Betrayal Dark Warriors
Naruto x Starfire

Story Start

That night Starfire was walking down a dimly-lit street, enjoying the cool night air and the sights and sounds of Jump City at night. She was reading a newspaper and learning some new facts. Apparently 'she' had left the Titans for a temporary leave a few days ago over some disagreement and the incident was being kept hush for the most part, but apparently someone let the beans spill. ''So they finally noticed.'' she bitterly thought as the harsh winds of the cold night air caused the paper to flap wildly in her hands. But it was too late, she had chosen to move on and that meant closing that particular chapter on her life. Kori knew she would never be able to fully move on unless she confronted the other Titans, but she couldn't find the right time to do so. Letting fear and the prospect of cutting ties effect her decision making process which in any normal case she would have confronted such a situation head on. 'I have really have changed.'

"So the rumors are true. You have returned little sister.'' There, floating twenty feet into the sky was her older sister Blackfire, illuminated by a flickering street light. Apparently with the discovery of the charade she had foregone the disguise, her eyes glowing with a malevolent violet glow.

''Why do you insist on calling me sister, when we both know you hate me?'' Koriand'r demanded only for Blackfire to counter with a question of her own.

''Why answer when you won't live to regret?'' And without another word, Blackfire lunged at her sister, her eyes glowing bright purple. Her hand lit up with energy, which she discharged at Koriand'r in the form of a lavender Starbolt. Koriand'r barely had enough time to dodge, allowing the Starbolt to zip past her and slam into the street behind her back, throwing up a huge explosion.

Starfire flew at Blackfire and fired a Starbolt of her own. This one was faster and more powerful than Blackfire's previous Starbolt, and it found its mark, grazing Blackfire on her left shoulder.

Blackfire let out a yelp of pain, clutching her shoulder where the Starbolt hit her."I'll make you pay for that!" she shouted, lifting up into the air. Her eyes seemed to glow even more intense than they had been just a few seconds ago, and her hands seemed to be on fire as they were illuminated with the glow of stored-up Starbolt energy. She threw a flurry of Starbolts at Koriand'r, who screamed as she realized there would be no way to avoid being blasted.

Starfire screamed impacted the ground before recovering and going on the defensive. Using her power she created a sphere to stave off Blackfire's starbolts, resulting in several patches of ground around her to explode. 'When you can't out power your enemy outsmart them.' Naruto's words echoed in Starfire's mind as she reached into her jacket for some smoke pellets. While the cold itself didn't bother Starfire, having a jacket on provided her with one advantage. Pockets.

''Give up Koriand'r I'm far stronger than you, why prolong your...'' Blackfire's boast was cut off as Koriand'r threw some smoke pellets at her feet, resulting in smoke blinding her vision and filling the park. ''What matter of trickery of this? Fight me head on coward! So much for being Tamaran's proud and noble princess!'' she roared, before inhaling some smoke and began coughing and sputtering as she tried to use her Starbolt energy to light up the smoky battlefield. Seeing the outline and coloring of Koriand'r's jacket Komand'r gathered as much power as she could and fired a Starbolt that would do nothing less than put her sister near death let alone heavily cripple with all her might. ''It's over sister. I've won!''

''No Komand'r...'' Koriand'r voice echoed behind her. ''Now it's over!'' Tamarenean didn't even have a chance to move as she blast of power sent her hurtling into a metal park bench, bending it and causing the alien to cough up blood.

''How?'' Komand'r sputtered and clutched her side. ''How are you doing this? You were never this strong before!''

''I stopped holding back!'' Koriand'r simply replied. ''I always thought, maybe, just maybe we could make amends. I never hated you, you were big my big sister and I looked up to you. Family is suppose to look after each other, but you don't understand that do you? You forced all your hatred unto me from the moment I was born, despite the fact I always stood up for you. I didn't want to see what was in front of me, but now I have no choice but to accept that maybe we'll never amend our relationship.'' Koriand'r began walking away.

''Don't walk away from me. Don't you walk away from me you little Troq!'' Komand'r screamed as she shot forward.

Koriand'r spun but she was simply too late, Komand'r's Starbolts caught the side of her face causing her to stumble back with a cry of pain. She threw her arms up, defending against the vicious assaults of her crazy sisters whose punches threatened to break her arms. Her sister didn't let up, switching tactics and projecting an energy explosion causing Koriand'r to fly back into a tree, causing a dent. Looking up with her still functional eye she realized that she wouldn't be able to move out of the way at time. The bright intensity in Komand'r's Starbolt triggered something in Koriand'r's mind. Komand'r truly wanted her dead. She came to accept her sister's hatred, but she didn't think Komand'r would go so far. In the blink of the eye she was suddenly mobile, her mind a bit of a haze as she miraculously avoid Komand'r's attack by pure instinct.

''Kori!'' Naruto's voice echoed throughout the park. The park wasn't too far away from their residence so it made since he picked up on the noise.

Komand'r regained some semblance of sanity as a cruel smile crossed her face. ''Consider yourself lucky sister. I'll leave you alive for now, only for you to grieve the loss of one of your human pets.''

''Komand'r, don't you dare!'' fear gripped Kori's heart. It all happened so quickly she wasn't able to do anything. The Starbolt covered fist had connected with the blond who appeared in the clearing. With speeds that Tamareneans were capable of achieving Naruto was only just able to react and move just quick enough in his transformed state to avoid the attack striking a fatal blow, something neither Tamarenean was capable of knowing at that time. The attack sent him reeling backwards into the pond.

''Until next time.'' Komand'r remarked as she made her retreat. She knew that with this level of disturbance the Titans would show up soon enough and she wasn't in condition to deal with them, considering the damage Koriand'r did to her and the effect the smoke was having on her system.

''Naruto! Naruto!'' Starfire hobbled over to the blond.

''Thank X'hal!'' she exclaimed, rubbing her face against his as he weakly chuckled.

''Hey,'' he whispered. ''I fought against the Justice League remember? Think I'd go down that easily?'' he remarked as his wound began to slowly healed. The Tamarenean's speed blitz had left him stunned for a few moments, but not too long after he managed to recover and make his way to the battleground. ''Never been hit with a starbolt of that intensity, so of course its going to take a bit of time to heal.'' he said as he breathing became shallower. ''And the crazy bitch sneak attacked me.'' he said as he reached up and cupped her cheek. ''Next time though, things are going to go differently.''

Kori didn't say anything, but silently agreed. 'Komand'r you have gone too far this time. Next time we meet we battle not as sisters, but warriors and unlike you, I will be walking away from that battle.''