The Betrayal: Dark Warriors


Naruto x Starfire


Author's Note


I once saw an unfinished fic where they covered Blackfire going to prison at the end of Sisters. Have no idea where it is and I can't find it. But that did give me an idea. Basically what if Blackfire was successful in replacing and framing Starfire?

For such an interesting and real plot line that was hinted in the show unlike most of the crap we see about the titans having younger mary sue ocs appearing out of the ass that a lot of them have...I lost my train of thought so yeah. I notice that nearly all Dark Starfire stories have her being heart-broken by Robin cheating on her with Raven/Blackfire then she runs off to Slade/Red-X and starts wearing a slutty outfit and a bunch of stupid shit happens. (God why can't people be more original?)

So yeah this is more on aspect of Starfire feelings of betrayal. Like most of my stories there is a darker and edgier spin.


Story Start


Betrayal...the that was the only thing on the forefront of her mind. It was the only that kept her sane as the feelings of rage and sadness boiled up inside her.


Starfire took a moment to register the guards voice as he aimed his sphere at her which radiated an electric pulse. Without a hint of emotion she walked down the ramp as she was escorted into the large prison whose walls were made out of the material known as Dolomyte. These steel cuffs normally would have been shattered by the power of the Tamarenean princess, but the nature of her powers, being connected to her emotional state put a bit of damper on that and now she could hardly muster a single positive thought. How could her sister do this to her? Why haven't her friends come and help her? The only thing that seemed to hold true was the deep sheeted fear that she would be replaced.

As she entered the prison dozens of alien creatures leered at her and make obscene comments. A highly attractive female like her being in a place like this was just asking for trouble. She was able to just dodge out of the range of a Xenomorph's mouth-tongue as one of the guards ran over and shocked the creature.

''In Prisoner!" The Faceless as they were named ordered. This was the name bequeathed on these being as they were cybernetic robots that looked exactly the same and lacked the ability to make expressions made up most of the guards and peace keepers in this little quadrant of the galaxy.

This facility was created for criminals that were too dangerous for the regular prison institutions for a world to handle, but not a big enough threat to permit the higher-ups to bother with them. She was then imprinted with a cell number to the back of her neck. The normal dexterity her species was known for was useless here as she couldn't help but cry out at the searing pain of the laser beams. 'Number 8789020-23AAX.'' The guard said as he closed the door behind her.

''So we have a cute one huh?'' A voice said, this one rather gruff and slithery causing the Auburn haired girl to look up. He was easily eight foot tall with rough violet snake-like skin, snake-like yellow eyes, and a fork like tongue. ''I don't know why the boss is wasting a good piece of ass like you and putting you with...this guy. Though I suppose when he's done I can have the leftovers as the Medical ward is already full.'' He said with a mirthful chuckle as he walked off.

The sound of growling alerted Starfire to the presence. She turned and in the darkness all she could see was that of two large crimson slits. For a moment the alien princess was startled but her gaze harden as she readied to defend herself. She was a warrior and the way of her people, her very pride made her refuse to give up so easily. The figure lunged at her and she swayed to the side easily dodging the blow and threw a punch connecting with its jaw and sending it crashing into the wall causing a crack in it. The figure recovered just as easily as claws revealed itself along with sharp teeth. It lunged once more, bearing its teeth as it swiped at the orange skinned alien cutting her cheek. In retaliation she was able to manifest a brief sparkle of a star bolt bright enough to blinded the figure. Thankfully enough the guards saw it fit to remove her cuffs before tossing her in the jail cell.

''A Tamarenean?'' The figure asked with a dark chuckle, as he stood up and his glowing red eyes softened and gained a more humane shape. The circular irises shined a sharp cerulean blue as his voice softened. ''What's one of your kind doing here?''

''It doesn't matter...'' she said bitingly. ''Nothing matters anymore.'' by how dejected she found it was obvious that whatever hope she once had was quickly fading.

''Well it's not hopeless, in fact it's a blessing in disguise. I thought I was going to have to wait a few more weeks but your abilities will do.'' The figure said as he stepped out the darkened recesses of the cell. His face finally became visible, odd marks, whiskers in fact were on his face; three dark visibly whiskers on both his left and right cheek as his golden blond hair seemed quite dirtied. ''I'm Naruto Uzumaki by the way and I didn't mean you any harm. It's just because of the shit I been through I...have a hard time dealing with new people."

As Starfire studied him she realized there was something familiar in his eyes. It was so similar to hers...filled with betrayal. ''I am Koriand'r of Tamaran, not that it matters anymore.''

