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"For the tenth time in a row, I did say STRYKER!" shouted the short-tempered telepath as he ran a hand over his well groomed hair, earning several gasps and disbelief cries from the X-men.

"And by Stryker, we mean both the father and two sons." Supplied Tonia as she shook her ears in a fast motion, grinning like a Cheshire cat to hide the pain she was feeling; but the slight twitches at the sides of her mouth betrayed it.

"But I thought that the weapon X facility was demolished." The professor furrowed his brows in confusion, wishing his telepathy was working on those people so he could figure what they were hiding.

"Actually, it's true. Stryker isn't working on those projects now a days, he's teaming with some government criminals to work on a project; its' said they're kidnapping mutants to make what they are creating stronger or effective." Semali pulled both Insanity and gentleness toward her, fusing with them as she took the latter's place beside Tonia to support her.

"Mind telling me where your roles come?" asked Ororo as she lowered herself until the tips of her shoes touched the wet ground. Rain stopped immediately and the sky cleared from numerous dark clouds in a slow motion, leaving the rays of sun shining on the place.

"We don't really have a main part in this; we're just hired to find where Stryker is by people who are willing to know where he is. We weren't going to get involved with you, but then the incident with Semali just popped so we decided to make the best of it." Explained the telepath as he nodded his head while letting his eyes roam around the people he was facing.

"Ya mean that yer not with that son of a bitch?" Asked Logan, his claws itching for some skin to pierce by what he heard. Oh man, we're gonna have to call forge for danger room repairs again...Thought Scott, running a hand over his face.

"Hey! We don't scoop that low." Protested Tonia, the pain getting more intense every passing second as the blood started seeping even more.

"What would you say if we call a truce?" Suggested Jean, tired of fighting.

"Well, our benefits are clear. But what would you want?" asked Semali as she eyed the X-men, noting that some of them were missing.

"All the knowledge that you have about this." The professor knew that it was a fair exchange, very fair to both parts.

"And getting Katherine of whatever mess you put her into, now." Emma's voice was like icicles shattering on the ground: Clear, sharp and most of all; cold.

For the first time, everyone turned toward the blonde to see her supporting a drained Kitty who was twitching and jerking, not to mention mumbling to herself about ponies and magical lands where chainsaws danced hula.

"Its' not a mess, really; I just blurred the line between sanity and insanity she had. But that won't be for free, I'll happily heal your friend if you heal mine." Semali pointed to the pale Tonia who was fighting to catch her breath without making it oblivious. Emma nodded in satisfaction and Semali didn't hesitate to call another twin.

"Sanity, please fix this." The twin was like all the others, but with lime-green hair and eyes. She nodded slowly before she began storing energy just like Insanity did, but slower and somehow calmer. After she finished, she made a small ball of energy form between her hand before giving it the form of a bolt and firing it toward Kitty.

Kitty felt something yet again collide with her chest, and then a feather touch on her mind. Slowly, she began regaining her senses and in one word, her Sanity. She saw the lime-haired girl being pulled toward Semali and fusing with her once again.

"I would have said Thank you, but you're like; the one who is responsible for this in the first place." said Kitty as she stood on her feet, glaring daggers at the dark-haired who just smirked; pointing to her injured friend.

"Now it's your turn before we get to the main deal." said the male telepath as he winked toward Ororo, earning several glares and a scoff.

Pain. That was all Kurt could think about at the moment, the burning pain that flowed from the scar on the back of his neck to the rest of his body. He could barely open his mouth to eat let alone speak, his gums always starting to bleed when he tried either one. His tail was unmoving, unless you counted trembling as movement.

Kurt lay in bed, the quilts thrown off savagely into the corner of the room. He lay there, in nothing but very light boxers, his scarred indigo skin drenched in feverish sweat that soaked through the sheets and mattress. He needed to shut his molten yellow eyes tightly, any kind of light or movement causing pain to lance through his brain.

Quinn sat beside him, running a damp cloth over his brow and chest in slow easy strokes. When she had to turn his head to wet his neck and shoulders, she did so very gently and tried not to look at his scar there. It was bright red and inflamed, the center seeming to be filled with milk white pus that did not seem to want to burst. Every time she rested his head back to where it should be, he whimpered from the inertia he felt.

