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Moriarty woke in a dark room. He sat up and winced at the pain in his stomach. The consulting criminal remembered he'd been shot but at least he had shot the little blond brat as well. John had been shot twice and Moriarty expected the brat was dead. There was, however, that gun fire going on outside getting in the way of his snipers. He wondered who that could have been.

The room he was in was his own bedroom with a new addition of a heart monitor and a blood bag hanging from a tall metal pole. So, he'd gotten away which raised the question of what else happened after he'd been shot.

"Sebastian!" Moriarty yelled impatiently. The sniper quickly rushed in to the room and switched the lights on. The psycho boss cursed at the bright lights. "Status!"

"Yes sir," Moran said without falter or fear. The sniper was used to his boss's yelling, screaming, and angry tendencies. "You've been out for a few hours from blood loss and Sherlock is with Mycroft Holmes," He reported.

"What?" Moriarty screamed in anger. "Why is Sherlock with Mycroft? How did he even know where the tower was?" He thought about it. "Oh, the little blond brat," He said in realization. "And he is dead I presume?" the man in the bed asked with a smirk.

"Sorry sir, but John Watson is still alive," Moran said informatively. Next thing the sniper knew, Moriarty threw a bed pan at Moran's face. The sniper caught it just in time and then left. The psycho boss crossed his arms and exhaled angrily. After all those years it had all come to nothing but then Moriarty smiled and decided not to dwell on it. Sherlock was a genius and the little brat even thought that he was smarter than the evil psychopath. Moriarty would prove to his not-son that Sherlock isn't so smart. The psycho would play a game to prove he was cleverer.

"Seb?" Moriarty called happily from his bed. Sebastian poked his head through the door unsure of what his boss was thinking now.

"I'm going to need 30 million quid, potential criminals, bombs, and some hostages," The consulting criminal said casually. "And what do you think of the name The Great Game?"

"Sir?" Moran asked confused.

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A week later

John finished combing his hair and straightening his jumper and ran out of the bathroom. He slipped on his shoes and went for his coat but then stopped just before grabbing it. He turned around and looked at the sofa in horror. He blinked and shook trying to keep all emotions in. Why was this happening to him? What did he do to deserve this? He walked silently to the sofa and looked down at the still lying heap that lay there. He shook his head.

"Sherlock!" He yelled. The heap didn't move.

"Hum?" The heap said with a muffled voice. The boy was lying with his face in a pillow.

"Sherlock, we have to be at your parents in a few hours and it's a long drive and you're not even ready!" John exclaimed in annoyance throwing his arms in the air and letting them slap back down to his sides. Sherlock sighed heavily and rolled on to his back to look up at John.

"John," He said calmly. "I'm not going."

"What?" John asked. "Why?" Sherlock sighed as if it were obvious. He sat up and ruffled his hair a little then looked up at John who was standing over him with his hands on his hips.

"It's pointless, what do I need to visit them for anyway? They're just parents, there are more important things to be done," He said lying back down with a smile.

"More important things? What? You mean like bothering the police all the time and calling them wrong all the time and interrupting their news conferences with your phone?" John asked. "By the way Sherlock, eventually Mycroft is going to get tired of bailing you out of jail."

"It's not my fault the caution tape keeps me so far away from the crime scene," Sherlock argued. "Besides, Just a few days ago I solved a case and DI Lestrade cut me a deal that if I help with cases every once in a while then I'd stop making the police look like fools."

"Something tells me he didn't use those exact words," John said. "Dammit Sherlock, get up!" John yelled focusing back to the situation at hand. Sherlock grabbed John's jumper and pulled him on top of him. "Sherlock."

"John, do we really have to go?" Sherlock asked looking the blond intently in the eyes. The taller boy pressed his lips to John's and for a moment John forgot his frustrations. He melted in to the kiss. The shorter boy was then released after a while and he got up off of Sherlock.

"We're going," John said sternly looking down at his boyfriend. Sherlock huffed and flung his arms in the air letting them fall down to his sides almost violently. He glared at John. John smiled in satisfaction and turned toward the door. Then something hit him, a pillow. "Dammit!" John yelled turning around and ran at Sherlock.

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The doorbell of a very large mansion rang. Mycroft looked toward his parents who were sitting on the couch together impatiently. Sherlock and John were late.

"You'd think he'd want to see us after being lost for so long," Mr. Holmes complained.

