1. Saying Yes

The TARDIS's random lever had decided to take them here, to a blissfully quiet beach on a deserted planet somewhere between constellations of white hot stars.

The beach, The Doctor had explained, had formed over millions and millions of years - the remains of an entire race of space elephants - which is how the beach came to be so glisteningly white. The beach actually sparkled with it's ivory sand.

Once the initial daunting fact of the endless beach had worn off, they wondered why the TARDIS had actually brought them here. The Doctor had his own theories. They needed some quiet time to think, and of course she had known that.

Hours later, they found themselves there. Side by side in a tangled lace of arms and legs. Her corkscrew curls against the hummingbird beat of his hearts. Him watching the rise and fall of her chest, knowing that beneath it lay another two. And he could hear them beating. He had one hand entwined in her hair, and another in hers, fingers locked together. There was nothing to be said, and for once, they enjoyed the silence, just listening to each other breathing and the peaceful lap of the crystal clear water at the shore. Then the Doctor opened his eyes.

"Marry me." the words fell from his lips.

"What?" she choked.

He had always hinted at this, a future where she could call him his. She supposed she would someday be the one who knew all the answers, and would tease him as he had her. He hadn't dropped any such hints in a long while, in this brief interlude of their timelines when they were actually surprisingly linear. In fact, whatever life she had imagined living in her future, she seemed to have achieved in the present. She wasn't expecting something as traditional as a proposal from The Doctor. Her mad, crazy, anything-but-ordinary Doctor.

"Marry me, River Song."

"That's a bit human of you, Doctor..." he was never one for the human things, and ever since her identity had been revealed, he hadn't expected anything human of her, either.

"I don't mean domestics - "Honey-I'm-Home" sort of thing. Just you and me. Just us."

He made it all sound so simple. He was dangling the life she'd dreamed about right in front of her, where they belonged to each other and nothing else mattered, and where everything was simple. But it could never be that simple for them.

"Just us, where? You and me. Falling through time and space. Married. What sort of life would that be?"


Our kind of life. The words went unspoken. He was right, though. This crazy life neither of them had signed up for but were living and enjoying anyway. She wouldn't change any of the things that made them, them. He was right.

"Yeah." She agreed. She wondered how long it would take for him to process her agreement.

"Wait, what?" The words came. His adorable confusion.


"Yes to what?" One minute he was as outright as a marriage proposal on an ivory beach, the next as oblivious as a human staring straight at a perception filter.

"What was the question?"

He paused for a moment, thinking carefully.

"Marry me?" He looked hopeful.

"Yes." She smiled up into his eyes, so old and wise, but yet so young and filled with happiness...

"Yes?" He smiled nervously.


They wrapped around each other once again, and it was only after several minutes that they broke apart. Or it might have been several hours. Or several days on the eternally sunlit planet. Or maybe, the beginnings of forever.