No one knew what had caused this sudden infection and sickness in Kurt. It had started with a simple flu, which they had treated with the proper medicine and rest. But no sooner had it started to go away then it flared up ten times worse, leaving Kurt bedridden and panting badly. Hank still couldn't figure out what exactly was going on, despite all of the medicine and blood tests he performed.

Slowly Kurt opened his watery eyes, and Quinn seemed to have doubled and blurred up, even swirling in a faint circle in place. Panting and wheezing faintly, he forced his aching body to sit, swallowing down the urge to both vomit and howl as it felt like his feet and hands were filling up with acid. He looked into Quinn's Emerald green eyes with his own diseased yellow ones, crimson tears flowing freely.

"Kurt, you should lay down." Quinn said softly. Kurt pushed his body to the breaking point as he leaned forward and rested his sweaty head in the crook of her neck, breathing in deeply of her scent of foreign spices.

"Hold me." He whispered, his voice raw and hoarse, as he tasted blood in his mouth all ready. Quinn kept her hands away, biting her lower lip faintly as she looked at his dead tail.

"Kurt, if I touch you, you'll feel pain again." She said softly.

"Quinn, I'm in pain now." Kurt pointed out. "Hold me. Tell me what is going on outside of this room. How is Scott doing?" Slowly, Quinn wrapped her arms around him, rocking slightly. She was right of course, as soon as her skin touched his, Kurt's body erupted with fresh pain. He closed his eyes and let her rock him, ignoring the pain.

"Everyone's worried about you, Kurt. Hank is trying his best to find a cure for you." She said. "Its fall and the leaves have all ready started to turn yellow and red, falling to the ground in giant piles." She added, laughing faintly at the thought. Kurt smiled very slowly, hot blood flowing onto her shirt.

"Do the others play in it?" he asked, raising his eyebrows slightly.

"A few do." Quinn said sadly. "Most of them are too worried about you to go out and have fun."

"Tell them to go out and have fun for me." He insisted. He tried to raise his head but he gave up. "Promise?"

"I promise." Quinn nodded, stroking the back of his head gently.

"How is Scott?" Quinn's hand stopped stroking his back at once. Kurt sighed softly, knowing the answer right away.

"Scott is fine." Quinn said finally, not wanting to let him know that everyone was out there fighting.


"I feel really tired." Kurt said, his eyes wandering the room. "I think I need to lie down and go to sleep." As he spoke, Quinn watched in horror as his tail slowly shriveled up and disappeared finally. His indigo skin slowly turned pale white and his large fingers and toes split apart and turned into perfect human hands and feet.

"Holy shit." she whispered. Kurt slowly fell back onto his soaked bed, his ebony hair sticking to his face. With a trembling hand, Quinn closed his beautiful amber eyes, resting her head on his narrow chest.

"Fortunately, it isn't as bad as it seems. Her spinal cord is healthy enough but if she wants it to stay that way, I would recommend that she stays away from any kind of suicide moves for at least a month, plus having a daily massage with ginger oils to help relax the tense muscles around the bones and lessen the pressure on them to help keeping the healing process safe and push any chance of having surgery away. The bad thing is that the violent stretching damaged her muscles greatly and it had torn some flesh tissues apart; which made her loose blood and gash the first layer of skin. Her metabolism is helping her body to get back to health in a fast pace, so I gave her sedatives to help her relax; she'll be as good as new after two hours of sleep at the most." Assured Hank as he deposed the yellow file he was carrying on the sterilized table, fixing his medical glasses before turning to the group of people smashed in the medical lab.

"Thank you Hank" Mouthed the professor as he nodded his head in deep concentration.

Few minutes ago before they dropped to see how Tonia was doing, they headed to Cerebro in an attempt to do a search and hopefully find a clue on where Stryker or his twisted family was; alas, he was much smarter. His traces were covered skillfully, leaving no brain signal of where he was or if he was even alive. Whatever they were doing was something dangerous, because the men doing it were simply dangerous.

"Anyway, you still didn't complete your part of the bet; so no way we're telling you anything." Quipped Semali as she ran her hand over her sweaty forehead. God, I need a shower…She thought as she glanced at her older friend, who more interested goggling the X-woman; but an elbow to the stomach made him pay attention to the discussion.

