Chapter 17 – Wormtail gets scorched


Peter could just tell it was going to be a bad day as soon as he'd woken. For starters he'd woken up late causing his so-called 'friends' to chuck a bucket of cold water over his head. And then he had only able to grab a slice of toast before his first lesson in which McGonagall had asked for homework in which he had forgotten about.

He didn't think it could get much worse after Care of Magical Creatures, where he'd been bitten by so many flobberworms that he had to be taken to the Madam Promfrey because of blood loss. But he was mistaken.

Potions had always been an alright subject, he wasn't bad at it, and yet he wasn't one of the top students either. He'd always told his mother that he wasn't the top of his class because he didn't want to show off in front of his peers, but her disappointed frowns never disappeared no matter how hard he tried to impress her.

Potions, though was the one subject he wished he wasn't partnered up with Remus, mainly because it was Moony's worse subject. And by worse he means he and the other boys had to help Remus cheat so he could pass with OWL in it. Let's just say when Remus enters a Potions classroom everyone wants to be as far as possible from him. But because Remus helped him in other subjects he felt that he had to help his friend in this one, which is why when Remus asked him this question…

"Hey Wormtail want to help me with this potion?" Peter didn't have the heart to say no.


"What shall we make? Since Slughorn is letting us choose what potion to make." Remus smiled at him, thanking him with the shinning of his eyes.

"Um… what about Pepper-up?" he suggested, it was best to do something simple when Remus was concerned.

"Nah, it's too easy. Why don't you pick something you'd like to do?" Remus flicked through his advanced potions book and Peter began to get a bad feeling.

"What about that potion that helps cuts heal, nothing much can go wrong with that." Yes, Peter couldn't see how Remus could blow this potion up, and even if he did it most likely wouldn't hurt anyone too badly because of the healings ingredients.

"Yeah, that looks good. I'll go get the ingredients." Remus suggested getting up from their table and heading over to the supply cupboard which had already been abandoned by the other students who were now working on their own more complex potions that were less likely to blow up.

Sirius and James were at the back with them though they had chosen the table at the other side of the dungeon. Right now they seemed to be arguing at which way the potion was meant to turn. In front of them were Marlene and Lily whose potion looked already half down despite probably being the most difficult potion in the class. Alice and Dorcas on the other hand were exchanging notes and seemed to be giggling quietly behind their own caldron. Emmeline and Mary we're two tables in front of us and were cutting up their own ingredients.

Potions was always worse off because the Griffindor's shared it with the Slytherin's, but even through Professor Slughorn was Slytherin's head of house he didn't always favour them, he favoured the people who were at the top of his class or had famous parents. Therefore the Slytherin's always had to work hard to win his favour; this meant they were unusually quiet in this class. For example Severus Snape was at the front of the room nearly face planting into his own potion, his greasy hair was hanging limply around his face even through most of it was tied back in a pony tail. But despite his best efforts Slughorn didn't invite him into his special Slug club, which he had invited Lily and Marlene as well as James and Sirius.

Remus had come back with their ingredients and had loosened his tie in the process; it was more often than not that the potions class got so hot that half the student's layers would be piled onto the floor by the end of the lesson; this could even happen in the winter. Peter himself had already taken off his cloak which was draped over a nearby stool.

By the middle of the lesson their potion was half way done and Peter began to relax, nothing could go wrong now. And somehow, even with six years of experience he didn't know he'd spoken too soon.

He saw it happen in slow motion, even though it only really took a couple of seconds. Remus had been taking his arms out of the sleeves of his blazer, suddenly feeling too hot to wear it. His eyes, Peter could see we're focused on Emmeline Vance who was leaning over her own potion and was steering it. A few strands of hair had fallen out of her messy bun and her eyes were focused on her work, her checks were slightly pink and her fringe was sticking slightly to her forehead. Her strange dark blue eyes flashed in their direction as Remus nearly finished getting his blazer off, his concentration fixed upon her he didn't realise that he knocked a whole bottle of liquid extract boneset into their potion making it bubble at the extra stuff. It stopped after a moment, making Peter sigh in relief maybe they could get out of this unharmed.

Throughout this Remus still hadn't realised his actions and had now succeeded in getting his blazer of, flushing at the look Emmeline was giving him. Her smile showed dimples in her cheeks as her eyes sparkled with amusement. Mary nudged her in the ribs making her turn round and pay attention to their own potion, this in turn made Peter stare down at his.

