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Humans hated what they couldn't understand; it was a simple, yet complicated sentence. And when human hated something, they acted toward it with superiority, thinking they were far greater.

It was because they thought they were the first kind that existed, but they were strongly wrong. They thought that mutants were parasites and that the X-genes were a disease, all because they couldn't understand how or why it happened. They were also scared… scared that there were other beings that were stronger, that could kill them without even trying. That's why they made weapons, gathered armies and constructed prisons, just to tame what they thought was a threat.

Mutant or human, everyone was thinking that a war was coming, but they were strongly wrong. The war had started when the first mutants showed-up.

They were hunted down and chased, like wild animals that belonged to cells and prisons, caged and tamed. It was then when every single one chooses a side.

There was the one side that consisted of mutants that wanted to destroy and ravage to reach their revenge. The second side were the ones who tried to stop them, defending humanity and its rights. Then there was the third side that was called "The 'moi' side", where mutants just continued their lives, not caring if tomorrow was the end of the world.

It was always happening. Humans treated with racism and so Mutants were treated with racism. It was just like a daily routine, where everything had started at some unknown point and was going to end at some other. As simple and as complicated.

Of course, many attempts were made by both sides to exterminate the other. Never once succeeding but making chaos none the less. That too was a routine, a never-ending one.

Big organizations were in the head of the war, fighting for personal reasons, but never for the peoples' own good. It was made that way to stay that way, that's what they wished.

It was a routine, a simple, complicated daily routine.

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