Title: Us
Chapter: 1
Main Pairing: KakuHidaKaku
Side Pairing(s): DeiSasoDei, KisaIta, SasuSaku, ZetsuKarin, PainKona
Warnings: Sexual Themes, Swearing, Minor Violence

The door opened, and there he stood. The gray-white hair that was too old for the rest of him – the lithe body, but not too muscular to be scary-lithe; his hands were long and slender, but the backs of his hand looked torn and scarred; eying up his body, he was wearing jeans and a nice, deep purple shirt, buttoned down two. Going up further, green eyes met his jawline, not too feminine, but not too masculine; they scanned over his lips for a moment, before making it to his eyes.

Lavender or magenta. He wasn't sure which he wanted to call them yet... Maybe even violet.

"So," the man in the door leaned against the frame, catching the other man's attention, "Are we ready to go, Ka-ku-zu?" he said slowly, folding and playing with the end of his shirt.

Kakuzu gently nodded, stepping out of the way and inviting the other male to join him on his venture down the sidewalk; he hadn't made any mistakes yet. He liked this guy – Hidan. Second date with him, and still no mistakes. Not saying anything too fruity or conceited – nothing self centered, that is – and making sure to always comment on how nice he looked. Hidan always looked nice, may it be waking up to get a cup of coffee, at work in his uniform, in his pajamas, naked, covered in blood – anything he wore.

The slightly chilled air was cold enough for a light sweater, and for his breath to be seen. Hidan smiled at the other, tilting his head with almost nostalgic eyes, "Let me get my jacket," he said quietly, disappearing inside.

Kakuzu peeked his head inside, looking at the clean interior of the house, just seeing Hidan slipping around the corner.

Wistfully, with a sigh, Hidan pressed his body against the wall, feeling the butterflies start a-rattling in his stomach; Kakuzu was such a handsome guy, so nice, so gentle, had cash; he was everything that he had asked for in a guy! Tall, dark, handsome, sweet - everything! He would put out for this guy... eventually.

He opened the closet door and pulled out his deep brown pilot's jacket with a fur collar, and slipped himself into it, before coming back around the corner to find Kakuzu not in the doorway. Hidan arched an eyebrow, and then went forward, looking a little further outside.

"Looking for me?" Hidan jumped, eyes wide, as he felt a pair of hardened hands on his sides, behind him. He looked over his shoulder, seeing Kakuzu's soft eyes and gentle smirk.

He sighed deeply, and nodded, "Yes, I was looking for you. Don't fuckin' scare me like that, you little douche," he smiled, turning around and resting his wrists on the tan one's shoulders. The taller one tilted his head, his thick, rugged-chocolate hair swaying over his shoulder on the way; his eyes were subtly turning from that glee-esque and playful to lustful and fun.

"Last time I checked, I wasn't that little."

Hidan felt their bodies slowly come together; they had kissed a few times, but nothing to... deep, yet. Getting the hint, the smaller man nibbled at his lip, and then leaned up and pecked at Kakuzu's lips, "Little or not," he said, but trailed off when Kakuzu leaned in and connected their lips, unable to finish. Hidan's eyes fluttered shut, butterflies still pounding away at his stomach walls. Their lips moved together, and slowly Hidan's arms wrapped around Kakuzu's neck, the latter's arms snaking around his waist.

"Is anyone home?" Kakuzu asked, dipping down and nibbling at Hidan's neck as he pulled at the shoulder of his jacket.

"No, my housemates are out on a date tonight," Hidan said quickly, out of breath. He pulled his jacket off, leaving it on the shoe rack as they gravitated toward the couch. Hidan's hands tugged through Kakuzu's hair, gripping his jaw and pulling him into a hard, furious kiss. Kakuzu's hands grabbed his waist, pulling their hips together as they stood in the middle of the living room, Hidan on his tippy-toes, Kakuzu almost bending over, to kiss the other.

The younger's heart beat hard, pounding against his ribcage; he felt his manhood throb, but decided to ignore it, being particularly good at ignoring himself. Kakuzu wouldn't allow that, though. Their legs intertwined, and Kakuzu ground his hip toward Hidan's body, thigh pushing against Hidan's pleasure.

"F-fuck," Hidan moaned, eyes shut tight. He pulled Kakuzu's hair into one tight fist, holding the back of his neck with the other. One of his legs reared up, hooking on Kakuzu's, and almost taking out his knee. Kakuzu just gently chuckled as Hidan kept moving, moaning and grunting when his thigh rubbed up against him.

"Hidan," he purred, swiveling his head to the side and rubbing their temples together like a cat would, "Do... you want to?" he asked, looking at the shell of Hidan's ear. It turned bright red as the moments went by. Kakuzu's lips twitched into a small smile, thinking subliminally in his mind that Hidan getting embarrassed so easily was... cute.

"L-like, on the couch?" Hidan pulled Kakuzu closer, hiding his cherry-red face, "It's only our second date..."

"Why not?" Kakuzu inquired, " You seem to be liking this treatment I'm giving you now. We could go to your room if you would like, maybe even just stay here... The counter's right over there," he chuckled, "This rug looks pretty comfortable, I might say."

