Title: Us
Chapter: 4
Main Pairing: KakuHidaKaku
Side Pairing(s): DeiSasoDei, KisaIta, SasuSaku, ZetsuKarin, PainKona
Warnings: Sexual Themes, Swearing, Minor Violence

At the dinner table the next night, Hidan whipped from yet another day of work – but, since seeing Karin, there was no sign that Zetsu knew about the odd child; his mind was preoccupied as Sasori and Deidara talked at him about things, and he didn't realize that he was finished with his food and was sucking on his fork until the phone rang.

"Oh, Deidara can you get that?" Sasori asked politely, piling on some more rice with curry onto his plate.

Deidara nodded gently; he got up from his seat and walked to the wall phone, answering with a curt, "Hello, hm?"

The kitchen got suddenly silent after Deidara put his hand over the phone and looked at his shoes. Hidan watched his eyes get angry. "Hidan. It's for you."

Hidan felt himself sit back, as if to get his head as far away from the blonde as possible, as if he were to lash out. "Who the fuck is it? Zetsu? Kakuzu? If it's Kakuzu, I don't want to..." Deidara gave him a look, and the zealot frowned.

"It's the Adoption Agency, hmm."

Hidan's eyebrow twitched slightly. "What?"

Deidara snarled silently, then dropped the phone so the chord caught it half way toward the floor, bouncing up and down in a mesmerizing way. Hidan's eyes watched it carefully before he got out of his chair, eyes still on the phone, and picked it up carefully. "Hello?" he said carefully.

"He-dan Weh-burn?"

Hidan's lip curled up, "The 'n' is silent. He-don Weh-bur."

The lady paused for a second, scribbling in the background, and then she said, "He-dawwwn, I had a call the other day about a request that you come in with your partner to be set up for the child adoption trial. Would next Tuesday work for you and your significant other?"

"Next Tuesday?" Hidan was more caught up on the fact that this woman – whomever she was – was butchering these words that were common knowledge. Her vowels were too long, her "ah"s were too breathy and she sounded like she was down right mental in the head.

"Yes, Mr. Weh-burrr. I have already cleared it with your significant other."

"Significant... wait, what?"

"Sir, I just need you to clarify that you can show up on time, 10:30, next Tuesday morning, with or without your significant other."

Hidan's eyebrows furrowed, "The... fuc – !"

"Can you?"

"Well – I mean – yeah, but – !"

"Okay, next Tuesday, 10:30. Sharp."

Hidan opened his mouth, frustrated with the lady on the other side, but the receiver on the other line clicked and he was cut off from her. He closed his mouth slowly and put the phone back on the wall hanger. He grabbed the pen attached to the calender next to the phone and wrote down for next Tuesday, "10:30, Adopt."

Deidara was slumped in his seat unnaturally, Sasori's hand on his knee in a comforting gesture. The blonde gave him a knowing glare to his boyfriend before he went back to scarfing down his food, getting done before the others at the table. He removed himself, putting his plate and fork in the sink, and then bounding up the stairs two at a time, slowly boohooing louder and louder as he made his way up the staircase, a deep, sorrowful sound from his chest.

Hidan watched him as he went, and then Sasori's eyes met his, and he could feel the cold, hard stare boring into his scalp even as he looked down.

"Adoption Agency, huh?" Sasori said quietly.

"Yeah," Hidan said, frustrated.

"Did you sign up for it?"

Hidan looked up expectantly, like Sasori should have known the answer. After a few seconds, he answered the question that was meant to be obvious; "Fuck nah, not with my budget."

The red head sat back in his chair.

"Look!" Hidan said ferociously, "I hate making Deidara feel bad as it is, you don't have to fucking hang this over my head, too! You and I both know he's wanted a fucking kid since the day he knew he had a fucking penis, and now that you can't give him one, and I can't give him one, what am I supposed to do!"

He stood up and threw his plate against the wall, shattering it. "I'm done with this bullshit! I'm fucking done with this melodramatic blonde wanting a fucking baby, and I'm fucking sick of you acting like it's not your problem! WELL, IT IS! You two fucking it up for yourselves! I can hardly keep myself together, how the fuck am I supposed to keep you two from splitting up, or worse, breaking yourselves?"