"I'm afraid we didn't, but we can't part ways just yet" Responded Xavier, not missing a beat.

"The professor is right; we need you as much as you need us." supplied Kumiko, finally regaining Stamina after her fight.

She was still just a Trainee, and had never been on a field mission. In words, she wasn't even an X-man and had only watched them practice instead of joining them and if she faced herself, she was still weak. She only joined the institute during the summer, spending it with the students who only had the mansion to stay at and new comers such as herself. She never dreamed about fighting, neither was she interested; it was just so barbaric in her opinion.

But when she was fighting alongside Cyclops on the battlefield, alongside the team, she felt a missing piece has been placed in that puzzle she loved to call her heart. She felt as if she belonged to it; she was natural to it.

"So, how's he pulling off?" asked Joseph as he sat across his friend, Quinn, who was launched over the sofa with a cup of three shots mocha late over her lap.

"Pretty bad actually, he seems to get worse every passing day. Like half an hour ago for example, he just blacked out without even closing his eyes! I thought for a second that he was dead, but his heart was beating. "Quinn lowered her head and reached her cup sipping quietly as she studied Joseph's worried face.

"Well, apart from that I think the professor is going nuts. Remember the people I told you about? Well, he dragged them to his office and they're talking!" The porcelain cup was slammed on the glass table, making it vibrate just as Joseph vibrated with rage.

"Are you serious? They blew a part of the school and they're talking?" Quinn's cup joined Joseph's as she leaned further on the table.

"I think the professor has something in mind, he does want to accomplish things in peace but he's not foolish" Quinn nodded at Joseph's words and lifted her head to rest against the sofa.

"Wake me up when this nightmare is finished." Mumbled Quinn as she put a hand on her eyes, thinking about how her best-frien, no, her brother was suffering.

"We're going to find a cure to what he has, I promise!" cheered Joseph as he squeezed her hand, earning a smile.

"By the way, I heard Tabitha was looking for you." Quinn smirked as a slight blush tinted on Joseph's cheeks; the kind of one you'll miss if you blink.

"Oh man, don't tell me she broke down my car; again." Whined Joseph as he slapped his forehead with his left hand, earning a laugh from Quinn.

"Oh don't worry; you'll get over it…..Hopefully." She heard a groan coming from him before he stormed toward where the blonde was.

"Men…." She sighted before drifting into a much needed nap.

This time, the group moved to Xavier's office with only Kumiko and the professor representing the X-men; the others were off to tend other pupils.

"All I want to say is that we organize a long going truce, I could offer you a place here. For you Semali as a student and you Gabriel as a teacher, you seem well qualified and your physics license is very good and high-ranked." Spoke Xavier as he nodded toward the people seated opposite of him.

"And what are we going to gain from it?" asked Gabriel, the male telepath as he positioned his hand under his chin.

"Of course you will gain education, and also your physical skill will be polished due to our training program. You will also gain a valid position in the team if you prove to be capable of handling it, and a chance at another style of life." Answered Xavier, knowing that he hit a deep nerve; or so he hoped….

"Sounds good to, what do you think Semali." said Gabriel, glancing at his partner who was smirking.

"As long as I don't have to share a room with anyone." She replied in a sassy voice, rolling her eyes.

The small room was dimly lighted and poorly decorated. There was only one table in the middle with two chairs in opposite sides and a bottle of water as well as a glass on it. The young boy looked around panicked for the 4th time that hour. He still didn't know where he was, or why he was there and when he tried to use his powers earlier; it tired him quickly.

The sound of the glass door being opened jerked him to alert mode, making him snap his head forward as if waiting for someone to strike him. He expected a soldier with gruff features to enter or a well-built colonel but never a woman.

She was slightly tall compared to most he had seen in her age, her auburn hair pulled in a tight bun without even one strand escaping. She was dressed in a white sleeved blouse and a black skirt, her allure emitting grace. She carefully seated herself in the chair across the boy and laid a folder on the table, pouring herself a glass of water as she did so.

"What's yer name kid?" Instead of a honey smooth, sugar coated, high pitched feminine voice; the boy only heard a gruff male voice coming from the pretty woman.

"Umm...Can I have a lawyer?" asked the boy nervously in an attempt to save him time; he only got a sneer and the woman or whatever bisexual being she was repeated the question.

