Hi, I got slapped in face by a writers block while writing Sherlockula so I decided to mess around and make sherlock in to Rapunzel. I'm just doing this for fun...

Also, I expect I'll put slash in this because I do that alot with my fics...

Oh, and if you guys think I should make a rapunzel story where John is Rapunzel then let me know and I'll do it!

Once upon a time a baby boy was born in to a rich family that pretty much ran the British government. He was given the name Sherlock. The whole family rejoiced in is birth knowing he would do great things although he was only second to his brother Mycroft but never the less the older Holmes pledged that he would protect his younger brother. His pledge was in vain for Sherlock was kidnapped by an evil genius called Moriarty.

Moriarty hid baby Sherlock in a tall tower surrounded by a large forest that anyone could easily get lost in and no one ever dared enter it. The Holmes family tried in vain to find their missing baby but they never did. Eventually Mycroft took over the British government after the death of his father and the search for Sherlock ended. To honor his brother and to keep hope for his return, Mycroft had fireworks set out in to the night sky once a year for Sherlock birthday.

Sherlock grew in to a health young boy and then teenager. He was given lessons every day and even surpassed the genius of his captor, although he thought Moriarty was his father. Sherlock spent his days with experiments and studying. His grew bored of his life more and more every day. He constantly begged his father, aka Moriarty, to let him go out in to the real world but Moriarty refused to let him leave.

One day as usual Moriarty went out to do evil things, although Sherlock did not know this. So, the young genius was left alone in the tall tower. The only way out was a rope that could be hung out the window but was only let out for Moriarty to climb up and down, in and out of the tower.

Sherlock sat at the window looking out at the forest. Nothing interesting ever happened and he was always tempted to leave the tower but he couldn't. Moriarty told him that if he did he would get lost and die. He sighed with boredom. A thought soon crossed his mind. He was turning 18 years old in three days which means he would be able to see the fireworks that lit up the sky every year for his birthday. He wondered where they came from, why they lit up the sky, and when could he finally leave his boring tower to investigate.

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Once upon another time a boy was born in to a poor family. His name was John. John had an older sister named Harriet or Harry for short. Once she was of age she started to work to help support the family. John was told that once he was old enough he too would get a job and work to help the family but he didn't want to. He dreamed to one day work on his education and become a doctor but he was always told that it was a ridicules dream.

When John was still young his parents died. His sister took care of him and when he finally turned 18 his sister got married and left him on his own. He wasn't terribly poor by this point. He had a flat and worked hard and was saving his money up to go to college.

One day John went on a camping trip with a few friends. They went in to the woods and set up camp. Him and his three other friends ended up getting terribly drunk and the whole night was a blur of crazy drunken fun.

John woke up with a bad hang over and immediately threw up on a brick wall. He though it was strange that a brick wall was in the woods. He looked around to find that he must have wondered from his camp site because all he saw was trees. Looking back at the brick wall, he looked up to find it wasn't just a brick wall; it was a large tall tower.

Hand on his head, he decided the hang over was messing with his head and that the tower wasn't actually there. He walked back it to the forest looking for his camp site but each time he tried to find his camp site he circled back to the tower on accident. After his head ache passed he realized the tower really was there and that maybe who ever lived there would know the way out if the woods.

He circled around the tower twice finding no door and so he looked up and saw a window and decided to shout at it.

"Hello!" He yelled. "Is anyone there?"

"Who are you?" A voice called from the window. John couldn't make out to much of the person because the tower was so high up. He did notice that the voice was in fact a male.

"My name is John Watson. Um, could you help me?" He called out.

"No," the voice called out simply. John was taken aback.

"Why not?" John asked.

"You got here on your own, you should be able to get back on your own," The voice started to sound bored.

"Sorry but I was drunk and wondered here by accident," John yelled up frustrated by the mysterious voice in the tower. "Could you come down here so we can talk?"

"No," The voice said as if it was even ridiculous to ask.

"Well, could I come up there?" The voice didn't speak for a long time.

Sherlock paced back and forth for a long time wondering if this stranger, John Watson, could come up. His father always said he couldn't leave but never said anything about anyone coming up. He walked back to the window and let down the rope. The stranger started to climb up.

