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27. Stretchy Trousers Are Cool

For a few weeks The Doctor had been glancing nervously at River's stomach – when it was concealed behind clothes he couldn't help but look at it distractedly, and when it wasn't he was too distracted to calculate the angle of it's roundness if any at all.

Then, one morning when they woke up, he opened hi eyes to see a very noticeable bump. It hadn't happened overnight – he just hadn't noticed it before because the change wasn't happening all at once – but when he took a minute to compare the stomach his wife had had weeks ago and the one he was looking at now, he could see. It wasn't that much – no one would've given it a second glance apart from him.

"River?" He asked calmly.

"Yes?" She yawned, but refused to open her eyes.

"Um... I think you might want to see this..." He was probably over-reacting and she had probably seen it already – how could she not have – but it just seemed like something important, especially to him. When she finally opened her eyes and followed his line of sight to the noticeable bump protruding ever-so-slightly from her nightdress, she sat up, swinging her legs off the bed and running out of the room.

"Where are you going?" The Doctor protested, quickly getting up to follow her out of the room.

"I need to see!" She explained over her shoulder as he caught sight of her at the end of the corridor. She scurried out of sight, The Doctor hot on her heels. It took about a minute for her to find the wardrobe, and a further three until he did. When he went in, she was just standing in front of the full-length mirror on the wall. Her head was looking down as she looked from her own stomach to the one belonging to the reflection in front of her. Her nightdress lay discarded on the floor and she stood there in only her underwear, a few blouses hung up on the rail extended above her head, most of them white or pale blue. She was frowning, as if trying to work out the most impossible of problems (he knew this because if it was anything less than impossible she would have been done with it seconds after she started).

"How did I miss that?" She murmured, gently stroking the skin. "How did you miss that?" She turned to The Doctor.

"I think we've been looking at it too much so we couldn't tell the difference until we actually thought about it."

"We're not very good at that, are we? Actually thinking about things..."

"Speak for yourself! I happen to be an excellent thinker." He tapped his forehead enthusiastically – so enthusiastically in fact that he recoiled, having hit himself in the face by accident.

"Exhibit A." She chuckled. "If you're such an excellent thinker, maybe you could help with this."

"What is it?" He asked, wondering why she had looked so confused before.

"I've been wearing a lot of trousers lately because I've got nothing to dress up for – but they've been getting tighter lately and I don't think I can wear them anymore. I'd wear dresses all the time but they can get awfully uncomfortable..." She wrinkled her nose.

"Hm... this isn't usually my area of expertise," She practically snorted at that, "But I think I know what you can do."

"What?" She asked, picking up the plain white shirt she had had her eye on.

"Stretchy trousers." He said, seeming much more excited than the declaration actually called for.

"Stretchy trousers? There is no way I'm wearing stretchy trousers." She grimaced.

"Oh, come on! Stretchy trousers are cool!" He waved his arms in the air awkwardly, but despite his lack of co-ordination, he somehow managed to look really very adorable while doing so.

"Why don't you wear stretchy trousers then?" She folded her arms.

"That defeats the point, River – I can still fit into all my clothes." He looked really smug and she only just refrained from slapping the grin right off his face.

"Oh, I hate you." She muttered, shaking her head and sliding a door across so she could start rummaging amongst the clothes.

"No you don't!" He countered, facing the opposite side of the room to go and help her look for clothes. River didn't find anything she wanted to wear at all, and she was ready to just wander around in her underwear all day until The Doctor snuck up behind her, covering her eyes.

"I've got something I think you're going to like..." He whispered.

"In the wardrobe? That's just a bit kinky of you, Sweetie." She grinned maliciously, enjoying the spluttering sounds he made behind her.

"That's not what I mean, I just... I've got something for you. Wait, that's not any better is it? Oh, shut up and just look!" She spun around and he held up a brown pair of stretchy trousers.

"What did I say about stretchy trousers?" She shook her head.

"Oh, but I think you'll like these ones, River. You see... these – are jodhpurs." Upon hearing this, she grabbed them out of his hands and quickly pulled them on, babbling excitedly as she rushed around a rack of clothes to the other side to grab something.

"Oh my god! I've wanted a pair of these for ages! They're bloody brilliant, just you wait!" He smiled, knowing just how brilliant they actually were. After about half a minute, she came back into sight, wearing the jodhpurs and a shirt with a (deliberately, he suspected) plunging neckline.

The Doctor was rendered speechless for a moment, not trusting himself to open his mouth should words he couldn't control tumble out. Instead, he just let his gaze travel up and down her body, admiring her outfit (yes, of course it was just the outfit he was admiring).

"That's..." He began, but couldn't think of words to accurately portray how good he thought she looked.

"Good?" She asked, turning to make sure he got every angle. He gulped.

"Good." He confirmed. "Very good. Actually, rather fantastic." He blushed a bit, coming closer to get a better look.

"Well, you've got to admit that pregnancy has perks other than the baby..." She pointed out and he gulped again, drinking in the last of her appearance until he felt slightly dizzy. Not only had her stomach grown, but he had been ever so human in noticing changes in other places.

"Jodhpurs. Must get more jodhpurs." He muttered to himself. River chuckled.

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