"Look, it's either yah cooperate and we leave yah in peace or we force yah tah do it. So Ah'm going tah ask yah sum' questions right now an' if yah know what's good fer yah is; yah'll answer 'em. Understood?" The boy shook his head an eager yes before he answered.

"My name is Ian Deming, Ma'am." Answered the boy as whatever it was in front of him growled, inching closer until He/she grasped him by the collar.

"Do Ah look like ah woman tah yah? No, scratch that; do Ah sound like ah woman tah yah?" The boy shook his head a fierce no as the man let him go, nodding in satisfaction.

"That's better, so now, next question. When were yah born?"

"15th April, 1994." The man nodded and wrote something on his paper before he looked once again toward the boy.

"What are yer powers?" Ian looked a little bit reluctant to answer before he gave in.

"I can talk… well that is, I can communicate, with non-human life forms." The boy scratched the back of his neck before letting a nervous laugh.

"How exactly?"

"The professor explained it to me once; everyone's mind has these electro-chemical synapses that cause waves of electric energy – brainwaves, heh. These vary from person to person, and well… from human to mutant… and from animal to human… My mind operates in the animal range. So… like a telepath can speak to a human, or a mutant, I can communicate with non-humans, or mutant. My brainwave is below theirs."

"Yah can't communicate telepathically with humans or mutants?"

"Well, no. I can't hear them, and well… they can't hear me."


"Yeah like, for some reason, with my powers…. My brain is different. Most telepaths aren't even able to hear or detect my mind in any way, let alone talk to me."


"Well, I haven't met one that can yet… even the professor can't talk to me telepathically."

"Interesting…" The man scribbled some notes on the legal pad that lay in front of him. "When did Xavier approach yah about entering his school?"

"He didn't."

"What do yah mean?"

"Well my dad…I mean the Professor… he can't exactly… well to him… and his equipment I don't exist so… I'm mentally invisible, right? So my dad… my dad found him and approached him about it."

"Did yah want tah go tah Xavier's?"

"Not at first… but I thought… I thought the chance to use and develop my abilities in the open would be pretty neat."

"And did yah?"

"Well… yeah, a little."

"What are yah able tah do with yer abilities currently?"

"I can control them a little better now; exert some control over the animals…"

"The professor encouraged yah tah exert control over the creatures yah can communicate with?"

"What? Uh… no. No, in fact he discouraged it rather strongly… I just… noticed I could do it one time."

"Did the professor train yah in any other ways?"

"What… what do you mean?"

"Have yah undergone any physical training from the professor?"

"Well there's a pretty tough physical education program… but no, not really."

"I see." The man continued to jot notes.

"What is the range of yer ability?"

"What do you mean…?"

"How far away can yah exert this control from?"

"Oh… I don't… I don't know exactly… A few blocks? I mean… we'll let's see…" The boy paused, closing his eyes for a moment, and then he began to speak slowly, halting after every phrase. "Four dogs… seventeen deer… a bear… no… two bears… and a lot of squirrels… like twenty or so."

"Yah can tell the difference between the animals?"

"Well, yeah… like the professor can between humans and mutants. I can tell the difference between a canine and a feline… but not too much… I can't give you the types of bears or dogs or wolves…"

"How can yah tell if they're wolves?"

"Flashes of mental images… from the dogs they're hunting something…"


"There are no bugs…"


"Bugs… I can't… there aren't any near here. Not even, beetles, or anything…. And there's snow on the ground outside."

"That's enough Ian."

"No I… where am I?"

"That's enough fer now. Yah may rejoin the others."

"I thought you said you would let me go if I answered the questions." There was an accusing tone in the boy's voice.

"We will, don't worry, but Ah have other interviews tah conduct first."

The dimly lit room seemed to fill with light momentarily as the door opened, two uniformed men came in, and one held a syringe, and the next thing Ian knew was darkness.

The man sitting at the table gathered up his folders, getting his papers in order.

"Well?" Asked a seasoned old man who stood by the door, passing a hand through his beard.

"He took tha bite, but Ah recommend keeping him sedated most of the time and only feeding him via IV."

The two taking care of the boy looked to the old man in the doorway. "Do it." He instructed.

"Yes sir." The two nodded, as they removed the boy.

"Bring in the next child." The man in the suit instructed to some men in the hall.