Hidan's stomach was no longer filled with fluttering butterflies, but knots and what felt like bile. "U-um, Kakuzu, I'm not... how about we make out, and leave the sex for some other time? I mean..."

Kakuzu wasn't disappointed, or surprised. He instead enveloped Hidan's earlobe in his mouth and gently sucked on it, letting it go after a few seconds and breathed into his ear with the utmost delicacy.

Hidan's knees buckled, eyes rolling back into his head.

Kakuzu's arms tightened around his waist, keeping him up for that moment he needed it, still breathing into his ear. "That's fine... I don't mean to rush you," he breathed in gently, and began again, "You just make it so hard to resist the temptation..."

Hidan stood again, a little closer to Kakuzu than he expected to be, and rubbed his groin with his own; immediately, knowing the sensation, he gasped and took a step back. "I-I..." The taller male nibbled at his jaw, bending him down onto the couch. Hidan's eyes were wide, overwhelmed. "I-I, Kakuzu... let's go to the movies..."

Sensing the uncomfortableness, Kakuzu backed up, looking at the smaller. He saw worry in his eyes, as well as nervousness, and Kakuzu knew he'd screwed up his chances.

He'd screwed up, bad.

"Shit," Kakuzu growled in his mind, "I was doing such a fucking good job, I had to get cocky!" He pushed himself up off of the back of the couch, holding his hand out for Hidan to have it. "Sorry," he said gently, "It's just... you're so beautiful, I can't help myself."

Hidan wryly put his hand in Kakuzu's being helped up. "It's fine... I just haven't done that... before," he said dryly. He felt his eyes watering up; he looked the other way and walked toward the shoe rack, "Been touched like that, I mean."

"You haven't?"Kakuzu's eyebrow twitched.

"No... Fuck, I mean – yes?"he sighed, "No, I haven't been touched like that before."

Kakuzu's eyes narrowed, "Have you ever..."

Hidan looked back at him, glaring, "I haven't done anything ever. Not even fucking touched myself; okay?"

The older male stood up straighter. "Oh."

Hidan's eyes shifted to the ground, face still a little pink; "I... I don't want to go to the movies anymore. You should go home."

Kakuzu's heart nearly stopped, "W-what?" "What did I do wrong? I – I didn't mean to offend you if I did, really," he stepped forward toward the other man, but the other just took a step away. "I just think it's... odd that you haven't had any sexual relations... You're so pretty and all, I would have expected you to be sought after by plenty of persons!"

Again, he stepped forward, only for Hidan to step away. "I'll make it up to you," he said, "How about I take us out to dinner on Friday? Some place nice, and we don't ever have to bring this up again."

"Kakuzu... I-I think we're done," Hidan raised his gaze a little, head still bowed. He met his violet eyes with Kakuzu's emerald, and winced, seeing rage.

"Done? What do you mean done?" he started for Hidan, backing him up against the wall; his hands found either side of his head, "Hidan, I didn't mean to make you upset for thinking you're weird!"

"So, now you think I'm fucking weird?" Hidan shouted.

"I – no, Hidan, I meant..."

Hidan put his hands on Kakuzu's chest and shoved him away, glowing with rage; "Get the fuck out of my house! I'm saving myself for fucking marriage, like my religious beliefs want me to! I'm not weird! You're the weird one! Fucking freak, get out of my house!"

Sadly enough, Kakuzu, pressed up against the wall by the smaller male, had been turned on by the sudden (almost more appropriate) fight for dominance. He leaned forward and captured Hidan's lips with his own, biting on the lower one, hard. Feeling an irony taste in his mouth, he knew he had bitten through Hidan's lip. "God damnit, Kakuzu, keep it together."

Hidan pulled back, the back of his hand flying up to his face to check on his lip. He pulled it away to find the blood on it. His eyes flew up to Kakuzu's, filled with rage and a new passion and he snarled at him, "I said, GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE!"

Kakuzu pushed him back onto the other wall, leaning down and biting his neck. Hidan whined a high noise, eyes closing as the pain radiated through his body, reaching up and pulling Kakuzu's shoulder-length hair, away from his body. He just wanted him off. Once he slipped out of his grasp and pulled him toward the door, he opened it and threw Kakuzu out by his hair.

"Never fucking come back. Never," Hidan hissed, slamming the door.

Kakuzu sat on the sidewalk, Hidan's blood on his mouth and chin, hair tousled and clothing looking the same. He had a smirk on his face though, almost thoroughly enjoying himself at Hidan's house. He might had come back if it wasn't for Hidan would knock him out with a frying pan.

Hidan peeked out the living room window, finding Kakuzu sitting on the sidewalk, looking blissful. He coiled his lip, tempted to go out there and yell at him, or call the cops. He pressed his icepack to his lip gently, walking back over to the desk, papers strewn all over it. He sat down, cleared a wide spot for his icepack, and then pulled out his checkbook and a chart book.

He opened both to the correct places, and began working, swearing and cursing.

After a while, he grabbed his hair in a fist and stood up, chair falling backwards;"Shit!" he went back to the window, looking out, and finding that Kakuzu had gone. "Finally."

He looked around, seeing nothing out of the ordinary, and turned off the lights, headed downstairs to sleep.