Sasori looked at the plate, shattered in pieces on the floor. His almond eyes switched to Hidan, and he breathed in gently, getting up and leaving the table, plate and everything, before he took off up the stairs after Deidara.

Hidan frowned and sat down at the table again, covering his eyes with the palms of his hands. "What the fuck is happening to me?" he murmured.

"Hidan. What a surprise," the tall man said in the doorway, deep voice and broad chest standing out over anything. He was gigantic, almost tall enough to duck to get through the doorway. He was muscular and had dark hair, dark eyes and fair skin – not pale like Hidan. He looked down at Hidan like he was a bug. Dirt. Shit. Hidan looked at him straight in the eyes. He held out his hand and received a handshake back.

"August..." Hidan glowered at his shoes, clearing his throat, then looked up at him again. "Dad."

August smiled wide, brilliantly resembling Hidan's. "Welcome home, son. What can I get ya'? I beer? Wine? Dinner and a movie?" he stepped aside to let Hidan into the house. It smelled of coffee and caramel, what Hidan's mom, Kaoru, drank all the time with her brother, Sho, whom also was Deidara's father.

"I want to talk to mom."

August's face fell; "Why don't you sit down at talk with me? We can have a round of drinks, smoke a cigar, watch some television..." he asked. Hidan gave him a look. "She's working on a painting at the moment, but I can leave a message."

"It's urgent."

"She's been really tired, Hidan."

"I think she'll understand." Hidan slipped his shoes off, going toward the stairs next to the bathroom. His arm was caught, and he was pulled back down the stairs. His father's eyes caught his in an intense stare. Hidan melted for an instant, and the words slipped out his mouth.

"I don't know if I should adopt a child or not..."

Before August could recover, Hidan bounded up the stairs to his mother's attic studio.

He opened the door and closed it before August could say anything. "Mom. Urgent news," he said breathlessly. The chair was occupied by a pale woman with white-blonde hair, purple eyes and a large t-shirt, splattered in paint. Kaoru had been using the same tee for years and years, Hidan having one close to it, having sat in there as a boy painting right beside his mother.

"What is it, honey?" she turned her head, keeping her eyes on her painting of her and August's trip to Bulgaria.

"Mom, I don't know whether to adopt a child or not," Hidan said, frowning. He sat down on a short stool next to his mother's chair and rested his forehead on her lap.

Kaoru set down her paintbrush and her pallet on the floor and moved to stroke her son's hair back. "Having a baby is a big decision, Hidan. You have to have enough money, space, a reliable babysitter, time off from work – and it really does help to have a reliable partner. And," she looked up at the ceiling, "From the past few years, I can tell that isn't going to happen very time soon, dear." Hidan looked up at her, almost offended at the statement. Kaoru just gave him a look and he set down his head again.

"Mom, I have an appointment next week at 10:30 at the Adoption center. What am I supposed to do? I mean, fuck – I can't just show up without knowing what I'm in for... can I decline?"

Hidan's mother looked at him sympathetic, " You got yourself into this, Hidan."

He sat up quickly, "I didn't, though! I just got a phone call an hour ago at dinner telling me I was signed up with my 'significant other' or someshit! I didn't do anything, Mom – I never got a hold of these people. I have been having so much trouble with money lately that I can hardly support myself, let alone a baby. I snapped at Sasori because of Deidara, wanting a kid and all, and..." he looked up at his mother, who had gone back to painting.

"Hidan, I understand what you're going through. I was pregnant with you at a very hard time in my life. I was 17, just a few months away from graduating, I didn't have a steady job, August was going to another country for whoever-knows how long, and the only money I had was my college fund, with less than 1,000 dollars in it." She painted in her smile lines on her painting. "So you know what I did?"

Hidan had heard this story a thousand times, but he was always interested in it. "What?" he questioned meekly.

Kaoru looked at her son and kissed his forhead. "I cried."

"Why, though?"

"Because I was miserable," she said. "Woe-is-me type miserable, but I was going to survive. I had a hard time getting my parents to let us live with them until August came back. When he came back when you were three, he and I bought this house and started to work on it to our content. Finally, 20 years later, it's perfect. I love it. He loves it. But, the best part is that you're healthy, and that we survived it."

Hidan smirked. "I'm going to survive?"

"Yes, Hidan. You're going to survive."