Boy on boy, some are graphic, if you dont like then GTFO.


As Arthur stumbled his way through the lower town streets, too stubborn to accept help from his following knights people called out to him. They threw flowers in his path and smiled with tears in their eyes. Their beloved prince had won against the odds again, at great risk to himself.

Guinevere exited her house and stopped, gasping. Her hands clasped in front of her chest in happiness. Arthur spared her a glance. Soon, they were
closer to the castle and to the prince's ultimate surprise; his father had come to greet him. Feeling a bit sore at him for the moment, he HAD sent him out on a suicide mission to destroy magic of course; Arthur was still touched that he had exited his castle to see him. Behind him came Morgana, her face schooled
into an expression of grace and happiness, but her eyes had circles and were tight with stress lines.

Arthur breathed a sigh before seeing something beyond his father's shoulder that made him straighten and smile largely.

Merlin raced away from Arthur's window when he saw the King stride quickly out of the courtyard, Morgana following behind like a good puppy. This could only mean one thing.

He leapt down stairs and whirled around corners, barely missing several surprised servants on his way to the courtyard, where he took the stairs three at a time before racing out across the cobblestones with one thing on his mind.

People lined the streets in droves and were all looking after the King when Merlin came upon them. Arthur was slowly trudging through the streets, his lines of knights behind him pale in comparison to the blonde in front of them. Merlin locked eyes on him and nearly tripped when a large gorgeous smile erupted on the blue eyed blonde's face.

Still running, he barreled right the past the king and uncaring of the many eyes upon them, launched himself into Arthur's arms, burying his face into the man's neck and clutching to his shoulders tightly. When the strong arms came up around him and a warm face tucked into his hair Merlin let out a half-sigh half-sob in relief.

Arthur caught the flying black-haired man and whirled around a bit, instantly taking his place around him and smelling a familiar scent. Sighing, Arthur wrapped his arms tighter, ignoring the people around them. He hadn't been able to take his servant, the king's orders on this latest 'attack on magic' and it struck deeply with him.

There hadn't been a time in the last few years that he had been without Merlin, and now he realized that he never wanted to feel in before.

Feeling his strength nearly give out, he sunk to the ground with Merlin in his arms, relaxing into him and smiling lazily in the privacy of his neck. When Merlin whispered to him he pushed a hand through the other's hair, massaging at the base of his neck in a move he knew the other man loved.

Merlin sunk down with Arthur, still situated between his legs and around him like a leech. Nudging his face even closer he murmured in a barely contained voice, "Don't ever leave me again." Tears dotted his eyes, but he really couldn't care.

Laughing as Arthur just latched onto him, Merlin fought to sit back and look at the blonde prince sitting in the middle of the street in lower Camelot wrapped around a man, directly in front of his father. Their eyes connected and they said all they needed to say about the situation, Merlin couldn't contain the grin that split his face.

Arthur let loose a huge breath, completely relaxing into Merlin as sleep threatened him. Behind him he could hear the knights shifting awkwardly, he could hear the villagers cooing at him, Morgana was very nearly staring holes into his head and Uther, Uther was gaping, looking around at everyone else as if they had the explanation why his son was doing what he was doing.

A knight cleared his throat, Sir Bedevere, "Sire, areā€¦are you feeling okay?" so they were going to pussy foot around it.

Arthur glanced back at the man through his golden fringe, not moving from his place on Merlin. "Much, much better now Sir Bedevere, thank
you for asking." He said flippantly, the sleep tingeing his voice. Merlin snorted at his answer.

What a prat, honestly. Why was he in love with him?

Tehe, fluff.