"ARTHUR!" the shriek caused him to spasm out of his bed, falling before he righted himself and looked around for the threat. But all he found was Merlin, standing in his doorway, obviously out of breath and enraged.

Or, what he thought was Merlin. Arthur frowned as he found his manservant…his maidservant dressed in a plain dress and quite female, but also still Merlin.

"Uhh." He couldn't speak, he could barely wrap his head around that yes, Merlin was standing there as a girl. With breasts and hips and slim legs and everything.

"No," the girl-Merlin hissed, "not 'uuh'. This has to be your fault! I'M A FUCKING GIRL." she roared, though the effect was slightly ruined by a high pitched, smooth voice that was both melodious and awkward.

Arthur rubbed his face, dropping the sword he had managed to pick up in his waking up moments. "Why are you a girl?" but then it hit him and he took another look at the girl-Merlin.

He walked up and peered carefully, noting the rounder face, the arched eyebrows, fuller lips, pointed nose, thin shoulders, cascading hair, the cave of the ribcage, the perk of the breasts, and as he walked around to the other side, the firm globe of arse that were round beneath the skirt.

A smack on his arm brought him out of his daze, "Now that you're finished." Merlin growled, "We need to find a way to get me out of this!" she cried out. Arthur looked dazed into her eyes.

"Merlin." He blurted. "You're a girl." Merlin gave him a look.

"Merlin," he stressed it this time, "why are you a girl? How could this happen, I didn't know this was even possible. Did you do it? Was it someone else? Why would they want you as a girl!" Arthur grasped his hair and looked again at the female body. Suddenly, he missed the flat chest and broad shoulders and large ears and well….penis, of his Merlin.

Grasping Merlin's shoulders he looked full into the others face, "We need to fix this now." Merlin rolled her eyes.

"No shit."


Girl-Merlin may or may not return. I can't think of any situations, so I may need a little help with that. HINT.