"Give him a break honey; He's been in isolation all his life. Maybe he has no sense of time," Mrs. Holmes giggled at her own joke.

Sherlock walked in looking the same as usual. He wore a button up white shirt and black trousers and fairly nice shoes. John came in behind wearing another one of his jumpers and jeans. There was a difference in John's appearance the usual. The blond's hair was a little messier and there was a very visible hicky on his neck that no one wanted to mention.

"You're late boy," Mr. Holmes said standing up and offering his hand. Sherlock took it and the bigger man shook it strong and roughly. Mr. Holmes wore a suit with a blue tie but the suit jacket was carelessly tossed aside.

"You must be the famous John Watson I've heard so much about," Mrs. Holmes said hugging John and then her own son. She wore a lovely blue dress that went down to her knees. Mr. Holmes shook John's hand violently after Mrs. Holmes's hug.

"Famous?" John asked once everyone took their seats. Sherlock sat on the couch across from his parents with John next to him. Mycroft stayed in his chair, sitting to the side of the couches, observing.

"Oh yes, you were on the news when you had gotten lost in that dreadful forest not to mention you saved my son from that awful tower," She said.

"So, what have you been up to my boy?" Mr. Holmes asked Sherlock. His eyes darted between his youngest son and the blonde boy. "Your brother refused to tell me and your mum anything about what you been up to. We only got the parts about your rescue."

"I have a job now," Sherlock said calmly as he observed his parents.

"Have you now? What sort of job?" Mr. Holmes asked curiously.

"I'm a consulting detective," Sherlock answered proudly. This was the first time John had heard of this.

"A what?" Mr. Holmes asked.

"A consulting detective," Sherlock said annoyed that he had to repeat himself. "I-" He was then interrupted by his father's laughter.

"You do realize that isn't a real job!" Mr. Holmes exclaimed while still laughing. Sherlock frowned even more than he had been before.

"I'm the only one in the world," Sherlock said after the laughter ceased.

"That's lovely dear," Mrs. Holmes said just as a maid came in and served everyone tea. "So, do you have a girlfriend?" She asked after taking a sip of her tea.

"No," Sherlock said. "Not really my area." John blushed. Mycroft stayed silent still observing. He was too content in listening to interrupt.

"Not your area?" Mr. Holmes asked a little irritated.

"No, but I know they're yours," Sherlock said confusing everyone but Mycroft who spit his tea out in to his cup and gave Sherlock a warning look. Sherlock ignored it.

"What do you mean by that?" Mr. Holmes asked defensively.

"What I mean by that is that you fancy yourself women and not just-"

"Sherlock!" Mycroft said quickly. Mrs. Holmes was extremely confused but everyone else knew what he was getting at. Mr. Holmes was cheating on his wife and with more than one woman. Mrs. Holmes was suspicious but she never really thought to much about it. "Why don't we all go and have dinner, I'm sure it's almost done by now."

Everyone made their way to the dining room which was a long room with a six seating table in it. It wasn't their usual table but Mrs. Holmes had a small one put in so she could sit close to her family.

Mr. and Mrs. Holmes sat at the ends while Mycroft sat on one side and Sherlock and John sat on the other side. John sat next to Mrs. Holmes leaving Sherlock next to his father which seemed a bad idea to Mycroft.

"So, you're open for a relationship?" Mrs. Holmes asked as the salad was served. Mycroft signaled a servant to bring some wine in. He'd need a drink with the way things were going and he suspected John might need one too.

"Hum, oh, no, I assure you Mummy that I am in a relationship," Sherlock said. The wine was served and Mycroft and John drank a huge gulp of it each in unison.

"But I though you said you didn't have a girlfriend?" She asked. John looked to Mr. Holmes who was looking back at him with glaring eyes that could burn through one's soul.

"Yes," Sherlock said.

"Oh," Mrs. Holmes said now understanding what Sherlock meant. "And who may I ask is the lucky boy?" Mr. Holmes's face seemed to be getting red with anger that John could tell. Mycroft took another drink of his wine.

"John's my boyfriend," Sherlock said grabbing John's hand on the table for all to see. John blushed, Mrs. Holmes gave a huge genuine smile, Mycroft finished his glass of wine and waved for more, and Mr. Holmes stood up angrily.

"A Poof! A bloody fudge packer in my house!" The angry man said.

"Technically two," Mycroft said drinking more wine. His father gave him a quick glare before returning to Sherlock and John.

