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Chapter 1 – Head Girl, me?


Dear Miss Lily Marie Evans,

It is my pleasure to inform you that you have been appointed Head Girl for the 1977-1978 school years. This is a very prestigious honour which permits you to take points and give out detentions to troublemakers, without having to make arrangements with teachers, like your previous Prefect job required of you. You and the Head Boy are to show a good influence on the younger years, but do not take this lightly or take advantage of it. This job involves late-night patrols, which may or may not affect your schoolwork, and it is one of your jobs to ensure that you keep your grades as high as they have been the last six years. You may not give out detentions or take points away unless the person or persons deserves it. I hope to see you take full and perfect responsibility for this post, and to have fun over your last year at Hogwarts.


Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School for witchcraft and wizardry

P.S. meet me in compartment A for your debriefing.

Whoa! Was my first thought, just wow! I'm head girl, me, Lily Evans. This can't be right; I must have got the wrong letter. Maybe I got Emma's by mistake? But Dumbledore doesn't make mistakes…so how could this be real? Maybe it was a dream, yeah. And maybe Potter is actually friendly. In my dreams, in my dreams…

I read over the letter again just to see if my mind was playing tricks on me. Hmm it appears not. Oh well I might as well just be head girl, It doesn't sound sooo difficult, yeah and maybe N.E.W.T.s are easy.

I looked down at my empty bowl, and I'm ashamed to admit that I cast an accio spell to the cereal just because I couldn't be bothered to get up. Wow I'm such a couch potato as muggles say. Luckily no one saw, I feel really magic drunk. He he.

My parents were upstairs getting ready for the day; my sister was down the hall talking on the telephone to her new fat, ugly boyfriend, vermin, or something. Anyway I didn't care about him, even though I wonder what my sister saw in that whale. I knew she was jealous of my magic and the attention our parents gave me over the summer but I didn't understand how Tunley could hate me still after all this time. It made my stay at home depressing.

I twirled a piece of long red curly hair around my finger; I could honestly say I looked like a medieval witch. With the long red curly hair that nearly reached my waist and the bight greenness of my eyes, add in my pale skin and my slender build and my rather short height I could flash back in time and fit right into the society until someone screamed witch.

The sudden thought of my looks made me contrast my self with my sister and my friends. While I was petite my sister had a tall graceful figure that showed her ice skating and swimming skills, instead of red hair she had inherited curly blonde hair from our mother, and while she looked like a supermodel to others she only shared her true horse-like face with me. She would turn her nose up whenever I was in the room scowl at me creating wrinkles in her smooth skin. Our parents tried to ignore it and Petunia only recently stated calling me names behind their backs encouraging her friends to do the same. It hurt, more than I let it show.

My friends on the other hand all ways made me smile, truthfully Hogwarts was my home, it was more a home than any other place could ever feel. The first friend I remember making was Emmeline Vance, Emma as we all called her was nearly a head taller than me and had strait dark brown hair that just passed her shoulders with a long fringe that nearly covered up her dark blue eyes, her pale skin contrasted dramatically with her dark features.

Cassie also contrasted very well with lily herself. Dorcas Meadows was considered one of the most beautiful girls in the school, with her long wavy golden blonde hair that fell to her waist and chocolate brown eyes along with her willowy build she looked like the modern fairy tale princess. Lily always thought her friend reminded her of Rapunzel, though her personality was more the opposite of a damsel in distress.

Next in line was the smallest of her friends, Alice Fields. Were as Cassie reminded lily of Rapunzel, Alice reminded lily of snow white. Alice had long curly black hair that nearly reached mid-thigh and silvery grey eyes that shone. Her small build only hid the true soul of the girl, for Alice was a person full of surprises.

Next would be Mary, a fellow muggle born. Mary Macdonald might have looked plain with her shoulder length brown hair and light blue eyes, but she made up with that in her tall height and passion for her friends.

Lastly would be Marlene McKinnon, Marlene's coffee coloured skin and dirty blonde curly hair along with her dark brown eyes gave her the appearance of a goddess. Though Marlene may have been a pure blood, her family was all for the love of muggles and wizards alike.

Though she and her friends looked nothing alike, underneath they were all feisty loyal to one another and complete girly girls. They may not have seemed like it to the Hogwarts fellow pupils but these girls were trouble when all brought together. Sure they didn't publicly announce their trouble making skills or flaunt it in front of others. But these girls could match the marauders pranks skills to the best, sure no one suspected them of breaking rules, but that was only because they knew how not to get caught.

Thinking about her friends while eating the crunchy cereal that was coco pops, lily knew they would want to hear her news first hand before anyone else told them. With that in mind she ate the rest of her breakfast and went up the stairs to ask her parents if she could go to Diagon Alley the following day.

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