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"Stop," she muttered as her partner kissed her neck. "Stop," she tried again, her voice weaker this time and less meaningful. "Wilbur, stop it."

Kolbie Charles had been lying in bed attempting to find sleep. However, that wasn't working out to well with her boyfriend constantly kissing her neck. She sighed as she rolled over under the grey sheets and turned to face her partner. He attacked her lips and engulfed them in a passionate kiss. It had been like this since he can to get her from her foster home a week and a half ago. They moved all of her belonging into their apartment on the first day. Then went to dinner with his family, where he revealed the news that they would be staying together. His father was less than pleased and if anyone else in the large family was upset about it, they didn't show it. After dinner, Wilbur's father pulled him into his office and closed the door. Although, the door closing wasn't helpful, with all the yelling that Mr. Robinson was doing, he could be heard down the block. To occupy her mind, Mrs. Robinson – Franny as she insisted Kolbie call her – took her outside for a walk. While walking, Kolbie spoke of her stay with the foster family. She didn't speak poorly of the family; she just stated how uncomfortable they made her feel. Then after the house had been silent for a good five minutes, Kolbie excused herself and went to Wilbur's room. He was pacing n mumbling under his breath. He growled and punched the wall, angered greatly by his father and the events that occurred. All Kolbie could do was watch until he'd exhausted his anger. He then went to read his little sister a story the last one he'd read her before he left. When he returned, Kolbie was reading a book for her summer reading. He kissed her neck, shoulders, and jawbone until she was forced to put the book down and tend to him. Tending to five months of pent up sexual need was much more entertaining that reading for school in Wilbur's opinion. The next day Wilbur packed all of her thing in the craft and left, not even bothering to say goodbye to his father. When they arrived, Wilbur decided that it was more important to break in the bed than unpack.

"Stop it," Kolbie muttered against him lips. Her lips always told him to stop but her body language said otherwise. Even as she told him to stop, she ran her fingers up and down his chest.

Wilbur caught her hand and kissed the back of her hand. He then turned her hand around and kissed her palm, up her arm, and to her lips. "Whatever you say, love." He rolled out of the bed and stretched. "You plan on staying there all day."

Kolbie rolled over on to her back and smiled. "I did, but I won't if you have other plans."

"My plans involved staying in bed with you all day, dearest," he told her as he pinched her cheek and kissed her lips again. Kolbie rolled her eyes and tangled her fingers in his dark hair. Why fight it? It wasn't like she didn't want to, so why fight it. She felt him smirk against her lips as his hands slipped under his hoodie that she wore. She moaned against his lips as his cool hand touched her flesh. He hummed against her lips and then pulled away. "See that wasn't so hard, was it?" he asked playfully as he pulled her out of the bed. He pulled her body towards his and smiled. "You know, we could go somewhere today." He kissed her again.

"Wilbur, you are chapping my lips with all the kissing," Kolbie laughed and she pressed her forehead against his bare chest. "Your parents called." Every muscle in his body clenched. "Well your mother called. She wants you to come for dinner."

"Will he be there?" Wilbur asked through clenched teeth.

Kolbie kissed him softly, in an attempt to get him to relax. Her attempt, much like her attempt at sleep, failed. His jaw remained clenched. "I'm sure he will; it is his house after all."

"I'm not going," he replied. He pulled out of Kolbie's arms roughly – more roughly than intended – and she looked rejected and hurt. He watched as she made her way towards the window and pressed her forehead against the windowpane. "Now what are you doing?" he asked her calmly.

"Looking," the raven haired girl replied.

"May I look with you?" he asked as he touched the small of her back. She nodded. "Good answer."

Wilbur sat at the table in their little dining room and rubbed the back of his neck nervously. Kolbie stood by the stove with two plates of spaghetti in her hand. She waltzed over to him and slipped the plate in front of him. She also placed a kiss on his cheek. Then she slid into her seat across from him. This was the first dinner that they had in the apartment that didn't come in a takeout container. When he asked her to cook earlier, her knew that the dish would be spaghetti. It was her favorite dish and the easiest thing to make. She spun the pasta on her fork and tilted her head to the side.