"Calm down, dear," Mrs. Homes said. "We have to be understanding of our son." Mr. Holmes clenched his fists and sat back down glaring at John as if it were his fault.

"So tell me John," She said turning to the nervous boy. "What is it that you do for a living?"

"Oh, well, I'm currently in college learning to be a doctor," He said forcing a smile, although he was quite worried about Mr. Holmes punching him.

"Excellent," She nodded approvingly as if she we're thinking about giving Sherlock the consent to marry John. Mycroft drank his third glass of wine and still felt that he wasn't drunk enough for this. John was just finishing his second glass feel the exactly same way. They finished their salads and went on to the main dish of chicken, potatoes, and carrots. Everything tasted amazing to John, but of course Sherlock wouldn't know how it tastes, due to the fact he hadn't eaten anything and just merely picked at it.

"You're quite skinny," Mrs. Holmes said to Sherlock with concern. "You should eat more."

"No thanks, I wouldn't want to end up like Father or Mycroft," Sherlock said without thinking.

"Sherlock!" Mrs. Holmes and John said at the same time then they giggled about saying it at the same time.

"At least I'm not ignorant," Mycroft commented casually.

"At least I'm not drunk," Sherlock retorted.

"At least I have a real job," Mycroft shot back with a smirk.

"At least I've got a boyfriend," Sherlock smiled.

"At least I'm not gay," Mycroft said rudely. It was almost like a tennis match that could go on for hours.

"That's enough," Mr. Holmes yelled causing the Holmes children to quiet down.

"Fatty," Sherlock said quickly.

"Flamer," Mycroft said back.

"Alright, How about desert?" Mrs. Holmes asked loudly trying to break the tension.

"That sounds wonderful," John said. "Um, could I ask where your toilet is?" He asked.

"Oh, yes dear, It's up the stairs to the left."

"Thanks." John walked to the door and just before leaving the room he gave Sherlock a warning glare.

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John looked in the mirror while washing his hands. He sighed. It was going to be a long visit. He exited the bathroom after fixing his hair. He walked toward the stairs when all of a sudden a hand clamped around his mouth and pulled him in to a closet. The light was turned on and there he was face to face with Sherlock.

"Sherlock, what are you doing?" John asked. The taller boy didn't answer. He practically attacked John's lips. Sherlock lifted John's shirt a little and began rubbing John's body all over. "Sherlock stop," John said trying to push the dark hair boy away. The closet was a little cramped and there were quite a few fur coats around.

The now-consulting detective boy shushed John and attacked his lips once again. John eased in to his partner's lips and Sherlock's tongue darted inside the blond's mouth. Sherlock started to unbuckle John's belt.

"Wait, what are you doing?" John asked unable to stop Sherlock as his trousers and boxers were pulled down. "Sherlock, I'm not very comfortable-" Sherlock kissed him again to get him to shut up. The tall boy then pulled his own trousers down and revealed that he was not wearing underwear.

"John, I'd say we have a few minutes before they try to look for us," Sherlock whispered in John's ear as he pressed John against the back wall of the closet. John wasn't sure if he should resist and go back to the little get together down stairs or stay and risk getting caught.

"Oh, sod it, hurry up," John said hastily to Sherlock who made a bottle of lube magically appear. "I can't believe you carry that with you."

"I can't believe you don't object to it," Sherlock said giving John one more deep kiss. He then slicked some lube over his member and threw the lube back in his pocket for later times. Sherlock lifted John a little on the wall and the blonde wrapped his legs around Sherlock.

"You know I hate it when you lift me up," John said with a smile. Sherlock smiled back.


"Hell yes," John answered and then Sherlock thrust in to him. John moaned a little too loudly by that one thrust. Sherlock clasped his hand over the blond's mouth and they held still for a moment to make sure no one was coming.

"John," Sherlock said warningly. He trust a few more times and kept his hand over John's mouth. The blond didn't object to his mouth being covered knowing that he'd moan to loud, not to mention both boys found this as kind of a turn on. Sherlock trusted more making John moan in to his hands. He kept going and going and the chance that he and John could be caught made them both feel alive. Sherlock came inside John and without any help John came all over his lover's stomach.

"Sorry," John whispered when Sherlock removed his hand from the blond's mouth. They cleaned themselves up using one of the coats and wrapped it up and hid it in the back of the closet. John hoped no one would come upon the cum covered coat or wear it.

