I liked this movie, but I definitely don't think it was written that brilliant. For one thing, I liked the antagonist more than the protagonist and when Sara told Rebecca that she was never her friend, I could understand why she did it, but I still felt really sorry for Rebecca.

Over Again

"You were never my friend."

All her life Rebecca remembers being alone. At school she had been the quiet one that sat in the corner and no one had been brave enough to approach her. After a year of sitting by herself in the lunch room, she had begged her parents for a brother or sister, someone that was all hers and that would look up to her as the perfect person. She would have protected them and looked after them so they loved her, loved her like her parents never did.

When she was in high school, one girl had reached out to her. Maria was sweet and shy and everything good in the world. As their friendship grew Rebecca started to smile, smile at Maria and at her parents. She had drawn Maria over and over again and even shown a few to Maria. She had been flattered by Rebecca's drawings but Rebecca could tell she was slightly unnerved by the amount of them. She had stopped showing them to Maria but still continued to draw.

Sometimes she had imagined growing up with Maria, having a double wedding and their children being best friends. Hours she had spent in her room just staring up at her ceiling, imagining Maria and their lives together. She started to look up colleges that they could go to and where they could share a house.

Before that she had needed to get rid of the competition and those that would hurt them. The boy that had stood Maria up had death threats put in his locker. The girl that had teased Maria had been held down, threatened and her head shaved. The unfair Math teacher found acid instead of coffee in his mug. All for Maria.

But when Rebecca had tried to make another girl that wasn't good enough for Maria see the error of her ways, the girl had gone running to the principal. Rebecca had been asked to leave and put on medication. Maria had avoided her after that.

And Rebecca was alone again.

In college, Rebecca had resolved to start again. She may be only twenty minutes from where her parents lived (their stipulation if she wanted to live away from home) but it was still far enough away for no one to know 'crazy Becky'. Then she had met her roommate who was perfect and she really seemed to need Rebecca; she even used to have a sister. Rebecca could see herself fitting into the role, being a protective older sister to Sara and making sure those who hurt her would pay.

Sara would look on her as a best friend and Rebecca wouldn't be alone anymore.

Her heart had broken when the gun had gone off and then it shattered into pieces when Sara had said those words to her, words that hurt even more coming from her lips that they did Maria's. The knife was no consequence.

Rebecca died thinking that Sara was reaching out to comfort her in her last moments and she smiled at the thought that Sara would still remain her friend. No one could come between them.

Hope you like.