Title-Help Me


Rating-M for language and because I'm paranoid.

Story Summary-Both Harry and Draco have secrets. Can they help each other with them? Or will Draco's secret destroy them both? Warning-HPDM Slash.

Chapter Summary-Harry is feeling lost after Draco's death and McGonagall takes him to visit Draco's room.

Author Note-This takes place about a week after Draco died.

Disclaimer-It's still sadly not mine.


"Here we are, Harry. Mr. Malfoy's bed was the last on the right," Professor McGonagall said, her voice full of pity and concern. "His things haven't been touched. His parents didn't want them. You may take whatever you want. I know you two were close near the time of his death. It's tragic when someone so young decides to take their own life. If you ever need someone to talk to about it, you may come see me. I'll leave you alone for awhile now. I'll be out in the common room if you need me."

Harry nodded, watching her leave. As soon as she left, Harry sank down onto the bed that had been Draco's and wept. It has been a week since Draco had died, and Harry was convinced a part of himself had gone with him. These days he barely talked to his friends, and never to anyone else. He was one of the few that seemed to mourn the loss. Ron was grateful, Ginny didn't care, Hermione was slightly sad, and Pansy Parkinson was in tears-for the attentions it brought her.

Wiping his eyes Harry looked in the mirror. He had lost weight, his cheeks were hollow, and he was in need of a haircut. But it was his eyes that frightened him the most.

They looked exactly like Draco's had when he had laid on the bathroom floor, Harry crying over him.

Harry had dead eyes.

Blinking away the rest of his tears, he sat up and began to go through Draco's things. Mostly, there were fine, silk clothes, and a stack of leather-bound books, along with his textbooks. Harry picked up a black shirt with green trim and something clattered to the floor.

He bent down and retrieved it.

It was Draco's razorblade.

Harry turned it over in his hands, marveling at it. This small thing was the source of so much pain and so much relief in Draco's life. This is what he had used to make the numbness go away.

Harry set it down, rolling up his sleeves and staring at the smooth, unmarred skin of his inner arm. He remembered Draco's, lined with scars.

Frowning, Harry picked up the razor and pressed it to his skin. Maybe this would help him escape the numbness he'd been feeling since Draco had died.

Slowly, he drew the blade across his arm, feeling a jolt of pain. He watched as the blood welled, a singled drop falling and staining the cover of Draco's Potion's textbook.

Standing, Harry slipped the razor in his pocket.

Author's Note-And that's the end. What do you think? Believable? Didn't see it coming? Review and tell me.

Sorry to everyone who wanted them to be happy and be together. I didn't want a happy ending; I didn't seem believable with emo Draco.

I'm so sad it's over! I really liked it and I loved writing it. Oh well, guess I'll have to start writing a new fic.

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