''Really? I think I heard of you; the princess!'' He exclaimed upon realizing just why she seemed so familiar. ''Aren't you suppose to have auburn hair?'' He asked noticing her hair was quite dark, raven color dark with streaks of violet in fact.

''The work of my sister.'' She spat out venomously as her hands trembled in anger. Out of all the things her sister had said and done over the years this was absolutely unforgivable. She had forgiven Komand'r for so many things and tried to be sensitive to her sister's status of the unfavorite on Tamaran but framing her for a crime, impersonating her identity, and sending her to a prison where she would spend life imprisonment or even be killed?

''Let me guess? Framed you for a crime right?'' He asked as the Tamaran nodded. ''How would you like to pay her back?''

''How? I'm stuck here in this prison the same as you.''

''Well as I was saying earlier I have a plan to break out and with your ability to fly we can definitely do it.''

''How? I can't powers are based on my emotions and...'' The statement was left in the air as Naruto walked over and looked her up and down.

''I know a lot about emotional stability and training. Let's just say when people try to erase your emotions and make you into a weapon you learn to tap into certain things. So come on now...a partnership beneficial to the both of us. It's the only way I can get to Earth.'' Upon mentioning the Earth he notice her tense slightly. ''So we're going to the same place. No way you can refuse can you? It's the only way to pay back your sister for this isn't it?''

Revenge? Was she the type of person who wanted that? The type of person was capable of it? She wasn't sure but at the very least she wanted to face her sister about her crimes against her. She then notice he was staring intently at her.


''You really are cute.'' He said as he was a few inches away from her. Starfire didn't know why but she found herself blushing at this closeness. The only person who made her feel like this was...Robin. He cared didn't he? He would be here soon? Maybe her team didn't abandon her? Maybe she was jumping to conclusions and they were trying to find her. ''You're thinking about some friends back on Earth right?'' he asked, as if he read her mind.

'' team.''

''Team? What like a group of Tamarean soldiers or something?''

''No, we were, super heroes so to say. We were a group called the Teen Titans. The five of us...'' She then began telling about her team mates. Cyborg, the guy sound like he was a cool gamer type who worked with technology a lot and laid back. The Raven girl, he couldn't recall anyone he knew that acted like what Starfire have described. Though there was something at the back of his mind but he dismissed it and didn't to worry about it later. Now the Beast boy kid reminded him a bit of himself in the younger days, but he didn't notice the emotional turmoil when she began describing her leader. The only one he knew about, but it was due to him having some run-ins with the boys mentor, Batman. In fact it was because of the damn Justice League he was in this prison in the first place. Thank god for that the space police conveniently came and picked him up before the league could put him in one of those prisons for super criminals, not that they ever worked from what he heard. For god sakes when was somebody going to grow a sack and start killing these psychos he kept hearing about?

''You know that's weird. I mean I'm not trying to turn you against them or anything, but I don't think you guys have been friends long enough to really know each other.'' He spoke up at the end of her tale. ''I mean it takes weeks worth of traveling from Earth to here unless you use a special vessel with a powerful engine. I have run in with another team, a world super hero team known as the Justice League and I know they have a mind reader, a female magician, and a bunch of other characters who should have been easily able to track you down if they were made aware of the situation and certain things come to mind. A. Your team in fact does not know you well enough to tell the difference between you and your sister and the charade she has is still going on. B. The League does know, but since they're so busy policing the world that something like this is too small for them to devote too much time and resources too or the last one. C. No one simply just cares. All I can offer you is the way to find out which of these options are true.''

''It sounds like a criminal yourself. Why should I help you?''

''I'll admit I'm not clean, but I have the world's interest in mind; mostly my interest because the Earth will be destroyed if I don't do something and I still think of that place as home. A being known as The One of End sealed away and the only thing preventing him from being released is two seals. These seals are the progeny of both a God of Evil and a God of Evil. I know where one of these two seals is. On earth this is a half-demon, the progeny of Trigon who I was searching for before my capture. If this being is released then well, more than just the Earth will be in danger. So you'll help me right?''

While Starfire was a bit skeptical about the story, there was no point in her sitting here and wasting away. ''Alright, I'll do it.'' She said with a nod as the blond smiled.

''Ex-cellent...since it's your first day here take the bed. You'll need a full night's rest so we can wake up early tomorrow and make sure you're in the proper emotional state for us to begin training for out escape.''

Starfire nodded and mumbled a thank you as she went over to grimy colored green mattress and tattered black sheets. The only thing she could do now is sleep and hope this mysterious blond could in fact back up his words.


Chapter End


Another Firestorm story is out there. And no I haven't forgotten about Switched or my other Karuto pairings. I'll get to them eventually. Anyway let me know what you guys think of this story.