"Are you okay?" she asked him.

While she was cooking, Wilbur left the apartment for about an hour, maybe an hour and half, and when he returned he'd been jumpy and quiet. He'd been shy. Wilbur was never shy. That was her card to play. But most of all he'd been locked in their room and it sounded like he was talking to himself. At first, she thought that he was cheating on her and he was finally going to tell her. But she realized that he hadn't let her out of his sight for the past week and a he had, but she was sure that he wasn't cheating. It was a stupid conclusion, but she couldn't think of anything else. Maybe she was just being paranoid. So she dropped the topic and focused on something else.

Wilbur nodded and chewed his pasta thoughtfully and nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine. Why?"

"You look kind of anxious," she replied.

Wilbur rolled his eyes and nudged her foot with his foot. "You worry too much."

Dinner went by without event. After she mentioned his odd behavior, Wilbur tried his best to cover it. However, he couldn't hide it from her. Kolbie knowing that he didn't want to tell her what was going on, just ignored it. When dinner ended, the two collapsed on the sofa in the living room. Kolbie pressed against Wilbur's side and he wrapped his arm around her. She could hear his heart racing under his shirt and her eyebrow rose.

"Wilbur, are you-"

"Shh," he pressed a finger to her lips and stood slowly, giving her time to sit up. "Wait here, I have dessert." Kolbie rolled her eyes as he made her way to the freezer. He pulled a box out and held it out of her line of vision as he walked towards her. "So I know it's been a while," he said as he grabbed a bouquet of lilies from the fridge, "but I told you that you would have lilies and here are lilies." He handed her the bouquet. "And don't give them back this time, okay." He sighed, "Chocolates for my love." He handed her the box of frozen chocolate cover strawberries. She'd told him once that she loved them, but they were hard to come by for her.

Kolbie smiled, "You remembered."

"Of course," he replied nervously.

Kolbie reached into the box and just as she selected the juiciest strawberry, she noticed something shimmering in the center of the box. She turned her grey eyes to the simmering object and a small gasp slipped past her lips. It was a ring. A band of white gold and on the band was a single diamond. Kolbie gently plucked the ring from the box and sat the box down beside her. She turned her attention to Wilbur, her grey eyes questioning. In her search for her she found him kneeling before her.

"I know we're young and everyone says that we don't know what love is, well my father says that. But I'm sure that I'm never letting you go. This love I know that it's real and you know that it's true, it's just something natural that I feel. I trust you with anything and everything. You're my best friend and whenever I see you my heard skips a beat. Whenever, I'm with you I'm on cloud nine." He plucked the ring from her hand and exhaled slowly. "So what I want to know is: will you marry me, Kolbie Charles?"

Kolbie was speechless. It wasn't something difficult to do, but she had nothing to say. She exhaled slowly and then turned her grey eyes to him. She then slipped of the sofa and on to the floor in front of him. She then nodded. "Yes."

Wilbur exhaled a breath that he didn't even know he'd been holding. "Thank you," he said quietly as he slipped the ring on to her ring finger of her left hand. He kissed her softly.

"You thought I'd say no," she questioned. He shook his head and kissed her again. "If I tell you to stop, will you?" Wilbur responded by kissing her again and pulling away. He then tugged off her shirt and kissed her collarbone. "No?" she asked as his hand traveled to unclip her bra while his lips traveled up her neck and to her lips.

"That's correct," he said before he kissed her lips again.

"It's gonna be a long night," she said as he bit her earlobe and tossed her bra across the room. She tugged his shirt off so that they were even. Wilbur pulled her off the ground and into his arms he pulled her towards their bedroom and off instinct closed the door behind him.