The clear grey colour the potion had once been had now turn into an acid yellow, it was bubbling again and giving of steam.

"Shit!" He squeaked, gabbing Remus' arm and regaining his friend's attention, this action knocked the boys off their chair making a slight bang onto the ground startling their friends across the room. Peter could hear their friends panicked voices from here.

"Oh dear Merlin, what did Moony do now?" James' voice was filled with concern, which was not the same for Padfoot.

"It's funny how it's always Moony who creates havoc in Potions." Sirius laughed in amusement, though somehow Peter didn't find this situation at all funny.

The strange new substance was beginning to boil over their cauldron and trickling down onto the table it started to make hissing noises as it hit the wood. Which startled a couple of the students that we're near enough to hear it. They all seemed to turn around with expressions that we're mixed in boredom and in shock; after all it was nothing new for Remus to blow up his own potion nearly every week.

Peter looked at in horror as in made its way towards his and Remus' fallen figures; they began to crawl away from it, forgetting initially that they were wizards and could simply banish the concoction away with a flick of their wands. Because when it comes to being in that moment you tend to forget what you can and can't do.

But Peter despite having his wand in his pocket seemed to also forget this as he didn't get his feet away from the mess fast enough. The moving liquid began to crawl onto his shoes burning through the soles as a cloud of stream surrounded them blocking off their view of everyone else in the room and making them invisible to their classmates. Peter began to feel slightly sick in the stomach, as he remembered that Slughorn had appeared fixated on a new box of crystallized pineapple that someone had apparently given him. He wouldn't notice that anything was wrong until someone yelled out, and suddenly it occurred to Peter that Remus and he had stayed quiet this entire time.

Peter tried to shout for help, but at the same moment the potion touched his skin and his shout turned into a scream.

"Aggghhhh!" he shrieked, sure that everyone must have heard his voice go to a level even he had never heard it go before.

Remus seemed to realise that Peter was not behind him and in fact now injured, he pulled Peter back by his collar almost strangling him in the process. His foot began to feel like it was burning, his scorching skin felt like it was peeling off. How in the name of Merlin could a healing potion cause SO much damage?

"Peter, are you ok?" Remus concerned voice floated above him, the pain had appeared to much as his vision began to become blurry and he let out a moan in pain.

The last thing he saw before the blackness surrounded him was the faces of his friends as they hovered over him, and the last thought that ran through his mind was; damn those girls to the depths of Morgana's Realm.

The blackness began to clear as Peter felt himself wake up, he realised he was lying on the only thing that could be described as the Infirmary beds. I'm sooo hungry…

He must have missed second lunch, and Merlin forbid maybe even dinner. Thank the wizards that he and his friends had discovered the kitchens or he might have starved to death a hundred times over. Maybe they'll have stashed something for me already, he thought.

"Hello Peter, if you can hear me I'm really sorry. If it makes any difference I took a whole cheese cake from the house elves as an apology." Remus' voice sounded from his right, oh great now he'd have to forgive him because cheese cake was his favourite dessert and the house elves hardly ever made it. He could smell it from where it rested on the table by his bed, oh how he wished he could sink his teeth into the richly cheesiness of it. If only he'd wake up now!

"Hey Pete, you totally missed Snape fall over his own chair when old Sluggy ran up to you guys. It was hilarious!" Padfoot's infectious laughter seemed to eco throughout the room, making him wish that he'd been concuss to see the image he talked about, it wouldn't have the same effect hearing second hand.

"Don't worry Wormtail we won't start pranking until you're able to. We're like those muggle musketeers that I heard Lily compare us to, though they did more fighting with swords than pranking the unfriendlies." James laughed at his own joke, and as the other boys seemed to pay less attention to him and began to laugh between themselves, Peter felt himself wake up. His finger twitched beneath the sheets and he began to feel the feeling in his feet return. And then he opened his eyes.

"He's awake!" Sirius cheered and as he began to dance around the room the group caught Madam Promfrey's attention.

"Out with you all! He needs plenty of rest, which won't happen when you're keeping him awake." The four of them groaned as she battered his friends away from his sick bed. Great now he had nothing to distract him from the pain that was slowly making itself known.

What a day, he didn't think this would happen even though he'd known it would be a bad day for him, from the moment he'd woken up. Why couldn't he ever have a brilliant day that made everything alright and didn't end up with him in the hospital or in detention? He supposed it was a side effect of being friends with the most popular boys in school, he really should have seen it coming.

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