that way? When have us titans worked that way? Our team is perfect because we have the combined power of male and female minds, working together to create justice for all."

"Yeah, well, I guess you're right," he said defeatedly "It still sucks though."

"We have to find a way out of here though," Jinx said and her voice shook a bit as she added "J-Jake's d-death sh-shocked me greatly. I don't want to die, Wally. I don't want any of the kids to die either- I couldn't bear loosing another child."

"Nor could I" Kid Flash agreed with her "But Jinxie, dear, HOW will we manage to get out? This cell's completely escape-proof!"

And, unfortunatedly, neither of them could come up with a solution to that problem...

At the T tower...

Ravenie was freaking out.

And so were Summer, Jade, Changeling, Nightwing, and all the other titans for that matter.

It had been a week since anyone had last seen or heard from Jake.

"Where could he be?" Changeling wondered out loud.

"NO idea man," Cyborg said "I've checked all his favorite places already- I even checked the program and talked with the JLA members to see if Jake had contacted any of them- nothing."

"You don't suppose Creak might've captured him, do you?" asked Aqualad, troubled.

"Don't say that, don't say it!" Ravenie said, anic evident in her voice.

"Nah- here? In the tower? And without us hearing anything? I don't think so..." Cyborg said.

"Okay then, let's re-trace Jake's last steps," said Speedy "Who was the last person to see Jake and WHERE did he/she see him?"

"I was," Ravenie answered "And the last time I saw him he- he-"

"He...?" Kole prompted.

"He was sleeping next to me, in my bed, holding me." Ravenie said, blushing madly and avoiding her father's eye at all costs.

No luck.

"You were WHAT with him?" Nightwing screeched.

"He was sleeping next to me dad- JUST sleeping- nothing else!" Ravenie exclaimed.

"You better not be lying to me about that, young lady..." Nightwing said threateningly.

"I'm not dad, and even if I were - so what? It's not like we haven't done it before!" Ravenie said "Right now, the most important thing is to find Jake..."

" She's right, you know?" Speedy told a glowering Nightwing "Circumstances don't matter for now. Every little detail counts. So Ravenie- you didn't notice he left?"

"N-no," Ravenie said looking puzzled "And I'm a light-sleeper, I wake up easily, at the smallest of movements or sounds I wake up so it's all very strange- how could I not notice him leaving?"

"Well, he obviously wasn't taken by force," Kole said.

"What makes you say that?" Argent asked her.

"Well, for starters, Ravenie's room shows no signs of a struggle," said Kole "Furthermore, if there HAD been a fight, surely we would have heard the noise? And what about Ravenie? She claims she's a light-sleeper, and you didn't hear anything did you?"

Ravenie shook her head.

"What about security cameras?" Bumblebee asked "Didn't THEY show anything?"

"Security cameras are dead," said Cyborg through gritted teeth "The system failed, conveniently, the day Jake disappeared..."

"Great," said Changeling sarcastically " Just great. I thought you'd said they were infallible Cyborg!"

"Well, they are!" Cyborg said, defending his security system "For the most part, anyway." he added when he sensed Changeling was about to retort back.

"Yeah, man- remember this is no ordinary villain we're facing here..." said Aqualad.

Just then, Robin's communicator began to beep loudly.

"Excuse me," he said, then hastily left the room...

The others went back to their discussion.

"You- you don't suppose he's run away?" Summer asked tentatively, and looked at her father, then pointedly stared in Ravenie's direction. Her father got her message.

"Por qué haría eso?" Mas asked. (A/N: Translation: "Why would he do that?")

"Yes, it's not like him, no, no puede ser, el no es asi." Menos added. (A/N: Translation: No that can't be it. It's not like him to do something like that.)

"Guys- only english if you don't mind!" said Aqualad, irritated.

Changeling however, looked thoughtful and sad.

"Adectually," he said with a sigh "That might be a possibility..."

"No way!" Hot Spot said "That's not the Jake WE know- what makes you say that? What makes you doubt your own son? His courage?"

"Listen- my son is no coward, of that I am sure." said Changeling firmly " But, I also know that he is extremely unstable when it comes to dealing with his own emotional breakdown- and there's been lots going on for him these last few days. He's terribly affected by his sister's d-death. Summer- you told me he even blames himself for that- doesn't he?"

"He does," said Summer nodding"He thinks he failed at protecting her- us."

Changeling resumed his talk.

"Plus, now his mother is in some sort of-well- trance. Scott is still in a comma, and Jade, his favorite sister, is on a wheelchair- we don't know if she's ever going to walk again or not. And yet there's more- what with the Wests captured and possibly injured if not dead-"

Everybody in the room winced when he said this- not wanting to imagine their friends as dead.

"And- and-" Changeling broke off and seemed unable to continue, he looked pointedly at Ravenie who nodded in return, giving him permission to go on.

"And...?" Cyborg asked.

Changeling sighed, he hated to be the one to be delivering this kind of news and wished, now more than ever, that Raven were here with him. She handled these things better than he did.

He took a deep, soothing breath and said, as calmly as he could

"My son is a soon-to-be father."

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