They came out of the closet to find a drunk Mycroft staring at them.

"How long have you been there?" John asked worriedly. Mycroft just stared. He looked at them and then at the closet and then burst out laughing.

"You came out of the closet!" He exclaimed. More laughter bust out of him. John closed the door and straightened his hair and jumper. Mycroft was on his knees now, laughing and drinking from the half empty bottle of wine in his hand. Then a scream came about from downstairs which only made the older Holmes laugh harder.

"Mycroft, what's going on down there?" Sherlock asked grabbing his brother's shirt and forcing him to face him.

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Minutes ago

John left the room leaving the Holmes family to stare at one another awkwardly. Mr. Holmes was about to speak but Sherlock beat him to it.

"Oh great," He said throwing his hands up. "Toilets have been mentioned now I have to go." The dark haired boy stood up and left the room. Mycroft finished off his glass of wine and took a full bottle from the servant.

"There probably going up there to fuck," Mycroft said without thinking. He was beyond thinking. The oldest Holmes brother was the drunkest he'd been since Christmas. The government official always got drunk at family get togethers because everything turned to hell and he'd prefer to dull his senses then to deal with it.

"Mycroft Holmes," Mrs. Holmes exclaimed angrily.

"No," Mr. Holmes stopped her, "He's right. Those nancy-boys are probably having a go up there. Well, not if I can help it!" He got up to go to the door but then Mrs. Holmes got up too.

"Stop it right there!" She yelled. "You are not going to drive my little boy away just because you don't accept his way of life."

"I'm not going to drive him away. I'm just going to teach him a lesson," Mr. Holmes said walking in to the sitting room and toward the stairs. Mrs. Holmes and Mycroft followed. As Mr. Holmes reached the stairs something hit him and then crashed on to the floor breaking in to pieces. He yelled out in pain and looked at his wife who held breakable things in her hand.

"What the bloody hell has gotten in to you!" He yelled as she through a china cup at his head. Mycroft busted out laughing and walked towards the stairs. He figured it would be nice to share this moment with his younger brother.

"You should focus on your own faults before judging your son!" Mrs. Holmes yelled in anger throwing another cup. She had shelves full of stuff to be thrown right behind her where the good china sat.

"What are you talking about?" Mr. Holmes asked desperately.

"Women aren't Sherlock's interest but they're yours aren't they?" Mrs. Holmes said in a normal speaking voice.

"What?" Mr. Holmes asked trying to act innocent.

"I know you've been cheating on me!" She screamed throwing a plate.

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Mummy," Mycroft laughed. "And father," He burst in to a hysterical laughter trying to tell Sherlock and John about the fight downstairs. The drunken man couldn't talk anymore. Sherlock stood and watched his older brother laugh uncontrollably on the floor.

"Well, at least your brother is a funny drunk," John said with a smile and almost a laugh. Something crashed down stairs. The boys ran down to find Mr. Holmes behind a chair in the sitting room and there was broken glass next to him. Mrs. Holmes threw a plate at him shattering more glass.

"I should have known!" She yelled. "You bastard!" She threw another and it shattered all over the floor.

"Honey!" Mr. Holmes begged.

"No," She screamed. "First you blame Mycroft for the loss of our youngest son." She threw a china cup and it crashed. Mr. Holmes ducked behind the chair. "Then you get angry at Sherlock for being gay!" He threw some more cups, one almost hit him. "And now I find out you're cheating on me!" She threw a glass tea pot at his head missing by a centimeter.

"This is your fault!" Mr. Holmes pointed at Sherlock. "If you would have just kept your little trap shut!"

"Don't talk to my son that way!" Mrs. Holmes screamed throwing more breakable things. Mycroft wobbled down the stairs.

"Not as bad as the Christmas parties," He mumbled to himself. Mr. Holmes finally gave up.

"I'll just come back when you've calmed down," He said out the front door.

"Piss off!" Mrs. Holmes said throwing some more stuff at the door. She began to cry. Sherlock and John just stared at the mess. Mycroft dropped his wine bottle with a loud crash carelessly sensing it was his turn. He straightened his suit and walked to his mummy.

"It'll be alright Mummy," He said calmingly although his words were slightly slurred. "I think it's best if you go now," he said to the two boys still standing in place. Sherlock and John did as they were told and left. They got in a cab and sat in silence. Half way home Sherlock made a comment that he knew he would use for the rest of his life.

"I'm not the one that upset her."

The End
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