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"Bella" I whispered, my voice hoarse with emotion. I was free yet, I was lost. I had no idea who I was and I needed someone to guide me. Tentatively I reached out toward her, praying that she would guide me, show me how to be what she needed.

To my relief she slipped her hand into mine and squeezed gently. Catching my eye she smiled slightly, "It's going to be okay Paul, I promise."


I couldn't take my eyes from our joined hands, they looked so perfect together, they just fit.

"Bella" I whispered, I had no idea whether she had heard me or not, but the gentle increase of pressure on my hand showed me that she had. I couldn't believe that she was still here after everything, my inexcusable behaviour and then my asshat of a father threatens her tries to hit her and yet she's still here, for me. I could see then why fate had chosen Bella for me she was so strong so determined and so utterly perfect it hurt to think that I was stupid enough to try and cast her aside and deny fate the ending it desired, the ending that every fibre of my being now yearned for desperately.

A sudden impulse to feel her had me lifting my hand and caressing from her forehead to her chin. Desperate to check that this wasn't some cruel trick. "I just needed to check you were real." I whispered.

I was shocked to my core when she mimicked my movements stroking down my face, I shuddered a little. The next words from her mouth caused my heart to swell. "I'm real sweetheart, I'm not going anywhere until you send me away." I would never send her away, ever. It hurt too much to even think about not being able to see her anymore. I froze, drawing her into my arms tightly, nothing was going to take her from me, not while I was alive, not even the irrational doubtful part of me that was becoming smaller and quieter with each passing second that I spent with my Bella. Burying my face into her hair I shook my head. I needed her to believe me. "I'll never send you away." I need you too much.

"Thank you." I breathed. "Thank you thank you thank you thank you." My body shook with sobs, I needed to release some of this pent up emotion.

"Hey." She whispered. "It's okay sweetheart, it's going to be okay, you're okay." I desperately wanted to believe her.

"No Bella, thank you. I couldn't have done that on my own. You saved me, my little angel." I hugged her tighter to my chest, when she was with me nothing would hurt her, hurt us. Tears of relief ran down my cheeks into her hair.

I stumbled backwards until I fell onto the couch, my legs no longer able to support us. I pulled her into my lap wanting to be as close as possible for as long as she would allow me, I hope it was forever What was happening to me, I was never one for touching and needing to be comforted, but when it was Bella, I wanted nothing more.


Sometime later the phone began to ring, l made no move to get it, I didn't want to leave this spot. Bella however stood, I sighed at the loss of contact.


"Bells, thank god. It's Sam. You guys okay?"

She smiled a little. "We're getting there Sam."

"Oh?" he sounded a little confused but she wasn't about to elaborate. I was glad, it was probably better to explain in person the pack knew about my father.

"We're starting a barbeque to make up for the one we missed yesterday, you coming?"

Bella looked over at me knowing I'd have heard, I just shrugged letting her know it was her choice, I'd follow her anywhere.

"Sure Sam. We'll be there soon."

She walked over to me, looking uncertain and nervous, I didn't want her to feel like that around me. "Are you sure you want to come? You don't have to Paul."

I stood, taking her hand in both of mine hoping to reassure her. "I'd follow you anywhere Bella." I stopped abruptly what if she didn't want me to? "Unless you don't want me there, I'd understand I was such an ass to you yesterday and I need to apologise."

She shook her head. "Of course I want you there Paul, please don't doubt that." Relief coursed through me, she did want me.

Smiling brightly I pulled on a shirt, I could have sworn Bella looked a little disappointed, it was nice to know she wasn't completely unaffected by me.

"Then let's go, I'm starving!"

We took the long route across first beach, content to just walk in silence. The moon was up now and the light reflected in Bella's hair, she fit so perfectly with the soft crash of the waves, the gentle breeze. There was just enough light to guide the way. It was a postcard picture moment, couple walking across the beach at dusk. It clicked then, it wasn't just her that fit perfectly… we fit perfectly.


By the time we reached Sam's which was at least half an hour later than expected as we stopped to allow Bella to experience the serenity of first beach at night, I had discovered that her favourite colour was brown, she absolutely adored pop-tarts and her favourite film was hot fuzz, could this girl get any more perfect? She'd blushed a little at the colour question, though I had no idea, it was the most innocent I could think of.




"Dizzy Izzy"

It didn't take long for the pack to realise that we'd arrived however my reception wasn't nearly as warm as Bella's, Sam acknowledged me with a nod of his head, the rest of the pack were seemingly happy to act as though I didn't exist.

Before I could blink Embry had Bella in his arms and was spinning her round, Seth hot on his heels and Quil not far behind him. Jeez hadn't these guys seen her a few hours ago, I could understand their problem though her presence and personality were addictive and just being around her made your cheeks ache from smiling so much.

When she was finally released, I wrapped my arm around her waist in a blatant display of possession which made Sam and Jared raise their eyebrows at me and Jake to growl menacingly. The others just stood there gaping at us, Bella was frozen in place.

Slowly she turned her head towards me and I prayed that she wasn't going to chew me out, to m relief she just smiled and winked before stepping away and heading towards the kitchen, no doubt to help Emily and Kim, Collin wasn't followed her eagerly not passing up the opportunity for food before it was declared ready.

Once Bella was out of eyesight I sighed knowing that facing the pack wasn't going to be pretty. I raised my eyes only to be met by Jake's death glare.

"Outside, now!" he snarled.

"Jake man please I don't want to.." I began but wasn't able to finish.

"I said outside" His beta tone left me no choice there was no doubt that this kid was destined to be alpha, even Sam was affected.

I sighed and began walking to the door, preparing an explanation in my head that wasn't going to end in Jake attempting to kill me. That was until my angel saved yet again.

"Jake" her soft voice carried from the kitchen. "Can you come help me for a minute, Leah's being a complete ass."

A soft slap and a squeal followed the request. What came next made everyone laugh and even caused Jake to crack a smile. "Leah I swear if you hit me in the ass with that godamned thing one more time I'll tell Quil!"

"You wouldn't!"

"Try me." Christ she was everything I needed.

Meanwhile the rest of the pack turned to look at Quil to see if he had any idea what that threat had been about but he just looked confused as usual. "Don't look at me I have no freaking clue" He shrugged.

"Jake please." Bella's voice rang out again.

He began to walk to the kitchen and just before he made it to the door her turned back to glare at me. "This isn't over Paul."

I didn't doubt for a second that it was and I knew he had every right to treat me the way he was. I just needed to prove to him that I was right for Bella and that I had every intention of keeping her forever, that is if she'd let me.