John reached the window and had a little trouble getting over the window sill for he had a bad shoulder that had been broken a few times from fights with his drunken sister. In his troubles of getting in to the window Sherlock grabbed the back of John's jumper and pulled him up and in. John straightened himself up.

"Thanks," He said although the fact that he was practically lifted in to the window was a little embarrassing. The two men stared at each other for a while. Each studied the other but of course Sherlock could deduce more from John than John from Sherlock. Sherlock hummed in satisfaction once he got all the information he could from the other man. "What?" John asked.

"Nothing," Sherlock said shyly.

"Really, What?" John insisted. Sherlock started to spout out John's entire life story. He even told John how he knew all these things. He told John about how he knew the shorter man lived a poor live, his parents were dead and that his brother was a little abusive and most likely a drunk.

"How could you possibly know about the drinking?" John asked bewildered.

"Shot in the dark. Good one, though," Sherlock said triumphantly. "You had trouble getting over the window sill. You're not unfit so it must mean injury. You are a hard worker but the way you climbed up here showed me that you are cautious too, so there is no way you could have gotten hurt at your job so that must mean a family member hurt you. Parents couldn't get away with that sort of thing but a sibling could, people would just think it was sibling rivalry. There for your brother must have injured your-" Sherlock paused for a moment. "left shoulder to be exact. Seems he fractured it a few times. According to your defensive stance when I talk about your brother I'd say you feel that it wasn't exactly his fault meaning something caused him to hurt you so I conclude that alcohol was the culprit." When he was done John was dumbfounded.

"That… was Amazing," John said obviously amazed.

"Do you think so?" Sherlock asked smiling a little.

"Of course it was, it was extraordinary. It was quite extraordinary."

"Thanks," Sherlock said flattered.

"So, why are you in this tower?" John asked remembering where he was.

"My father raised me here to protect me from the world. He said the world is too dangerous."

"Really?" John asked almost wanting to laugh at the strangeness of it. Sherlock decided to change the subject.

"How did you get here?" He asked. It was a secure location and none could find this place, or so he was told by his father.

"I told you it was an accident."

"Really?" Sherlock asked. "Because last night I saw you wonder in from the woods and then you started yelling.

"What did I yell?" John asked feeling embarrassed.

"You started yelling Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair," Sherlock answered wondering why the stranger had said that. John started laughing all of a sudden, Sherlock wasn't sure why. All of a sudden a thought hit him. He could use this stranger to protect him from danger so he could leave the tower. His thoughts were interrupted by yelling outside.

"Sherlock, I'm back!" It was his father. John stopped laughing.

"Who is that?" Sherlock didn't answer. He grabbed John and pulled him in to his bedroom. He opened his wardrobe and pushed John in.

"What are you doing? What's going on?" John asked.

"Quiet, just stay quiet." He shut the wardrobe and ran back to the window lowering the rope.

Once Moriarty was up and through the window he handed Sherlock a basket which contained food for dinner.

"What took you so long?" Moriarty asked straightening his suit.

"Father, I have to tell you something!" Sherlock said excitedly.

"Yes, what is it?"

"You know the fireworks that light up the sky every year on my birthday," Sherlock started following his fake father in to the kitchen.

"Sherlock, we been over this," Moriarty said taking the basket from Sherlock and setting it on the counter.


"No, Sherlock, I will not discuss this with you again."

"Yes, but-" Sherlock was trying to tell his fake father that he had some one that could protect him from the outside dangers.

"No!" Moriarty yelled and backed Sherlock up against a wall. "You are not leaving the tower!" Sherlock frowned. Moriarty sighed. "Look son, I know I look like a bad guy right now but it's for your own good." A ringing sound interrupted their conversation. Moriarty checked his phone then put it away. "I have some business to attend to and I'll be gone a few days. Considering you hardly eat, you should have enough food to last you until I come back" He climbed down the rope and before leaving yelled up to Sherlock. "Don't leave the tower." Sherlock watched his fake father leave and sighed in frustration but then decided that he was old enough to make his own decisions so he ran back to the wardrobe.